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MAXFAB Ltd specialises in all aspects of metal fabrication, offering a wide range of bespoke products and services including: gates, railings, fire escapes, Structural steel beams for buildings, gate automation and gate servicing. Working closely with customers, we provide advice and guidance on all customers needs, regardless of the size or style of request. Our workshop is based in Burgess hill in the south of England, but MAXFAB serves the whole of the UK. UK Estate agents and Letting agents covering Uxbridge, Hillingdon, Hayes, West Drayton and Denham.

Accommodating orders from both commercial and domestic sectors, we focus on catering for the needs of customers, and works with both high profile organisations and businesses to individual local clients at a local level. Free estimates, qualified staff, fully equipped workshop, mobile on-site welding, installation teams, bespoke design and have a personal touch by engaging closely with clients at every step of the way.

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