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Emirates branch of the Americana Group that deals in consumer foods, restaurants, and food-related products, including the operatation of international franchises like Hardee's, TGIF's, Krispy Kreme, KFC and Pizza Hut.
But dear sir everybody was a dream just look at yourself you have also so many dreams and I was also dream to settled in Dubai to work and spend my whole life working in dubai .
I love working in pizza hut and I want to spend my life in Americana by heartly but by working in Al ain I cannot go long way because I think u will understand my dreams is to work in dubai.

So plz dear sir I hope you can understand that persons dream is better then any things in this world and hope u will email back to me of positive clue and hope u will help me to transfer Dubai and care me as like or brother or son . We provide turnkey solutions in the fields of telecommunication, IT and network systems including the integration of NGN, FTTH, and GPON telecommunication and network security infrastructure throughout the MENA Region.
GEMS Education manages a large network of international schools from around the world including the Our Own English High Schools (UAE), Al Khor International School (Doha), The World Academy (Saudi Arabia), Canadian School (Kuwait) and Aqaba International School (Jordan).

Why I don't know my heart want to kill myself because I am near to my dream city but I am unable to be their.

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