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These aren’t sprinters but you can get a good sense of proper arm position and even knee drive by examining the various runners in this picture.
Body angle would be a fascinating thing to study if you had access to a real life super speedster. Since they already can pick them up and put them down faster than anyone else and they never get tired, what would be the purpose in teaching a super speedster better biomechanics?
In grad school I participated in a study of how release angle affected various implements (baseballs, shot puts, javelins, arrows) and from that I realized how frequently I’d seen Hawkeye (or Green Arrow) depicted shooting at a target often hundreds of yards away while aiming pretty much parallel to the ground. I’ve always thought comic book archers were the perfect candidates for a technical geek-out in regards to equipment and mechanics, and I mean beyond a couple of trick arrows. Setting aside the odd physical properties of the various superhero universes there would seem to be some common ground with our own universe from which to draw comparisons. This isn’t too bad, Hawkman, Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) and Green Arrow are the same height, Flash is a bit shorter and the two gals are shorter yet. Now I’m not bringing these attributes up as part of the kinesiology discussion but rather to show how difficult it is to judge certain physical factors due to the way they’re portrayed by an artist(s).
To improve performance of SITEINFO service and to prevent its excessive high-volume use by a single source, we implemented a randomly generated Access Code that must be entered before running a SITEINFO request. Please enter the Access Code from the image field into the text field and then click the Continue button to proceed with your request.
Whois a€“ after entering the correct Access Code you can run 10 WHOIS requests before you will be prompted to enter a new Access Code. Site Info a€“ you can run 25 Site Info requests before you will be prompted to enter an Access Code.
Trace Route - you can run 20 Trace Route requests before you will be prompted to enter an Access Code.
RBL Check - you can run 20 RBL Check requests before you will be prompted to enter an Access Code. When you’re trying to run fast your arms should be moving in the same plane as your legs – the object is linear momentum and velocity so driving the arms across the body is counter productive.

Typically you wouldn’t coach the kind of extreme body lean you see depicted nor it’s ramrod upright opposite that is also pretty common, but some of that has to do with fatigue. It’s a more natural position and if nothing else it would allow for greater visual awareness.
It would be fun to see multiple bows for special situations, electronic targeting devises, high-tech optics, etc.
It’s the study of anatomy, physiology, and mechanics of body movement, particularly the human body. But you have to be careful when examining things too closely since much of what’s available for interpretation is filtered through artistic impression. For some reason I’ve always thought of Hawkman as being taller than the two green guys, but I can live with this.
Here’s a promise: if you are able-bodied and have never been coached as a sprinter I can make you faster – probably in less than an hour. It’s very difficult for your garden variety human to maintain a 45 degree body lean for an extended period of time and it’s not particularly desirable because it limits the ability to take a longer stride – one of the big components to successful sprinting. A little wasted motion multiplied over the speed and distance the Flash typically travels becomes a lot of wasted motion. I actually have a half-written archery post I’d planned to file under “Superhuman Kinesiology” but this is far more detailed than I could provide. As a comic book fan and someone who did his graduate work in kinesiology, the physiological elements of super powers hold a certain fascination for me - even though trying to apply real world human physiology to a world where people can fly, turn invisible or fire lasers from their eyes is purely mental mastur…well, I won’t go there. The distorted symbols cannot be read by computer programs which are used for mass-collect email addresses and any customer information. You won’t break any world records or be able to run much faster over a long distance, but I can improve your sprinting speed so that you’ll have a faster 40 time. You don’t drive your knees or use your arms correctly or your body position is wrong or most likely, all these things. Movement like that would cause the entire upper torso to twist creating a lot of wasted  motion, in fact this movement would probably slow you down more than anything.

But it’s also a postural limitation since a pronounced body lean would put stress on a number of muscles groups that are normally not very active while running.
Well, Michael Johnson set world records in the 200 and 400 meters and won multiple Olympic gold medals running in a nearly vertical position so I don’t suppose there’s any real limitation.
And even the Flash could be faster – how many times have you seen the Flash needing to run “faster than he ever has before”?
I don’t think it detracts from the story here or in other books but it does make it pretty much impossible to examine height in any meaningful way. But the Flash does not get tired so this wouldn’t be a limitation for him and there may be some aerodynamic advantages to a body lean like the one shown below, especially at the speeds at which the Flash moves.
We could come up with all sorts of exotic answers but the most reasonable is blue is pretty and vibrant and colorists like using it.
Artists have a tough time with this one, particularly in large team environments like the JLA or the Avengers. And I’m just talking about the normal types who have become heroes not aliens, mutants, meta-humans or what have you. The natural tendency seems to be to lump all the males in at about one height and the females a few inches shorter. Now you'd think any quasi-normal height distribution would dictate that, in addition to a large number of taller than average hero types, there would also be some short superheroes, some average sized superheroes and maybe some really, really tall heroes - like maybe 6'9, 6'10" or greater.
It's tough enough to deal with height using the relatively narrow distribution we currently see.
It’s probably unfair to point to any one book, but what the heck, I need some images to punch this thing up.

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