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THE PETER MAX Studio is giving a new twist to the brand name, and this will push it deep into the XXIst century, and cementing the foundations for an unavoidable Peter's absence, somewhat the Warhol Foundation model.
We are into the manufacturing of comprehensive range of superior quality centrifugal pump sets that offers great buying power.
We offer an extensive array of LPG Gas Water Heater that are of top quality and are available at a very reasonable rate.
We bring to you a wide range of submersible pump sets, which are durable and can be availed by anyone at the most affordable prices. Our Water Softener removes or renders inactive and isolate minerals, such as Calcium, Magnesium fro Hard Water.
Meanwhile, all his original collectibles, be it magazines, franchised objects, books and unique memorabilia of the past will be much more desired than any canvas made after 2010.

We offer wide assortments of Monoblock water Pump Sets that are industry benchmark of innovation and quality. We Offer Wide Assortments of Monoblock Water Pump Sets that are Industry Benchmark of Innovation and Quality. This is possible only because we have professionals who are committed to deliver only the best results for our clients. Our Domestic Reverse Osmosis System works on technologically advanced water purification techniques; thus it is known as the most dependable water purifying system. It runs on a filtration method that removes many types of large molecules and ions from solutions by applying pressure to the solution when it is on one side of a selective membrane.
Meanwhile, be very weary of forgeries especially of mixed media and acrylic canvases, and preferably purchase only pieces where Max is present and signs the back of the artwork, since many times even the file number, Provenance and COAs can also be very questionable.

Price is never a concern as we strive hard to deliver top notch quality of products at the most reasonable rate.
Price is Never a Concern as We Strive Hard to Deliver Top Notch Quality of Products At the Most Reasonable Rate.
It Runs On Advanced Ro System, Which Can Purify all Kinds of Impurities Easily and Completely. Know for their matchless performance, our RO Plants have been widely preferred by many industries, hotels, universities, institutions and to name a few.

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