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This FreedomPop review looks at a new cell phone and internet service provider that really started to take off in 2014 as more people became aware of their free cell phone and internet service.
You can look up the various cities in your state that are eligible by clicking through their coverage links. So if you use less that 1 GB of data (this includes all data, not just high-speed data) and you dona€™t care about the speed of the data, then you can stick with the cheaper plan and still expect to pay less than $19.99 per month even including the overages. Herea€™s a quick list of some of the Android handsets available with a brief list of main features.
You can still get the Samsung Galaxy SIII plus one-year of service for $119.99 from StackSocial.
FreedomPop is probably actually more famous for its internet service than for its cell phone service.
After that, there is a whole slew of plans with data allowances from about 2Gb all the way up to 10GB. One of the more interesting devices they offer is something called a Freedom Sleeve Rocket that turns your iPod Touch in a mobile hotspot.
You can also get a device that looks like a Cable modem or FIOS router and access the internet at home. FreedomPop also offers a small selection of tablet computers that you can use with their plans. I had contacted email support with a question about what would happen if you wanted to upgrade from a plan for which you had paid the annual fee. Problems reported earlier about being hit with unexpected overage charges seem to have gone away, as you can now choose whether to have overcharge billing start when you run out of data or have the data spigot turned off.
Freedom Pop is now available at the few online retailers, but you can also get it directly from them. Unlimited plans are available from most providers these days without a contract, though phone selection can be limited.

Smartphones offered ranges from basic devices under $20 to the latest gadgets, though these can run to the $600 to $800 ranges which are, afterall, their actual costs.You should try to make get some kind of extended warranty if you go with one of the higher prices handsets.
Well, there have been a couple of companies that have tried to offer free services, and theya€™ve gone under. If you watch a lot of videos, then youa€™ll probably want to switch to the Unlimited Everything Plan. They figure that their target customers only use these handsets anyway, and theya€™re more likely to upgrade to a paid plan. Some of these plans (ita€™s not clear) also include unlimited access to their network of Wi-Fi hotspots. They said they would credit the payment toward the new plan, but they took about two weeks to reply to that email!
There is an optional $1.99 per month charge for getting warnings about when your data is running low.
The last company to offer free cell phone service only offered 20 minutes voice free per month which meant you could really only use it in an emergency. If you were the type who would get an old flip phone on their free Basic plan, you would probably be all set, and you wouldna€™t need to upgrade. Other features available include visual voicemail and private VPN access to protect your privacy.
Again they have a free plan, but they want to entice you to upgrade to one of their paid plans. I could construct another graph as above, but in this case, what plan you choose is most likely to depend on whether this will be your primary way of accessing the internet or just something you need occasionally such as on a short trip.FreedomPop seems to test a few different prices for each level of data, but the costs go roughly as in the picture at the beginning of this review. If that is likely to happen, you can opt for one of their devices that can also operate on the 3G network. I supposed you can then make Wi-Fi calls on it, but that doesn't exactly make it an iPhone.

Or you could just sign up for the basic plan which has no cost, though you still need a cell phone, tablet or broadband device. They really do give you something for free, because they assume that, just like you cana€™t eat just one chocolate if you have the whole box in front of you, you will opt for one of their paid services. FreedomPop has gotten a lot of press coverage, and one of the investors in the company is a founder of Skype, which seems to have done pretty well.
However, 200 voice minutes is quite feasible for many who dona€™t use the voice services all that much. After one year you can choose from among affordable pay plans or even switch to their free plan.
They all seem to support wireless connections for up to eight devices, and they can run on battery power for up to six hours (depending on the amount of data traffic). Frankly, as long as the phones actually work (especially when you need them to), these rates are much better than almost anything else out there. The curious thing about this plan is that it doesna€™t mention anything about text messages. This cana€™t be an accidental oversight, so I presume that text messages are NOT included in the free plan. One workaround may be to use an app like WhatsApp to receive your text message via the data channel.

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