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An effective way to not only decorate any surface but also protect it is to make use of paint and wood finishes. If you are going to do a painting project by yourself it might be a good idea to make use of paint application tips and techniques provided on some paint suppliers websites. Paint retailers do not only provide a variety of paints, painting accessories and services but can also advice and assist you in making the right choice when it comes to choosing paint. Paint retailers not only provide and supply a range of quality paints but also the painting accessories needed for the job, as well as a variety of painting services. They make use of good quality paints and painting accessories as well as trained and experienced workers to present you with a good quality end product.

There are different types of paints and it is advised to do proper research before starting your project.
Before applying the decorative coat you need to apply at least two coats of first coat paint. It is also best to prepare all surfaces before hand and always to remember to apply paint as recommended by the manufacturer. The most common types of finishing coats are eggshell (durable and slightly glossy), flat (usually used for walls and ceilings), and gloss and shine, which is a hardwearing finishing paint and usually used on metal and wooden surfaces.
There are many different types of primers available such as water based or oil based primers can easily be sprayed onto the surface by using the right sprayer.

Other surfaces such as melamine and tiles can also be coated with special primers and then be painted over it with normal paint.

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