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The $55 plan includes unlimited talk, text and 5 GB Data at up to 4G LTE Speed Then slowed to unlimited 2G.
This plan offered cell phones prices from $19 to $149, most of these cell phones are running Android system. The Renoir plan for $15 includes 500 talk minutes, 500 text messages, 500 MB of data and Wi-Fi calling.
The Miro plan for $15 includes unlimited talk minutes, unlimited text messages, 2GB of data and unlimited Wi-Fi calling.
Note: Before you switch carriers, Techlicious recommends you do your research to find out which has the best cell reception in your area.
Bumping your data allotment up to at least 1GB per month gets incredibly expensive, at least on Verizon.
If you’re willing to venture beyond the more familiar names, you can find an even better deal. Feature phones are quickly disappearing from the marketplace, with some carriers discontinuing them entirely. Of the carriers we surveyed, MetroPCS has the absolute cheapest 4-line plan that includes feature phones.
If you want a major carrier, AT&T has a 4-line plan for $130 that offers a 2GB shared data pool for the smartphones. Of the major carriers, T-Mobile offers the most compelling deals for families: Four smartphones, each with 1GB of high-speed data, can be had for just $100 per month. If you need to use your phone as a hotspot, AT&T's newest family deal offers a 10GB pool of data shared amongst 4 smartphones for $160 per month. I’m paying $35 a month for 300 minutes, unlimited text and data - using a 2 year old HTC EVO 3D. And while they don’t subsidize your phone purchase, that is *more* than made up for by the fact that you can buy any random Sprint-branded phone off ebay or whatever, and convert that phone to a Ting phone in just a few minutes. You can go over 5GB, but you will be throttled down after 5GB if you exceed it too many times. T-mobile family plan everyone should go for, they offer great coverage and also cheaper since you bring more family member to the plan, your friends can participate to your plan as family. I am a UK resident and found that the cost of cell phone plan in the US is very expensive compared with prices in the UK. THE DOWNFALL IS THAT IF YOU LIVE IN THE MIDDLE OF NO WHERE, YOU COULD EXPECT FOR NO DATA POSSIBLE SERVICE IN SOME PLACES. MINE STARTED GREAT, HAD FULL USE OF SERVICE ALL OF THE SUDDEN, WHEN I GO TO CHURCH OR MY SISTER’S HOUSE WHICH IS IN THE SAME VICINITY, I HAVE NO SERVICE, CUSTOMER SERVICE PUT IN A TICKET SEVERAL TIMES, BUT LYCAMOBILE IN THAT ASPECT SUCKS. AND BY THE TIME REPUBLIC WIRELESS REPS GETS BACK TO YOU, YOU’RE FRUSTRATED, IMAGINE IN AN EMERGENCY. WHAT COMPANY OFFERS SERVICE THAT’S AT LEAST $30 OR LESS A MONTH INCLUDING TAXES AND FEES.

EZMallClub has been a worldwide business leader in selling blue-ribbon consumer goods since 2006.
I always connect to WiFi network if available, especially if you are at home, that will keep my smartphone data usage down. Cheap cell phone contracts for your household may not be the cheapest the service provider has to offer.
Recurring monthly fees are usually one of the biggest concerns when South African consumers begin exploring cheap cell phone contracts.  This shouldn’t be the only fees you look at.
Includes nationwide coverage and long range, caller ID, no contract, voicemail, call waiting, no check credit. Zact Mobile offers highly customizable, inexpensive plans if you're willing to give up unlimited calls and text. Increase each phone’s high-speed data allotment to 3GB, and the price climbs to just $140. Prices provided by carrier, with exception of T-Mobile and Sprint, whose most recent prices were pulled from their website February 21, 2014.
I intend to spend a 6 months in Florida and I am searching for a cheap plan which will not tie me down on a long-term contract but at the same time will allow me to make calls and to connect the cell phone to my laptop so that I can access the internet.
Their phones were cheap, and included unlimited talk & text and 1GB of data in the first month. Just because the price is as low as it can go doesn’t mean you will get all the services you need.
If you are looking for cheap cell phone contracts, then you probably want to reduce your monthly costs. Keep in mind you may encounter additional fees if you submit payment late or have to cancel service before the contract term is up.
Boost Mobile, meanwhile, offers a plan with 2.5GB of data that starts at $55 monthly and drops as low as $40 after making 18 on-time payments. It’s the best family smartphone deal out there, and that's before you consider the company's offer to buy you out of your current contract.
We’re one of the only ones Verizon allows to sell unlimted everything still along with Sprint. Over usage fees can get rather steep, but as long as you choose a plan that will cover your average usage plus a little extra, you should never have to pay those extra costs.  Don’t go for the highest plan that fits in your budget.
Congratulations, you just saved 40 bucks, because your rate per month is based automatically on how much you actually used that month. I don’t think I will ever get any lower than Republic Wireless and with everything I need, at price points, everyone can afford. They use the Sprint network, so if you’re thinking of switchin from Sprint, Ting is totally the way to go.
As the economy changes, some South African residents find it is more and more difficult to make payments on time.

We also asked them to price out a separate set of plans to make sure all smartphones get at least 1GB per month of data. T-Mobile is now the least expensive major carrier, with a $40 for 500MB of data deal currently in play. They have Wifi only plans (great for kids) $5 a month, unlimited cell and text for $10 a month, unlimited cell, text, and 3g date for $25 a month and then unlimited 4g with everything for $40 a month.
At the end of each month, the usage from all devices on the account is totaled and placed in “buckets” based on usage of talk, text, and data (independently). I have 2 Freedompop phones with free service as backup (One always in my truck) in the event that I leave my phone at home. One way to help reduce debt (and the stress that comes with it) is to look for the cheapest cellphone plans to lower your regular monthly expenses.  Some people assume that the plan with the lowest price tag is always the most economical, but this is not always the case. Repeated late payments will mean that your fees will add up, further reducing the overall value of your plan. FreedomPop offers free cell phone service, though naturally, there are a few catches involved.
The best part about it all, you can make calls over a WiFi network when cell signal isn’t the best at your house, like mine.
The following three myths can help you avoid common money-saving pitfalls so you make the best decision about your monthly cellphone bill.
Additional minutes and text credits can be expensive, even with a traditional billing plan. If you want cheap cell phone contracts, then stay informed of all fees possible, not just recurring ones.
Sprint's least expensive plan will run you $55, but that comes with a larger, 1GB data allotment.
This includes the republic refund for unused data, and my $1.75 monthly credit because I was a beta tester in their first year. Don’t jump directly to the bottom of the price list when searching for cheap cell phone contracts. Instead start with the plan that offers the minimum usage and service options that you will actually use each month. Ting also offers phenomenal customer service, which is largely unheard of in the wireless industry.

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