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This brochure for the Fellowships arm of the organisation is ram-punched in the shape of the initiatives logo, resulting in a truly original shape when the piece opens out.
This is another example of printed work acting as support to a new scheme – we tried to make early applications of the new Ravensbourne identity reflect the aims of the new scheme, so these prospectuses are all trimmed with an angled edge to fit with the angles inherent in the project.
More recently for the V&A, we've been designing innovative celebrity maps that let you track the personal choices of famous visitors within the museum . Here's Paul Smith's map opened out - a dramatic map fold that we've adapted slightly to create the illusion of the insides being on the outside.
When the opportunity (and budget) allows, we're interested in new ideas and techniques to involve the reader. For these two different Design Council reports, we used unusual, bespoke plastic sleeves to carry the information in different ways. This report, also for the Design Council, featured two different sized brochures interleaved to create the impression of two different communication messages. These V&A books on surrealism used die-cut dust-jackets containing the key icons of mouths and eyes. We even got the opportunity once to design the cover of a book much prized by creatives - the D&AD annual.
In the time before the internet ruled all, one of our early breakthrough projects was for the Yellow Pages, which we redesigned completely, including a series of ‘yellow' covers. Even with our more recent focus on brand and identity, we can take some of our book and brochure design ideas and use them to make things communicate a little better. Whilst it's rare for us to carry out 'print' projects such as brochures and books in isolation from a wider project such as a rebrand or identity change, we will often design early brochures and applications as a scheme 'beds in'. A few times a year we're offered brochure or book projects that are just too hard to turn down.

We have helped literally hundreds of businesses, of all sizes and industry types, gain prominence over their competition by designing them eye-catching and profitable directory advertising. It isn't good enough just to be in the Directory; getting your Advert right can mean big bucks! Our experience gained from designing 100's of successful Yellow Page ads can save you years of trial and error as well as tens of thousands of pounds worth of missed enquiries. If you want a killer yellow pages ad with hard hitting headlines, clean layout, and a strong, compelling message, Thisworks are your answer.
Each year businesses across the UK spend vast amounts on Yellow Pages and other Directory advertising. Make no mistake; the Yellow Pages can be a very successful way to get new prospects for your business.
Directory advertising is unique because they deliver buyers who are ‘ready to buy', something rarely achieved in other mediums.
The downside is that because Directories are classified, all your direct competitors are likely to be there as well! However, most of the Adverts in Directories are prepared ‘in house' by the publishers. Why not opt for a professionally designed Yellow Pages Advert that can far out perform a typical directory advertisement? Even a smaller, well-designed Advert with real impact can easily out-pull a larger, inferior Ad. Thisworks are specialists in making your business look fresh, engaging and believable.We will create a Yellow Pages Advert for you that is distinctive and full of all important impact. Having introduced a highly unusual new graphic identity, we were very happy to explore how the ideas could translate into printed form.

As the V&A struggled a little to explain a proposed extension to the museum in the nineties, we were asked to design a ‘brochure'.
We've worked on two significant changes of emphasis for the Art Fund in the last decade, and ever-present has been our work on their Art Quarterly magazine and Annual Review. This brochure for the Daiwa Anglo-Japanese foundation on their first 100 scholars features a zero punched throughout the document in a subtle hint to the Japanese flag. We've designed a whole series of these ‘Design UK' books - each one featuring an unusual cover. Given that the scheme's famous prize is a yellow pencil, we thought it would be apt to make the book seem like a padded yellow rubber pencil case, complete with enclosing zip.
This brand book for BT deliberately asked a series of questions on the outside, compelling you to turn the page and discover the answers for yourself.
Sometimes it's just great to be a graphic designer again - we hope that designing something to be beautifully printed won't go away, completely.
We'll take an in depth analysis of your current advertising, and give you a constructive analysis of its design, headline, layout, sales message & overall impact factor.
People don't sit down and ‘browse' through the Yellow Pages the way they would a lifestyle Magazine. But summing up the radical design in two dimensions proved disappointing, so we designed a brochure in three instead.
To get your free advert evaluation, simply apply using the form at the foot of this page, and we'll have your evaluation completed and returned to you within 48hrs.

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