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Self esteem is about seeing your good qualities, being comfortable with your weaknesses and doing your best with what you have. If you average less than 7 hours of sleep each night, revise your schedule to meet this important need. Stop using the word “can’t.” It is the definition of powerlessness, because it states that you don’t have the ability to change or do something. Good changes might include commuting by walking or biking, cutting back on alcohol or cigarettes, getting up earlier, going to bed earlier, reducing time on the internet or a device, scheduling time for yourself or trying a new recipe each week. Try a short-term goal like exercising 5 times a week for a month or increasing your productivity at work in small increments. Whatever you do – stop criticising and punishing yourself – allow yourself to just be you and flow through life taking challenges as opportunities and relishing life’s sweet moments. I need to be proactive about this situation and ask for help or make  calls and be honest about my finances.
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People who don’t feel empowered may have low self-esteem, feel unmotivated to go after goals and stop working toward happiness in their lives.
Fulfilling these basic needs gives you the certainty you need to feel in control of your life.

If possible, walk or workout outside of the home where you will get some sun, nature and interaction with other people. If you already have close friends and family, take advantage of it and call them to get and give help. Try to find a way in which they improved an aspect of your life.  Accepting that life is full of mistakes and changes is part of being empowered. Replace it with “won’t” or “don’t want to” which show that you have a choice in how you interact with the world. Deep breathing and focusing on the present can clarify your thoughts and feel more control of your body and mind.
Working toward something is the culmination of self-empowerment, because you must feel as though your actions will help you achieve something. Giving back to your community through a charity or a community organization will help you realize the power you have to affect the people around you.
In order to take action on what is possible, we have to create a plan that includes many different goals. You can empower yourself through emotional and physical activities that get you more in touch with how you affect your environment. Uncertainty about the future is normal, and the ability to recover from mistakes and failures is essential for mental resilience and empowerment.

Start by crafting simple and reachable goals.  These are what are possible in the short-term. Squandering time with individuals who don’t regard you, comprehend you, or permit you to be YOU is a waste of your time and theirs.
As we reach the first goal, we should always have the next goal in mind.  Now think about the impossible?
When looking at what we’d really like to do with our lives, try imagining what we believe would not only stretch our abilities but cause us to grow in both knowledge, self-confidence, self-esteem and also strengthen our foundation.   First, do what is necessary, and then what is possible. Figuring out how to love the way you look has nothing to do with beginning an eating regimen or reshaping your eyebrows. In today’s busy world, his practices have enormous appeal, described in this inspiring work by John Michael Talbot, the founder of The Brothers and Sisters of Charity, a lay order based on the Franciscan principles of simplicity and self-sufficiency. Spiritual beauty brings new beginnings, fresh faith, and the hope of a beauty unique in the universe.

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