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Another study shows that the average consumer uses both Yellow Pages and the Internet when making a purchase decision.
Get Web Design Clients!If you’re struggling to get clients, then Web Design Clients Galore could make the biggest difference in your web design business this year.
Learn how to get a constant supply of high-paying clients, and all the web design projects you want. That’s why I love helping businesses figure out how to market (especially web marketing) and why I train sales people to be the best they can be at what they do. MANILA, Philippines—Celebrating its 55th year of serving Filipino buyers and sellers, the Yellow Pages (YP) is projecting a fresh identity in the Philippine market.
Starting out as a print medium for directional advertising in 1958, YP has evolved into a provider of marketing solutions for small and medium enterprises (SMEs). To underscore this dynamic image, the Yellow Pages is unveiling a new, more contemporary logo this year. The graphic, along with the letters ‘y’ and ‘p’, are enclosed in a borderless yellow square with rounded corners, resembling a computer keyboard key or a mobile device button.
On the other hand, sellers have known YP primarily as an advertising medium for the past 55 years.
YP Holdings, the company that owns the digital assets of the Yellow Pages, could make a bid for Yahoo's core business, according to Bloomberg's Alex Sherman on Monday. The report said that the bid would follow something called aA Reverse Morris Trust, a deal structure that would allow YP to merge with Yahoo's spun-off core business in a tax-free manner.
YP is controlled byA Cerberus Capital Management, a private-equity firm that bought the company for $950 million in 2012.
Although it's unclear how exactly a merger between YP and Yahoo would make sense for each company, there's one big benefit forA Yahoo: YP owns the largest local-advertising sales force in the US, with over 3,300 sales reps.
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Yellow Pages is refering to a telephone directory of businesses, residential which is categorized according to name or service provided. Do you believe that you can make a free call to business companies listed in Yellow Pages Malaysia with “ZERO” phone charges? I think this is really good bonus feature provided by Yellow Pages Malaysia to help business companies and Customers. The cookie settings on this website are set to "allow cookies" to give you the best browsing experience possible. Yellow Pages (owned by Sensis) offers Yellow Pages print directory advertising and Yellow Pages online advertising. If your contemplating advertising in the Yellow Pages, just be aware that the above 8.5 million weekly searches statistic applies to the whole of Australia. Any semi literate statistician knows that you can sculpt and twist data to make it appear how you wish.  So for this reason I always take surveys and statistics with a shake of salt.

I have measured the changing Yellow Pages directory dimensions for the last three editions and have found that the physical volume of the 2012 directory has shunk 46% since 2010. Another interesting snippet to note – ever since I could remember I received a Yellow Pages A-K and an L-Z directory. And if the Yellow Pages directory is physically shrinking, it means that their business advertisers are collectively pulling out.
I think that the traditional way of advertising is no longer working – be it newspapers, radio, yellow pages or bill boards. Yellow Pages used to hold the most prestigious place in the advertising world, namely that spot between the customers who had an intention to buy and the sellers who could satisfy their needs. While social media will play an important supporting role in helping sell, the prize position belongs to Google and to a lesser extent Bing, Yahoo and others. Recommendations are all good, but when I need to buy something, its’ straight to the intent engine of Google.
Yellow Pages have already known worldwide and it is truly great in advertising such products from your company.
Online advertising is more effective now than the usual way of advertising such yellow pages, however some still choose to use this.
The article show decrease in the use of yellow pages directories in the past years because of the increase in use of online directories. Occasionally I come across a bad magazine ad- one that I can't understand, despite gnawing at my top lip. But I’m also passionate about helping people and companies reach their fullest potential and becoming wildly successful.
YP today leverages diverse platforms—online, mobile, social media and print—and value-added services to come up with the most relevant and cost-effective solution for any enterprise.
The new visual symbol features a chic rendition of the familiar ‘walking fingers’ graphic that has been associated with the Yellow Pages worldwide for more than half a century.
The upper left edge of the letter ‘y’ has been customized to resemble a finger that, symbolically, is constantly in touch with the Yellow Pages’ core customer, the ready buyer. Bautista, president of Directories Philippines Corporation (DPC), official marketer of YP products and services in the country. We reserve the right to exclude comments which are inconsistent with our editorial standards.
Verizon and a number of private-equity firms, like TPG and Bain, are expected to place bids.
Find Local Business Details, Contacts, Products, Services & Price Quotations for all Verticals in all around Kerala. Just type any keywords (company or category) and put the city or state name then hit Search button.
Customers can call for business companies listed in Yellow Pages and call them for free of charge. If you continue to use this website without changing your cookie settings or you click "Accept" below then you are consenting to this.

Business can get a free listing in each, but to get a decent sized ad you need to lay down your wallet and usually some serious cash.
Yellow Pages print directories have different versions split across metro and regional markets. They are either getting a better deal elsewhere, such as through SEO or pursuing other marketing channels.
Online social media is the way to go, and reading about recommendations is what will work for companies! It depends the product, what worked best is really popular products or essencial products such as food.
I agree that Yellow Pages can be a good way to advertise your business (in fact I do look after this strategy for one particular company that does get good results), you do need to be careful though because you go in blind to what your competition is doing and you can’t change the ad for 12 months. Some of the businesses nowadays are more often advertising their respective products online using social media. Yet, a 2010 study conducted by CRM Associates, shows that both usage and calls volumes are increasing to the 2008 level, suggesting that the decline in Yellow Page usage over the past six years was more economy than Internet-driven.
These platforms and services make YP accessible to ready buyers in all key customer search touch points.
In Malaysia, you can use Yellow Pages Malaysia to find the telephone directory of businesses and it saves a lot of your time to find it on normal Yellow pages book. And your ad is likely to appear in only one of these directories (well… unless you pay more), so the weekly searches in your given local directory will be a lot smaller. Unless Yellow Pages are recouping this lost business in their online channel, this does not bode well for their ongoing growth. When I had a hamper business I used to and they used to push hard for the in-car directory which was completely useless to me.
It is true that people is using the internet to search their products but yellow pages are still a good way to advertise. We do not just give them premium listings, advertising space, web and mobile sites, and Facebook pages. Please be remembered that Internet Yellow Pages can only use to find Businesses phone numbers and not residential phone numbers due to confidentiality issues.
I think too that people would rather use an app on their phone and go online than use print.
Smart marketers know there is no single advertising method that will bring in all the business. For business people who wants to save monthly phone bill charges, you can utilize this Free Call service to cut cost as well.
It’s largest competitor, True Local loves to commentate and point this Yellow Pages decline.

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