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The yellow pages were the main source of information before the internet.  The yellow pages contain a wealth of information regarding different buisinesses, their numbers, and their locations and services.
The most popular ad that the Yellow Pages offer is the business card, which includes all the basic information together with the link to the website plus the logo of the business.  This package can cost upwards of $395 per year.
Other offers that the Yellow Pages make available are the promotional display ad, which varies in size, as well as Sponsored Display Advertising, which can cost $495 to $795 annually. For example, Metro Atlanta Yellow Pages offers advertisements that vary in rate depending on the amount of information or design in the ad.  The site offers up to 6 types of advertisement package that can accommodate the different needs of their clients.

A sales representative would usually assist the advertiser in creating the design of the advertisement.
The yellow pages will provide a 12 month contract for the advertisement which can be paid in full or monthly for the duration of the ad.
The ad usually lasts for about a year and it can be renewed for a price that will be disclosed by the yellow pages.
Since the Yellow Pages are becoming obsolete, consider other advertising alternatives online such as Pay Per Click advertising, search engine optimization, and more.

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