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In the event of calculating the relevance of the keyword, website internal elements such as presence of the keywords in meta tags (Keywords Description and tags) and also in H1, H2 and H3 heading tags are also considered. It is how we obtained the list of keywords that will represent the main page of the website in SERPs. The table is meant to help webmasters improve their sites and to make the most of advertisement gains.

Other added and placed information at your domains by third parties in order to increase the site's services or products rating is potential alternative to stop site pages to reach higher ranking in search engines. Afterwards, keywords importance was used to assess websites competitiveness for the concerned keyword.
The presence of the keywords in the tags and titles is analyzed by search engines and bold and italic tags are evaluated as well, the percentage of the keywords in the texts and on pages is calculated.

This is the reason why you must start by considering these pages to develop and improve your websites.

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