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Keep Fit Phuket is a personal training service offering cutting edge personal training in the comfort of your own home.
If you would like to get in contact with us please use the form below, or alternatively please feel free to use the contact details listed at the bottom of this page. So, if your business accepts cheques, it makes sense to issue a directive to your accountant or bookkeeper to check any cheque received against outstanding invoices, rather than paying them into the bank and then reconciling your accounts later.
Whether you’re entertaining business clients or just having a meal with your partner, some restaurants are trying to double their tips. This time the conmen are ‘phoning taxpayers posing as HMRC officers calling about a tax refund. The Office of Fair Trading is warning businesses to be vigilant following a rise in business directory scams. If the invoice is ignored, there may be further threats to damage the company’s credit rating or to send in the bailiffs. There’s a new scam your business needs to watch out for, in the form of bogus training. According to the Office of Fair Trading, there’s been a steep rise in the number of bogus courses. Look at the provider’s contact details and make sure that they have a full address and a landline telephone number that works. Legitimate providers usually offer a cooling-off period and allow you to pay in installments.
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Warren is a fully qualified personal training from the UK and has a vast amount of experience. Also, where a customer requests a refund (for whatever reason) it should always require an owner or director’s approval.
In the past these scams have involved sending e-mails that purport to come from the Revenue or VAT and ask you to provide your bank details, whereupon the con artists try to clear out your account. It then invites you to verify this as correct or update anything that is wrong or out of date. You do have legal rights to cancel training and courses sold over the phone or Internet and these are covered by the Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000. Born in Liverpool and an Accountancy graduate of the University of Wolverhampton, David spent twenty years working for the Customs & Excise in London then Shrewsbury before starting his own business.
Individual circumstances will vary and if you consider that any of the information provided on this website may be of benefit to you, it is vital that you contact us before trying to implement it. The scammer phones up 24 hours after the cheque’s receipt and claims that he has made a mistake and politely requests that the excess amount be refunded via an online banking transfer.
Chris Hopson, Director of Customer Contact at HMRC, said, “We only ever contact customers who are due a tax refund in writing by post. It lists around 250,000 tradesmen and businesses that have all been independently verified through regular inspections, checks on their trading record and financial status.
These give you a seven-day cooling-off period and during this time you can cancel for any reason. David's depth of knowledge of the UK tax system and his ability to communicate this learning has seen Morgan Jones & Company grow into Shropshire's most respected Accountancy Practice.

They do this in the hope that the recipient will send the monies before they discover that the cheque is fake. Sometimes they’ll simply ask for your personal information so they can write direct to you. They do this by setting up websites which imitate those run by organisations offering genuine training. Experienced businessmen and women are unlikely to fall for this little trick, but inexperienced members of staff could comply in an attempt to appear helpful. They achieve this by giving you the hand-held terminal, having already keyed in the amount of your bill, plus the service charge. In the last three months, HMRC has shut down more than 180 websites that were responsible for sending out the fake tax rebate e-mails. By filling in this form and returning it to us in the pre-paid envelope your details will be included in the next edition and available to thousands of new customers. So whether you need a security engineer for your company premises or a builder for your home, you can use the search facility to locate one.
When this is challenged the recipient is referred to the small print at the bottom of the form.

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