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By David HamiltonMeditation is a simple practice, but can be a very confusing subject to learn about, especially for beginners.
I’m going to boil it down to a very simple yet powerful meditation that you can do to help you become more aware and present in your life, right now. You can count to 6 for inhale and count to 6 for the exhale if you are having trouble deepening your breaths.
You can focus on any point of breath in your body – your belly, your chest or the breath moving in and out of your nose.

It is when we get lost in thought that we get caught up in a mind story, usually a negative one, that suffering ensues and life becomes a miserable struggle i.e. Tuning into our breath is one of the most powerful ways to build awareness, detach from thought and bring vitality and relaxation back into our lives. By shifting our relationship with our thoughts and feelings, not trying to find ways how to control your emotions and thoughts, the content of them doesn’t matter nearly as much, and we can learn to be present and live the lives we want to, by choice, in spite of what we are thinking or feeling. Read previous post:On Quantum Spirituality: How Are Quantum Physics And God Related?Ever since What The Bleep Do We Know?!

It allows us to live more deeply and intuitively, from a place of deeper knowing and well-being.

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