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If you have received your own you will have noticed that it is advertised on the front cover as New look, New content, New handy size. Not sure about the new look as it looks very much like the old one although a new Local pages section has been added at the beginning but that looks about it! As far as new content is concerned, checking a randomly opened Floor Cleaning & Treatment category there were 4 display ads in old directory but only 3 in the new one (25% less).
Comparing another randomly selected category Carpenters & Joiners there were in the old directory 78 mixed style display ads and 55 in the new one (30% less). The overall effect this has had it that the type size of entries is smaller and the relative size of each ad has been reduced. If, and assuming, there is a corresponding reduction in a large number of categories, will consumers still continue to consult their Yellow Pages to the same level as we are told they have done in the past.
My main reason for highlighting the above is to emphasise the past, present and future importance of local search and the impact the internet has had and is continuing to have on the expansion of local search. With the introduction or more accurately, the amalgamation of Google Maps and Google Local, into the new Google Places format, and the real estate they can take up on the first page of SERPS, pushing organic results further down and even off it onto page 2, the importance of local search marketing cannot be overemphasised for local bricks & mortar businesses.
An alternative is to ensure that your business is properly registered and optimised for Google Places search and the corresponding services provided by the other major search engines.
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Following on from our article last year about the rapid decline of the Yellow Pages in Chelmsford, there is a new update. We have received calls from the Yellow Pages here and the result is always the same – too much money for the service they provide. As improvements in Google Local search algorithm takes place the quality of local search continues to improve – the cheaper, spammier sites are literally being drive out of the market. These are good times for smaller businesses, good times for Google, bad times for the traditional print industry. Send Us Your Events and NewsIf you are organising an event in Essex you can advertise it here. We use cookies to personalise content and ads, to provide social media features and to analyse our traffic.
For years on end businesses all around the world have sought out ways to improve their interactions with the general public. This comes in the form of many things – from advertisements on TV, to the modern internet variants.
As you might know since the advent of the internet, there has been the method of Search Engine Optimisation for all websites on the web. They are a form of listing, which has been around for as long as anyone can remember, and there are different formats for them in different countries. To keep it simple, the Yellow Pages both in their online and offline variants offer companies the capability of listing advertisements for their services and products. As you probably know by now, Google has a search engine facility, which allows people to find exactly the website that they need within only a few seconds.

For Google to locate your website, you first need a site that is carefully crafted and has lots of relevant content within it. On the one hand, the Yellow Pages only require you to list your website so that people can find it there. Once upon a time, when the Yellow Pages had only a local variant, a half-page ad might have easily cost ?2,000. Research has also shown that the stocks of the Yellow Pages, coupled with their income are plummeting steadily each and every year. As a whole, one primal deduction can be made – Google is a better variant than the Yellow Pages, seen through the perspective of business owners. We prefer to work with The Facts regarding SEO and bring The Facts to You in the form of working proof on what is happening now Live Today in our customer's websites. We believe that there is no better way to present The Facts that living proof that SEO can work for You too.
French phone book widget, made to look like Apple\'s one.Widget Homepage (in french)Annuaire pages jaunes et blanches fait pour ressembler a celui d'apple. Owner of Search Marketing company, WebMedia Inbound Marketing dedicated to helping small businesses get more from the internet and improve their profitability. More businesses are now using a wide range of online alternatives to the more traditional print based advertising options. We also share information use of our site with our social media, advertising and analytics partners. New business owners constantly wonder how they are going to achieve their goals and which is the best way to do it? It is a highly valued methodology, which allows even the smallest of business owners to improve upon their marketing with the help of a trusty website. You input search criteria in the field box and any relevant information comes in the form of lists of websites. From then on relevant keywords need to be placed within the titles and the body of the text. For SEO you will need a lot of work put into it so that it becomes optimised and completely automated.
You have probably noticed that the Yellow Pages you get these days are a lot thinner than the ones you used to! Even if it takes a little more work and time for optimisation, you will still achieve better results with SEO. Google Local, that lists businesses on its Google Maps service, now sends much more business leads to companies than the Yellow Pages could. In many ways the companies that list in the Yellow Pages trusted more than ones people find online, but that attitude is also changing, and changing quickly. On the other hand you have the Yellow Pages as a listing of businesses, used by customers to seek out what they need most. The initial Yellow Pages came in the form of a big yellow book with yellow pages, hence its name.

Other companies, which make use of SEO are Yahoo and Microsoft with their respective search engines. These keywords are based on the services which you offer and the location where you operate from. On the other hand however, in order for people to find you on the Yellow Pages they need to know in which category you are listed, what your standing is, and whether you are good at what you do. For Search Engine Optimisation you need to pay only as much as the company you hire needs you to. People use Google far more often as a quicker method, and business owners have all seen this in action. Although many of the larger companies still advertise in the Yellow Pages, smaller businesses just cannot justify their costs now. You need to make a comparison before you start advertising – is it worth it to invest a lot of money, or can you achieve a better effects while saving up? In this text we will make a slight comparison in an attempt to help you with choosing which one of these is the better method. It is not to be confused with the White Pages which offer listings for non-commercial uses. It is easy to say that even today a lot of companies keep their listings in the Yellow Pages, and users keep searching for them.
The process of optimising your website for search engines is a long one, but it is not necessarily hard. This can be done either by you personally, or for a nominal fee from a professional agency.
For Google they just need to type in the name of your service and if you are optimised – they might as well choose you as the most popular variant. Whereas you can go with a one-time optimisation fee, you will need to continue paying for placing your ads in the Yellow Pages. This is why more and more people find it pointless to list their business when they can simply spend a little more time in optimisations. If you do not, however, perhaps you should go for SEO directly – it is the only non-intrusive method, which can cost you as little as you can imagine.
It is a relatively quick and simple way to make your business popular, but there is another alternative on the horizon as well. One thing is certain about search engine optimisation – it needs to be constantly maintained so that it can always list your website on top of the search results. This is one of the bad sides of the Yellow Pages for business owners – people might choose a thousand other providers in the same category before they finally stop at you.

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