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Christchurch (A?tautahi) is the largest city in the South Island of New Zealand, and the countrya€™s second-largest urban area.
A telephone directory (also called a telephone book and phone book) is a listing of telephone subscribers in a geographical area or subscribers to services provided by the organization that publishes the directory. White Pages are the name given to one of the three main components of UDDI, the protocol used to discover Web Services (the other two being Yellow Pages and Green Pages). Early on the morning of 4th September 2010, a series of seismic events began to unfold in Christchurch, New Zealand.
1810 a€“ 1835The founding of the town of Bournemouth is officially commemorated as the being 1810 the year that Captain Lewis Tregonwell and his wife Henrietta purchased a plot of land on the west bank of the Bourne stream upon which to build a large detached house that would serve as their new holiday home.
At that time the area was a remote one that lay mid way between Christchurch and Poole, themselves not the large towns they are today, on what was virtually uninhabited heathland. 1835 a€“ 1870In 1835 Sir George Tapps died and his son Sir George Gervis inherited his fathera€™s land, much of which lay to the east of the Bourne stream and set about creating a new development that he called his a€?Marine Villagea€™, a seaside resort aimed at attracting paying guests. 1870 a€“ PRESENT DAYIn 1871 the towna€™s population was just under six thousand but by 1891 it had increased almost ten fold to just under sixty thousand. Until the early 1870s there were no buildings along the north side of Christchurch Rd between Palmerston Rd and Ashley Rd. FURTHER READING.Boscombe The Victorian Heritage by JA Young printed by the Bournemouth Civic Society. The Story of Bournemouth by David S Young [ 1957 ] Probably the best single volume on the towna€™s history in my humble opinion.
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Our Falklands travel agent, Sally, met us at the airport and introduced us to our driver, a gregarious local who took us on a bumpy ride for about 45 minutes to the capital city of Stanley, filling us in on local lore on the way.A  It had rained hard before we landed and was still overcast when we reached the town, but the skies steadily cleared as the afternoon progressed, developing the glowing evening light that so enriches photographs. As we walked along the main road next to the water, we saw two grandiose war memorials, but they lacked the quiet power of this book.
We never had the opportunity to view the collection because it wasn’t open during the hours that we were free, but we peeked through a window and had a look at the artifacts in the backyard which included massive ship anchors and an odd little tank. We sat down and enjoyed the spectacle of their daily activity.A  Occasionally an adult would lift the edge of its brood patch (the skin flap above its feet) to reveal an egg nestled on its feet. Quiz:A  What is more adorable than a penguin toddling awkwardly on land with its flippers outstretched behind him? We enjoyed the bumpy drive back to Stanley, thanks to Nobby.A  That night we were the only diners at the hotel restaurant and we both enjoyed delicious Uruguayan steak, mine considerably enhanced by the remainder of the Montes Alpha M. However, she called around and was able to get Nobby, whose excursion to Volunteer Point that day had been cancelled by the travelers at the last minute, to take us out in his truck. On the short walk back we stopped to watch Magellanic penguins in their burrows and 2 groups of Gentoos nesting very close to the lodge.A  We conversed with a congenial retired Dutch couple at dinner over another very good meal of chicken legs in a sweet-spicy barbecue sauce and a rich chocolate mousse.

