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The cheapest cell phone, the slogan can always attract thousands of people who favor practical things.
If you have T-Mobile as your cell phone carrier, then you might have heard that they have two different types of plans: Classic and Value plans. I currently have a contract going with Verizon, but I’m going to try out a pre-paid plan along side my current one. If you don’t care about the data plan, then the prepaid plan is probably the way to go. While I do not have T mobile, your excellent post has me thinking that my company may have levels of the plans that may suit us more now that we are empty nesters. The cost of cell phone plans (namely the big brand 2 year contract plans) can be staggering. A Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) is a company that offers cell phone services by reselling the mobile services of another carrier, often with certain limitations, at a lower cost.
The cheapest way to enter a new prepaid service that uses AT&T or T-Mobile towers is to simply buy the correct sim card and put it into your existing phone that you own.
Sprint or Verizon (CDMA providers) MVNOs require an old phone that is in good standing from past contracts or a new phone purchase, as they don’t have sim cards. We bought a new T-Mobile Galaxy S4 on eBay and needed a micro sim card (the old HTC Amaze phone had the larger size sim card). Thank you for your comments, I am ordering a couple of the LG G2 for my son and I and wondered if the $80 for one year service through Freedompop is renewable after the year runs out? Republic Wireless for everyone, which would require that you sell your old phones on Craigslist or somewhere similar, then use the money to buy the Republic phones. I bought my smartphone through QVC it came with 1200 minutes of talk 1200 text and 1200 megabytes of data and one year of service. Vodafone 150 features a 1-inch 96 x 64 monochrome screen, dual-band GSM, alarm clock and a built-in torch.
Both of them will be launched initially in some developing countries such as India, Turkey, Qatar, and etc.
The main difference between the Classic and the Value plan is that the Classic gives you a discount on a phone when you upgrade.
We’re with Verizon and hate the contract but generally have the need for a data plan as well as coverage for some of the places we travel.

I turned on my phone when I got back from my world trip and seen the charges get slightly higher every month. Lady Cash Cow gets a big work discount that reduces the cost of the plan, but if her family wasn’t already committed in the contract, we would look elsewhere. I’ve recently discussed my cell phone plan findings with a few friends and almost fell out of my chair when I heard what they were paying. You no longer have to sign on for 2 years of wallet devastation through the major providers (AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, Sprint). Read my detailed Republic Wireless review for more info) A relatively new idea, the provider leverages the power of Wifi to cut costs for users.
They offer the best family plan on the market right now because each additional line is discounted. We purchased this sim card on the internet, put the sim card in the new S4, logged into our online T-mobile acct and entered the sim card number and the new phone was ready to go.
Right now, 6 of us have iPhones and my 8 year old uses the iPad (that was supposed to be mine for work) we have tons of old phones and really got screwed switching because we had to get other phones. I will check into those, would love to be able to use some of the phones I have as there is so much on them already. They do smartphones, and feature rollover minutes, and, if I read it right, you can get triple minutes on many phones and double minutes (as I do) on others–mine is a basic cellphone. Vodafone 250 comes with a 1.45-inch 128 x 128 color display, FM radio and changeable wallpapers in addition to the features of Vodafone 150. If you just need a cell phone for calls and SMS, perhaps you could think about the cheapest Vodafone cell phones.
I have a friend that recently switched over to the Value option and when he told me how much he saved a month, I just had to look into it for our phones. Perhaps you have bought a $400 phone for $100 when they told you that you were able to upgrade, this would be why. There are usually very few differences between the services provided by an MVNO and the services provided by the major carriers.
They used to be cheaper than the major 5 carriers but in the last few years they are running neck & neck for pricing. My wife and I have had T-mobile for years and paid about $125 per month for two cell phones.

I called the customer service department and asked them if they could tell me how much less our payment would be per month if we switched. I told him that it seemed high and asked him if there was anything he could do to reduce the cost. What we’ve found is that the MVNO providers often carry the cheapest cell phone plans. The have recently redone the the WiFi and cellular integration, which has greatly enhanced the service. We had one with an unlimited data package of up to 2GB of high-speed data and the other just had unlimited text messaging but no data. The representative told me that we would save more than $40 per month and that we would have the same features! If we save $40 per month by changing over to the Value plan then that is a savings of $480 per year!
We have our kids using TextNow which uses Sprint towers and that’s fine for them but when we travel Sprint does not have good coverage throughout Wisconsin. Ting will give you a reasonable option too as the roaming deal with Verizon makes up for Sprint’s poor coverage, especially in places like South Dakota, but switch off data use. That was the best deal I could find at the time, however, I have recently found an even cheaper plan.
Found out 2 kids phones have hotspot on and our wifi clicks off for a bit everyonce in awhile (can’t fix that as of now) and so kicks kids off and then other phones or laptops will find their phones as wifi. The reason why I was able to make the decision so quickly was that we would recover the cost in two months of changing our plan (2 x $40= $80). Well, actually I don’t think its an actual contract but we would have to pay the phones and IPad off.

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