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So just how successful has a Gold Priority online Yellow Pages listing been for SearchMasters?
I added all the different categories possible onto the listing, and got 732 views and only 5 people visiting in two months = $220.
For all the marketing strength and stock market capitalisation of the Yellow Pages group, their online marketing strength is rather weak. I can't personally find a series of links that will get me through to a page dedicated to Auckland Restaurants. Lets give them the benefit of doubt - do they rank in the top 100 on Google for Auckland Restaurants? Not only are we South Africa’s largest online database of local businesses and services but our state-of-the-art intuitive search function allows for quicker, more accurate results.
Here you can store preferred supplier lists, rate businesses and services and have access to your complete search history. Yellow Pages vs Online Media Marketing Search for: Angela SolizNetworking for a Better Lifestyle, Mission & Purpose!
Because online directories facilitate the search for businesses, companies, and services, they have grown greatly in popularity. When listing with an online directory, such as PRonlinepages, business owners will rank highly, allowing consumers looking for a service in their town to quickly come across their business listing. PRonlinepages ranks high on Google, Yahoo, and other popular search engines, boosting a clienta€™s website ranking; therefore, giving them more exposure. PRonlinepages is the leading online directory provider in the United States and Puerto Rico.

Leather Gloves are widely used in Construction , Maintenance and many other General Heavy Duty Industries. Compare this to the over 6000 page views, and over 2600 unique visitors that I got direct to my website in that same time. A large number of the menus are javascript that Google is not able to easily read, and then there are text entry search boxes. Getting good rankings on the search engines generates far more traffic for a lot less cost.
When consumers are need of help, for instance, if they have a hot water leak, an internet connection problem, or a broken washer or dryer, it would make no sense for them to call someone who lives in another town rather than someone who is in their own town. For example, if a business is selling cars, then a business directory can place the listing and company profile in the car section, further promoting the business ownera€™s information and services.
In many cases, with an online directory such as PRonlinepages, the directory will come up in searches before the clienta€™s own website, which is great to improve their exposure and online popularity. This credible online directory helps business owners gain more exposure in todaya€™s competitive internet world. Visitor numbers have nearly doubled since our blog was introduced and we are even ranking well for various key words from the release titles. A good online directory, such as PRonlinepages, plays an important role here, which in this case would be providing the numbers for local companies who can come to their rescue.
An online directory, like PRonlinepages, makes it easy for business owners to write about the services provided by the company, letting the customers know all the benefits they will gain by choosing that specific company. PRonlinepages greatly benefits a businessa€™s online presence, which will helps them rank higher than their competition for the same search results, expanding their client reach.

With over 400 employees around the world, and over 1.3 million companies listed with them, PRonlinepages has gathered a reputation of being the most trusted online directory to date. Though, the yellow pages are a great resource if used correctly, especially when marketing efficiently in your local market. With PRonlinepages, business owners can add the company logo, photos, and a map including the location, making it easy for consumers to get to know their business. Obviously, it’s great for B2B contacts in a snap!Social media has taken storm for some time now and there is absolutely no slowing down on it. Business directories, such as PRonlinepages, greatly benefit business owners and their websites, just like they help consumers.
Did you use your online network via Facebook, Instant Messenger, Twitter, LinkedIn or other Social Media to get a URL to a website for a product that you were looking to buy? So why are you still using marketing for your company that you yourself have not used?For a lot of people still, breaking away from long established patterns of practical marketing can be tough and rather new when facing new and up coming marketing alternatives, and most certainly the good ol’ Yellow Pages and postcards have definitely been around for a very long time and are easy to implement, so it may be a long time before we finally see the death of the Yellow Pages for good. There are many simple ways to help you achieve your business goals pertaining to getting more people to your business, getting referrals, boosting your sales and brand, and much more.

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