In addition to their formidable wingspan, the albatross are distinguished by their striking white heads and chests contrasting with smudgy black wings, prominent pastel rose-yellow bills and yellow webbed feet.A  The goofy looking chicks, swaddled in pearl-gray down with hooked black beaks and round jet eyes, show no sign of the majestic adults that they will become. Simon, the customs agent we’d met on Carcass, processed us, and we also ran into David, who was seeing Anne off on her way back to London, then was off to play cricket. Representatives from the Explora collected us and a couple of amiable retired college professors from Brasilia at the airport and drove us to the lodge.
Spreading over 42 acres, the lodge is situated just outside San Pedro with fabulous views of the countryside. When the heat of the day had diminished, we drove to the Salar de Atacama with our Chilean guide, Chris, and walked to the edge of the vast Chaxa Lagoon where 2 species of flamingo were feeding.
The setting sun illuminated the golden scrub brush and crunchy white salt on the ground with a soft glow that extended to the high ridge of volcanoes in the background. We slept undisturbed and found a cornucopia of fresh fruit on the breakfast buffet including plums, pineapple and strawberries, which we devoured with cheese and perfectly ripe avocado. Upon arrival we were also given sturdy water bottles to fill from huge coolers of filtered water before treks.
Belying its name, the Rio Grande is a mere trickle of a river, which we effortlessly forded barefoot when we needed to follow the trail to the other bank.A  As we progressed through the canyon, the scenery became more and more beautiful with sheer cliff faces and mighty rock formations framed by glossy blue sky.
Aptly named, the terrain really does resemble a moonscape of wind-swept sand and otherworldly rock. On our third day, we were ready to venture to higher altitudes and had arranged a full day excursion to the Salares di Altiplanos (saltpans of the high plains) with Juan, another charming Chilean guide.A  We were the only guests signed up for this jaunt so we enjoyed a private tour. It lies one third of the way down the South Islanda€™s east coast, just north of Banks Peninsula which itself, since 2006, lies within the formal limits of Christchurch.
They would eventually take 182 lives and directly affect hundreds of thousands of men, women and children.
Preschoolers, teenagers, families, and retirees tell of the impact of the ongoing earthquakes and aftershocks, the emotional and physical toll they exacted, and their hope for a new Christchurch. The land was purchased from Sir George Tapps, Lord of the Manor of Christchurch, who became the largest landowner after what had been common land was effectively privatised in the Christchurch Inclosure Act 1802 and the subsequent Awards of 1805. Restrictive covenants stipulated that only private dwellings could be erected with no commercial premises allowed.In the early 1870s some of the first properties appeared nearer the Palmerston Rd end with others following in the 1880s. Her distinctive paintings and prints are unmistakably New Zealand and have achived 'iconic' status in recent contemporary New Zealand art history. On the way we passed the modest home of The Penguin News, the Post Office with its bright turquoise roof and old-style red British phone booths out front, the police station, where we examined the Falklands Islands crest, an old ship mast lying on its side, and a row of white houses with striking red roofs. Their colorful markings are brighter and even more dramatic than the Emperors.A  What they lack in height and celebrity, they more than make up for in sheer beauty with touches of rich color on their beaks, temples and throats. They develop their elephantine noses at sexual maturity, around 5 years old, apparently because grand, inflated noses endow them with irresistible sex appeal, and also help them to intimidate competitors when contending for a mate.

To our surprise and delight, the albatross nest very close to the paths and we were startled at times to turn our heads to find an albatross sitting on a nest a foot away gazing unperturbedly at us.
There is a small colony of Magellanic penguins near there as well, and we bade farewell to penguins for the rest of this trip.
Site of a historic battle with Argentina during the 1982 war, bucolic Darwin and Goose Green exhibit no evident battle scars. Since there is only one international flight per week, the small airport was quite busy.A  Our good luck with weather ran out for a short while as raucous thunderstorms delayed our flight by a couple of hours. We’d experienced a taste of it, since it extends into the dunes of southern Peru, but wanted more. Wedged between the towering Andes Mountains and the Chilean Coastal Range, the average elevation of the Atacama is about 8000 feet above sea level, with some locations in the Altiplano more than 14,000 feet, so although we visited during the Chilean summer, it was hot, but not as scorching as you might expect. The Chilean Flamingo is baby-shower pink with dark rose markings on its wings, rose knees and feet, small pink eyes and black markings on its wings and the tip of its white beak.A  The Andean Flamingo has a blush pink head and neck, paler pink and white body and wings with black tail, tip of bill and eyes, and light yellow legs and base of beak.
A table in the entrance hall was stocked with bowls of dried fruit and nuts and guests are encouraged to fill small bags to take along for quick energy boosts. They reflect the incredible resilience the people of Canterbury have shown throughout this devastating time. It had come over frozen on the plane that brought us, and was served with a rather nice salsa.
Stu and I normally share food from each other’s plates so we can sample more from the menu, and this evening we blissfully shared scallops, vegetable soup, artichoke risotto, grouper with salsa, berry sorbet and fresh fruit.
This arrival of the railway combined with cheaper rail fares and the creation by Parliament of the first Bank Holidays would lead to the next phase in the development of Bournemouth turning it from a sleepy seaside resort favoured by the wealthy upper classes many of whom were suffering poor health, into the large, bustling holiday destination that we know and love today. That evening we were scheduled to visit the Salar de Atacama, the largest salt flat in Chile, and second largest in the world. PLEASE double check the size of the image you are ordering prior to clicking the a€?ADD TO CARTa€™ button. Printed on-demand in the United States Your order will ship within 3 business days, often sooner. Some orders require the full 3 days to allow dark colors and inks to fully dry prior to shipping. Our catalog of over 10 million images is perfect for virtually any use: school projects, trade shows, teachers classrooms, colleges, nurseries, college dorms, event planners, and corporations of all size.

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