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Buy, download and read 10 Secrets to Successful Home Buying and Selling (eBook) by Lois A.
Much like you wouldn’t leave a spouse to believe that the “I love you” from a year ago, still held true now even if you didn’t say it, you can’t really expect employees to remember all of your expectations if you don’t revisit them or re-share them every so often. In light of the specific goals you may share, maybe the 4th quarter is the right time to amp up the rewards for meeting those goals. In a country that rampantly recognizes Christmas as “the” national holiday, remember there are others in your employee and customer base who have different holidays that are special and worthy of making note of.
If in your office, you share gifts with those you lead in an effort to share in holiday celebrations, share them early in the season so that they can be enjoyed for longer periods of time. Chances are you could not have gotten the results you did this year without that amazing team you lead. This quick online assessment shows you clues as to how you lead and why employees respond the way they do. He’s hoping to recoup these expenses and turn a sizeable profit when the house goes on the market for more than $2 million this spring.
Hall, an electrician and former real estate agent, says successful house flipping takes hard work, perseverance and a handful of simple rules. Thorough research could see you bag a bargain, which means reaping a bigger reward once the renovations are complete. A 90-day settlement will give you time to draft designs and organise trades well in advance of your start date.

And if you’re a leader who works with anyone who sells almost anything than you know that 4th quarter is crunch time! Make goals just for October through December and challenge employees to meet them, giving them something new and fresh to focus on.
What kinds of rewards can you share that are creative or special or holiday oriented that might tie in with the holidays or be more than what you might normally share? If you have Canadian customers, their Thanksgiving is on a different date than the one America celebrates (and no, it did not involve pilgrims and Indians). For example, if you give restaurant gift cards, share them in November so that employees can take family members to dinner over the holidays.
Whether you have family in or no family around or gifts to buy or no one you think deserves a gift, a tree, or a menorah, the general hustle and bustle of the holiday season creates more stress than much of the rest of year combined. Now is the time to celebrate a great year of contributions, great stories, learning points, or even great results and appreciate the team who helped you achieve them. How can you make this year end on such a high note that they’ll be renewed, refreshed, and eager to go at full speed again in January?
Hall made major improvements to the house, including a revamped al fresco dining area and new kitchen, at a total cost of $230,000. Select a small property as your first project with a view to buying a bigger one for your second.
But Hall recommends keeping a specific demographic in mind. A couple without children was the prime market for a one-bedroom property in Windsor, which he purchased for $475,000.
Always ask for a trade discount when you’re buying supplies, keep an eye out for sales and make the most of connections who can offer you wholesale prices.

If your fiscal year ends on that last day of December then you also know, now is the time to make up for any losses you’ve experienced earlier in the year and make the most of the busiest buying season of the year for many industries. If you have employees or customers who are Jewish, recognize that they may not relate to the feeling of setting up the Christmas tree and how you need Friday off to share that time with your family.
Recognize that stress often induces negative reactions and this may not be the time to be super strict on every behavioral expectation. As the guru of delivering Celebrity Customer Service, this may well be one of those elements that elevates the service level that your customers provide to those they lead! Monica Wofford is an internationally acclaimed leadership development expert who engages audiences and teaches them how to become better leaders. Adding a loft-style bedroom for guests or to use as a study helped fetch a sale price of $850,000.
There's something valuable for everyone." a€“Willard Scott, Noted NBC Radio and Television Personality A  "This book helps you get at not only the practical aspects of home buying and selling, but also the emotional side of what is usually the largest and most anxiety-riddled transactions of your lifetime.
Even if you aren’t in sales, however, 4th quarter or that last 3 months of the year, can have its own unique set of challenges, including how to keep the entire staff from mentally checking out from November 15th on.
So, here are 7 secrets you as the leader can employ to ensure a successful final quarter of the year. Lois Vitt has written a thought-provoking book that addresses both the technical and emotional aspects of home ownership." a€“Deborah Owens, Financial Commentator and author of Confident Investing and Nickel and Dime Your Way to Wealth.

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