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I couldn’t help but notice all the billboard and bus shelter ads for Yellow Pages that have gone up around town here in Toronto lately.
The one pictured above, however, made me do a double take – enough so that I had to go back and take a proper photo of it. This particular billboard strikes me as the least effective kind of advertising, as in the sort that points out your product’s biggest weakness. When it comes to something as important – and expensive – as a lawyer, many people turn to their social circles for advice. Now, in the digital age, it’s the sort of thing that Facebook and Twitter are tailor-made for. The problem is, it doesn’t do much that other apps – notably Yelp – aren’t already doing quite well.
The Yellow Pages app does allow for user reviews, but so far it’s a desert wasteland of them – “be the first to write a review” greets you in just about entry. Montreal-based Yellow Media, the company that owns Yellow Pages, has done a nice job with the app, but it’s probably not going to work. By clicking "Create Account", I confirm that I have read and understood each of the website terms of service and privacy policy and that I agree to be bound by them. The day's key business, market and company news, with analysis and opinion from Canadian Business Online's writers.
2012 won’t beckon the end of the world, but it may be the last leg for a few prominent corporations.
The brand is promoting its app exclusively in the GTA with a campaign that relies primarily on location-based mobile advertising. The Yellow Pages Group (YPG) is looking to introduce itself to the neighbourhood in Toronto with a regionally-focused campaign targeted primarily at millennials. With media from Starcom MediaVest, creative from Leo Burnett and mobile by Mediative, the campaign aims to demonstrate  how the brand’s app can be used to find local businesses.

Andre Leblanc, director of marketing communications, Yellow Pages Group, tells MiC that the campaign is the first regional-specific effort for the brand that is driven by location and neighbourhood-based advertising. Leblanc says that while YPG is still in the early planning stages, it will likely look to roll out similar regional efforts in other major commercial markets across the country.
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From connection plan innovation and new ad opportunities to research and ratings, Media in Canada™ covers the gamut of media biz news. With Internet access approaching ubiquity and easy access to any number of online directories and search engines quickly following, phone books seem to be a quaint relic of the past: treasured by some but unused by most. The Yellow Pages Group publishes the smallest (and arguably the most practical) book of the bunch, a svelte paperback-sized neighbourhood directory that includes complete business listings for all of your local merchants. Geared for low-income students, the proposal consolidates and simplifies existing OSAP grants and programs. In the past, this might have meant asking around at a social function if anyone knew a good lawyer, doctor, home contractor and so on.
The app even has a nifty function where you can add such an individual’s particulars to your contact list with one simple tap. This is particularly important in the case of businesses and services where recommendations from other users, such as lawyers, are key. I used to be so hoping we were planning to pull it off, but unfortunately it wasn’t to be. We have to show up at a gathering at my son’s college appropriate when that may be happening.
It relies heavily on location-based mobile ads that are designed to serve up content that’s relevant to specific Toronto area neighbourhoods. After all, you can find virtually everything in the phone book online without squinting to read tiny text, getting ink all over your hands, or storing a giant book near your desk for the rare occasion that you may need to use it.

It can be useful for finding a local plumber, getting the name of that repair shop a couple of blocks over, or looking up the phone number of your local cobbler. In apartment and office buildings, stacks of unclaimed phone books sit in the lobby, awaiting someone with a strong back to haul them around to the dumpster. I put out the plea on Facebook and soon had plenty of recommendations, some of which were overwhelmingly positive. It’s location-aware, has tons of listings, and you can call many of them with a simple tap. When was the last time you saw someone take a phone book off that giant shrinkwrapped pile that eternally guards so many apartment building lobbies and grocery store entrances? And not only that, but you get access to phone books from around the world without needing a trip to the reference library. Internet directories are still rather hit-and-miss with that kind of fuzzy hyper-local information. Most of the profit comes from the directory business (which includes income from the Yellow Pages’ online properties and role as Google AdWords purveyor). By all accounts, the phone book should be well on its way to dying, if not long dead and buried already.
So why do Toronto households receive as many as four different business directories now, each bigger than the last?
Of course, there’s a downside to everything: without the Yellow Pages, how would the Serial Diners decide where to go next? In this world of business efficiency and environmental concerns, do we really need five kg of dead trees—not even counting the biennial residential phone book— distributed to every home and business in the city?

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