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In addition to coins, Question Blocks may dispel items such as Sleepy Sheep or others which can be used during battle. As well as regular Question Blocks, there are also Red Question Blocks which appear in Paper Mario.
In Super Mario 64 DS, there are red Question Blocks which release either a Power Flower or a feather (which turns Mario into Wing Mario). Batadon • Bombshell Koopa • Bullet Biff • Bunbun • Chicken • Chikako • Fly • Ganchan • Gao • Gunion • Goombo • Honen . Super Bell Hill • Conkdor Canyon • Shadow-Play Alley • Clear Pipe Cruise • Toad Brigade to Mushroom Mesa! Trademarks are the property of their respective owners.Game content and materials Copyright AticoD, Inc.

The first Question Block that Mario encounters is unable to be hit when he first comes across it.
The first Red Question Block that Mario encounters is on Goomba Road and it releases a Close Call badge. You can help MarioWiki by expanding it.They appear and function the same as its predecessor. You can help MarioWiki by expanding it.Question Blocks function like in the Platforming series.
You can help MarioWiki by expanding it.Question Blocks appear in many places and always release a Sticker. In some stages like Ice Flow and Shy Guy Jungle, you can press Y button to place sticker inside a red box.

Mario can either jump into,, the box, use a Koopa Troopa's shell to hit it, or in some games, even Ground Pound on it to reveal the contents. They will multiplie, upgrade and if you placed a sticker like Flashy Infinijump, it downgrades. The Flashy Infinijump can be obtained by placing the Flashy Clone Jump sticker, but sometimes it has no effect.

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