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Any business as successful and long-lived as The Walt Disney Company is bound to have its detractors.
But people seeking to muddy the Disney brand need not resort to outlandish tales of a frozen founder, the Illuminati, or Nazis (that search for Walt Disney’s frozen head will lead you down the rabbit hole of pure insanity).
Sklar was the former head of WDI when Carousel of Progress got it’s last major show refurbishment in 1994.
The Carousel of Progress never would have debuted at the 1964 World’s Fair had it not been for General Electric, who was the original sponsor and continued for many years. I don’t have an answer to this one, but did you ever notice that there is a younger daughter who appears in the first scene with Sarah? Every single character features a famous or familiar voice actor you’ve probably heard before. The Father is played by Jean Sheapard, who is most famous and beloved for his role as the narrator in my Christmas tradition movie, “A Christmas Story”! Mel Blanc voices several Carousel characters including the Parrot, the Radio Announcer and Uncle Orville. One of my favorite details of the Haunted Mansion is the stereoscope placed in the ballroom scene. While riding the Peoplemover at Walt Disney World, you have probably noticed the first indoor show scene featuring a model city proposed by Walt Disney himself. This entry was posted in Disney and tagged 1964 World's Fair, A Christmas Story, carousel of progress, General Electric, Haunted Mansion, Herb Ryman, Marty Sklar, Peoplemover. In addition to theme parks, we cover anything in the world of themed entertainment from dinner shows to immersive theater, haunted attractions to miniature golf and much much more. Passionate themed entertainment professionals and industry enthusiasts crave your expertise. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. The views and opinions of Theme Park University Staff are not associated with any themed entertainment company and are clearly our own.
If you follow me on basically any social media platform, you know that we were at Disney (again) last week for the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration. But, as you can see form the photo, it was really hot and that explains my fuzzy hair not all of the WE that make up the Dude family were able to attend. I have to admit, I thought it would be easier to go without Dudes 1 & 2, but I was a little broken up about it. Thankfully, Disney magic helped me get over it and focus on having a memorable trip with the little guy as the only guy!

I know most of you don’t care about the social media parts of our celebration very much, so I won’t bore you with the details on that (even though, if I’m honest, we didn’t have a single boring moment the entire time we were there), but I know that everyone loves hearing about a good celebration! Though weirdly, in Disney’s case, its detractors tend to latch on to the more nefarious and macabre aspects of Disney lore, truth be damned (case in point: Do a quick Google search for “Walt Disney’s Frozen Head” then sit back and marvel at the crazy).
The final Christmas scene features several hidden Mickeys including: a Mickey plush sticking out of a wrapped present, a Mickey nutcracker on the fireplace mantle and a green Mickey silhouette on the front of one of the wrapped presents. Same with the son, both the kids start out around 10, but by time we reach the last scene they both appear to be college age. I even had a full cry on the Magical Express (the Disney airport shuttle) because I was missing my big Dudes so much. Especially when it uncovers some secret Disney magic info that anyone planning a Disney trip can use. The staff uses them to go from place to place without dealing with crowds and to move things that are un-Disney-ish. In her free time she enjoys losing weight easily, looking like a soap star the moment she rolls out of bed, and riding around town on her unicorn. Walking around enjoying all the attractions you miss out on the little fascinating secrets which you have to know for yourself. One possible explanation as to why people tend to cling so fervently to the “Disney is Evil” school of thought is because the company goes to extraordinary lengths to paint itself as a paragon of decency and family values. In the past the flight number listed was #1401, which refers to the address of Imagineering headquarters at 1401 Flower Street in Glendale, California. Click on any of the Amazon Links on this page to help support TPU when shopping online and it costs you nothing extra! We can expect to see an expansion to the Downtown Disney area to add Disney Springs which, if you’ve visited the parks recently, you will know is already underway. Did you know that once, they invited dog owners to dress up their four legged side kicks and bring them to the Magic Kingdom to enjoy some Halloween-ish activities?
Technically, the only blog you need to read every day is this one right here, buuuut, if you’re into Disney and you like staying informed on all things magic and wonderful, you should really check out the Disney Parks blog. For those that don’t know, the Disney airport shuttle is for those staying on property to travel, free of charge to and from the Orlando airport. Bring your own food, buy souvenirs online before you go, but don’t skimp on the Memory Maker. Book Fastpasses (if you don’t know how Disney Fastpass+ works, check the post), check ride wait times and operation to so you don’t walk all the way from Frontierland to Space Mountain to learn it’s closed, make dining reservations, and more. You can ask them anything, like ANYTHING about Disney and they will know or find out for you.

Don’t ask me how or why, but sometimes, the Disney reservation agents can help you make your trip a teeny bit more affordable. It’s part of the company’s mission statement to be pure and good, so people naturally want to find ways to tarnish that reputation. But he also loved his country and he had some pretty strong political beliefs that were more or less in keeping with the wealthy elite of his time (read: he hated him some commies). Disney was all too happy to oblige and he became one of Hoover’s most influential informants.
Also, and even more exciting to Animal Kingdom lovers like myself, new developments are heading to that park in the next couple of years. They know about different room prices (like based on where they are located in the hotel) and which promotions or discounts you and your family may qualify for.
The company has been in business for nearly a century and is one of the largest media corporations in the world.
The desire to besmirch Disney’s sterling reputation isn’t necessarily borne of malevolence; rather, it’s more of a good-natured attempt to level the playing field.
They’re adding night time attractions and expanding the area to include a section devoted to the Avatar movie franchise.
Turns out, from time to time, Disney hosts these really fun meet ups for fans to visit the park and experience it in never before seen ways. But, when departing, they always schedule your return shuttle three hours before your flight time. I took amazing photos the first day and then never hauled it to the park again because managing it and carrying it around all day was painful and exhausting. Guests can expect seriously cool rides, a new show, and later evening hours to enjoy everything the park will have to offer by 2017. I know, it seems weird and also annoying to have to catch a shuttle at 5 when you don’t even leave until 8, but it really does take that much time. You can get a basic membership for free but, if you want access to special events and such, you have to pay an annual membership fee (it’s about $75). The airport isn’t super close to the resort and the shuttle may make a few stops at other hotels on property before heading in. The in park photographers are happy to capture all of your family memories (you can even ask them to snap a pic with your cell phone) and you get to be in them too!

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