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White Pages is the directory which contains the person’s name, address and all contact information from all over the world.
From the year 2008 to the year 2013, White Pages have released their several more interesting features as mobile app and social networking, which help the users to control their contact information and its security from the general public.
At the official site start, go to the left corner of the page and click on the “Join” as it will open the registration form of the white pages. Click on the “Create Account” to get the email account confirmation at your current email address. Open your email address which you have mentioned in the registration form on the White pages. Click on the “Verify My Email” as it will open the verification page of the your White Pages account. WhitePages is taking the unusual step of buying out its venture capital investors, paying $80 million to buy back shares from Technology Crossover Ventures and Providence Equity.
It’s unclear what valuation was placed on WhitePages, which was founded in 1997 by Alex Algard as he was completing a summer internship on Sand Hill Road in Silicon Valley.
WhitePages is a people search directory and database with billions of people records, and Algard says they are trying to kill off the phone book.
Business Insider reports today that the 130-person company is on a revenue run rate of $60 million, with Algard saying that the venture investors wanted out of the deal and because of the cheap debt right now they were able to raise the money. John Cook is GeekWire's co-founder and editor, a veteran reporter and the longest-serving journalist on the Pacific Northwest tech startup beat. I know the basics of Photoshop, and work with it from time to time to make inspiration boards, but most of the time, I turn to the free and very user friendly software programs provided by Picasa that I’ve mentioned in the past.  Nope, I’m not getting paid to say, it, I just have been using these two for years and love what they can do!  I use them often for my own photo editing and watermarking but they are equally great for creating your own artwork with fun fonts. If you want to make your own free printable word art for your home in any color, style and font you love, it’s really easy if you follow a few simple steps.
I’m a PC gal, so I I’m not the one to ask how to install fonts on a Mac (anyone have a link?), but with a PC here are some simple instructions.  Once you’ve installed your fonts you can get to work creating your own word art, whether it’s your favorite quote or a bus roll of streets or places, your family rules, or a seasonal inspired creation. Download Picasa.  Many of you use Picasa already and sing its praises, but for those who don’t know, Picasa is free, and it will import and recognize all of the fonts on your computer. Start Creating.    Once you have your high resolution plain white image, you open it in Picasa and begin your creation with the basic font tool.

You can also download and install dingbats which are decorative characters or ornaments attached to keyboard letters.  Above I used the ‘BlackJack’ font and the ‘2 Peas Love Me’ dingbats to form the heart. Next, get to work laying out your fonts, as seen below, with the Edit Text function.  The nice thing about Picasa is you can increase or decrease the size of your font with one click and drag, and also tilt your words in any direction, whether it’s diagonal or vertical (like the ‘Scrabble’ tiles above). Use whatever fonts or words appeal to you.  Here’s just an example of a quick ‘Autumn Favorites’ printable I created in Picasa by using different fonts on my computer and changing up the colors for added variety.
Another great thing I love about Picasa is the instant access you have to Picnik, the sister online photo editing software.  For the Lewis Carroll quote below, I added a frame by importing the image into Picnik and then using the border tool. Afternoon Delight and Berhard Fashion fonts, Auto Color + Tint function in Picasa, frame border in Picnik. Picnik also has a few cool tools and stickers in their gallery to play with.   (use PicMonkey instead, Picnik is closed). I used the basic triangle in different colors to create this colorful pennant art – a sweet idea for a child’s room. Once you familiarize yourself with the tools, you can create any 8” x 10” word art you can imagine, in any color you like, from bus rolls to inspirational quotations to favorite scriptures, and print it at home on your printer.  If you want something larger than 8” x 10” to frame, simply have your local print shop print the larger size for you. Again, Picasa and Picnik didn’t pay me a thing, they have no clue who I am.  I just happen like their free software, I’ve used them for years, and felt like sharing the creative possibilities with you today!
Have you ever created your own word art with Picasa or Picnik?  Got any other tips you’d like to share? Are you shocked that White Pages as we know are gone or are you happy you don’t have to lug that phone book down to the recycle bins?
United States Business Directory Manufacturing SectionSmall-middle sized manufacturers and distributors417,000 business listingsin 6,800 business categories incl.
The people will easily find their require address or person by simply searching on the search bar.
The First name should be your valid name which will be used for the identification of your email account on white pages. The Last name should be your valid name which will be used for your account identification in the White pages email account.
The email address should be valid as the official of the White pages will send you a confirmation email at your email address.

TCV and Providence invested in WhitePages in 2005, pumping $45 million into a company which had never taking venture capital during its first eight years. Recently converted to a MAC and I am having a major learning curve issue with creating posters, etc. I always want to make quotes into wall art like this, but never felt I had the right program for it!
I was looking for Adobe Illustrator because I wanted to make wall art with quotes, but now I tried Picasa and I love it.
I’ve always wanted to be able to do this kind of thing, but thought it was reallly complicated, or you had to buy and download large graphics programs.
Just the other day we received our Yellow Pages but too my surprise, the White Pages were nowhere to be found. You can also check the company directory on the white pages as some companies have shared their contact information on the official websites of the White Pages.
I only could find the intellecta crowns font with that kind of crowns, but somehow the intellecta crowns font doesn’t work with Picasa. Main Contact's Name, Contacts Title, Contacts Gender, Actual Number of Employees, Anual Sales Range , web addressUnlimited exportation capabilities !
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