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SALT LAKE CITY — It's like traveling the world and moving swiftly through time, while standing in one place. Leonardo curators call it an "unforgettable multisensory experience," and have tied in the telephone, X-ray photography, TV and everything in between.
One room is filled with clunky and intriguing artifacts, like early computers and cellphones. As to why the inventions were chosen, they're still important today and some even hit close to home. Young visitors can create the next invention with something that changed the world — Lego bricks, designed in 1958 by Ole Kirk Christianson of Denmark. After enjoying 101 Rocket City Inventions, make your way to the timeline of the inventions. In this part of the exhibit, you get to see all the inventions and learn about them through some pretty neat hands-on interactive displays.
The 101 Inventions that Changed the World Immersive Gallery is by far the coolest part of the exhibit.
You can still see the Leonardo Museum's unforgettable 101 Inventions That Changed the World exhibit, which features everything from the alphabet to the locomotive, before it ends on Sunday, Sept. Grande Exhibitions gathered a panel of experts from around the world to collaborate on a list of 101 inventions that have changed the way we go about our lives or have shaped the earth into what it is today. The display is shown with SENSORY4, a system that utilizes 40 different projectors, displaying high definition video and graphics, along with encapsulating sounds tying the audience to the display.
Originally developed as a navigation system by the United States military, the Global Positioning System uses a network of satellites around the Earth to pinpoint the exact position of a receiver anywhere on the planet.

These boring sets of black and white lines can now be found on almost every single item bought from a shop.
Food on the go has been around since the time of Ancient Greece, but convenience food really took off in the 1970s and transformed the way families ate meals, the high-street, the countryside and national health. Necessity is the mother of invention--from darkness, man found light (the candle) and from even the farthest distances we can still find each other (the telephone). Some were born from the humblest means while others push the limits of what was ever believed possible. Some are as old as the wheel and axle, which scientists give invention credit to the Mesopotamians. It’s about the inventions that changed the world in a big way, but it also explores how these inventions came to be and their effects on the world. Wondering what inventions made the cut?
Space and Rocket Center’s latest traveling exhibit, 101 Inventions that Changed the World. This will give you a good overview of all the highlighted inventions in chronological order. There are several displays and each one has different information so make sure to check out each one. If your husband is anything like mine, then you may need to watch him near the Legos and remind him to share with the actual children.
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Viewers can see the year the invention was created and who or what civilization invented it.

Interactive touch screens are also placed throughout the exhibit, allowing museum-goers to browse through the inventions on a more personal level as well as completing quizzes and puzzles. It enabled music fans to listen to their music while on the move without inflicting their choices on those around them.
At first glance, it seems hard to see how they possibly made any impact on the world, but they have fundamentally changed the way we shop. But some inventions have transformed our lives far beyond our homes (the steam engine), our planet (the telescope), and our wildest dreams (the Internet). In order for you to see this page as it is meant to appear, we ask that you please re-enable your Javascript! At OVE, Larkin handles multiple social accounts, teaches regular social media education classes, and consults with local businesses about how to maximize their social media efforts.
The story will also walk you through the reasons behind each invention and their effects on the world today. Some were born from the humblest means (the hammer) while others push the limits of what was ever believed possible (the airplane).
But regardless of the ratio of inspiration to perspiration, each invention to make the cut was destined to change our lives forever.

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