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GreatCall has replaced its phone lineup with two new Jitterbug smartphones, both Alcatel made. Verizon MVNO Great Call, which specializes in providing wireless service for seniors, has launched a new app that helps caregivers to look out for their family members. Great Call, prepaid provider for seniors that operates on Verizon network is running a promotion in which it offers 25% off of its Jitterbug phones. It looks like GreatCall customers will be able to choose from yet another smartphone in the Jitterbug phone lineup.
Verizon MVNO GreatCall, wireless service provider for seniors, has announced deals for this year’s holiday season.
Verizon MVNO GreatCall currently runs a promotion in which customers can talk more for the same monthly cost, even when promotion ends, for life.
Great Call announced today two new devices specially designed for its senior customers, the Great Call Splash and Jitterbug 5. Verizon and T-Mobile MVNO BYO Wireless (855-801-2969) is telling customers that BYO is being merged into its parent company, Lifeline provider Budget Mobile effective September 1, 2015. Verizon and T-Mobile MVNO BYO Wireless is running a couple of new promotions.Activate a new phone and get the first month of service for half price with code FIFTYOFFGet a free SIM with new GSM (T-Mobile) activationsBYO isn't saying how long these promos are good for. File this in the unconfirmed rumor category for now but Selectel Wireless has reportedly notified its dealers that Verizon will soon block users from activating non-Verizon BYOP (Bring Your Own Phone) devices on all Verizon MVNOs. So if anyone is interested in getting this clearance LG phone deal, hurry to your local Target before they are all gone. This means, for a limited time, I will get a few cents commission when you click on any Net10 link on this blog. GreatCall launches Jitterbug Smart, a large 5.5-inch smartphone that replaces the Samsung’s Jitterbug Touch3.
GreatCall launches Link Check-In service as an addition to already available Link application, introduced two years ago. PhoneScoop reports that documents at Federal Communications Commission website have revealed a new Jitterbug phone for GreatCall. The carrier has simplified its service offerings by providing three monthly plans that come only with select GreatCall’s well known Health & Safety apps, to which customers can add separate minute, text and data allotments for additional cost. The Samsung-made Touch3 is specially designed for citizens aged 50 and over, just like its predecessor, the Touch 2. BYO has always been a part of Budget so this seems more like a re-branding rather than a merger. BYO stopped allowing iPhones in April and even deactivated customers iPhones that were in use.

The following message was reportedly posted by Selectel's president on a closed Facebook group for Selectel dealers:"Verizon recently announced that only approved devices will be activated on the VZW network beginning June 24, 2014.
She then walked me through how I could tell if the phone was activated and where to look on the phone to find the phone number. While Link App provides caregiver insight into activities of family member, the Link Check-In app ensures how family member feels.
New phone that’s in the documents called the Jitterbug Flip is Alcatel OneTouch branded and just like other GreatCall phones which are made especially for seniors, it reflects simplicity. The Jitterbug 5 is the latest version of Jitterbug smartphone ideal for 65-and-older customers. The emails also said that their BYO plans would not be grandfathered and that they would need to switch to a new Budget plan. The transition has been ongoing for a while and BYO stopped activating new lines over a month ago.
BYO can activate clean-ESN, non-LTE capable Verizon postpaid phones and non-LTE capable Verizon Prepaid phones that have been used on Verizon Prepaid for at least six months.The GSM service runs on T-Mobile's native network. BYO blamed Apple for the ban and claimed they were negotiating with the iPhone manufacturer to be able to accept them again. This affects all wholesalers in the Verizon world—including devices that are “talk and text only” devices.
The whole activation process took 10 minutes total and my son was up and making his first phone call in no time flat. The new service uses simple questions to find out how older family member feels and by answering with yes or no, caregiver can react according to situation. Great Call has started offering these two phones at discounted prices on February 1, 2016 and they will be available for a limited time. But they didn't say anything about talk and text roaming in Mexico or Canada leaving everyone wondering if that was an oversight or they really intended to make users pay roaming rates for talk and messaging but not data. Up to now, BYO and Budget have been very quiet about what the change will mean for current users. Each Verizon MVNO has their own list of devices which have been approved, and there is also a process to add a device(s) to the list. It turns out to be an oversight.Today the GoPhone Plans page was finally updated to say that unlimited talk and messaging as well as 4 GB of high speed data is included while roaming in Mexico and Canada. LTE data is available on the GSM service.BYO's plans and prices (listed in the table below) are the same for both the GSM and CDMA serices. BYO, like RedPocket, TracFone, NET10, Straight Talk and Selectel can now, at least in theory, activate any clean-ESN non-LTE Verizon postpaid phone.

Verizon is grandfathering existing end user handsets that are currently active on the VZW network, but with some important points: If the device requires a change of MDNs, the device will be subject to the requirements of the Network Device policy. At least one BYO T-Mobile customer got the email saying they were being switched to Selectel, in spite of the fact that their GSM phone would not work on Verizon's CDMA network. A user who contacted Selectel was also told that their BYO account balances would not be transferred to Selectel. That's the day the Cricket site's Plans Matrix was updated to say that Canadian roaming was now available.
I expect the other MVNOs will be able to active 4G devices eventually, probably by year end.BYO has an interesting plan lineup that offers some good values, especially at the lower price points.
This means on September 1st, Budget Mobile will be your wireless service provider, will collect your prepaid monthly wireless service payments and assist with all customer service related issues going forward.
Price 1 Talk Minutes Texts Data $5 100 100 - $10 250 250 - $15 350 unlimited 50 MB $20 500 unlimited 250 MB $30 1000 unlimited 400 MB $40 unlimited unlimited 500 MB 1 BYO adds State and local sales taxes, 911 fees and a Universal Service Fund fee to monthly plan prices. I suspect that clean-ESN genuine Verizon phones will be automatically approved for all MVNOs. They had announced Monday August 24th as the day they would begin accepting new customers on AT&T. It didn't happen, Harbor customer service is now telling callers that activations will begin tomorrow August 26.As we reported last week, BYO Wireless (855-801-2969) a Verizon and T-Mobile MVNO that is being merged into its parent company, Lifeline provider Budget Mobile effective September 1, 2015, will have different plans in different states. Switching from a grandfathered device to an approved device and then back to the grandfathered phone will fail as will doing an "ESN reset", which is sometimes required to fix data issues.BYOP, including activation of non-Verizon phones, which requires "flashing" the phone with Verizon specific settings using specialized software, has been a part of the Verizon MVNO scene for as long as I can remember. Flashing has gotten a lot more popular lately because it's required to make Verizon LTE phones work on MVNOs as 3G only devices.
It's just as easy and in many cases even easier to flash a non-Verizon LTE phone as a Verizon one.If there's a silver lining in all of this it's that it may be a precursor to Verizon finally allowing Verizon LTE phones on MVNOs without flashing.
Flashed phones are fragile and the user must be careful to avoid things like OTA updates, factory resets or phone number changes which can all "break" the flash.
Instead it comes from a Selectel dealer who got it from some unspecified source! It seems unlikely that Verizon would reveal an important policy change like this to a single dealer rather than to the management of all Verizon MVNOs. I also have a hard time believing that Verizon would exempt one small MVNO, Selectel, from this change.

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