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Just the mention of standardized testing causes major anxiety for both students and teachers. Include motivational rewards.  Since my class is the Test Prep Troops, I give a special ration at the end of each session.
As a first-time competitor, I thought scanning the pictures on the Internet and reading federation articles would prepare me. Now, I don't believe that you have to pay someone thousands of dollars in order for the judges to notice you.
You may have a good idea about how to eat and train, but it's always a good idea to check with someone who's more experienced. Some folks complain so much about competing that you would think they were told to do it at gunpoint. Your body can look great, but you also need to be able to perform and show your absolute best with hundreds of people in front of you and hot stage lights shining in your eyes.
We set out to answer this question with one of our first crowd-sourced Citizen Science projects. Beyond Words: Although there are some amazing books about the verbal patterns, strategies and rhetoric in TED talks, very few focus on the body language patterns. Previous Research: We based our experiment on peer-reviewed academic research on nonverbal patterns.
TED is a non-profit that posts videos of the best speakers in the world presenting on a variety of fascinating topics. While Wicker-Muirin gets a respectable 609,366 views, Sinek’s talk gets a mind-boggling 20,929,959 views! Both talks were published the same month (September 2009) which means they had the same amount of time to garner views. These results surprised us. The most pleasant surprise was that these tips are extremely easy to implement for everyone in daily life. TED talkers spend so much time and energy on what to say–the words, the script, the bullets.
This means we rate someone’s charisma, credibility and intelligence based on nonverbal signals. Once we realized the importance of the TED speaker’s body language, we decided to look for specific nonverbal patterns that the top TED talks had different from the bottom TED talks. The bottom TED talks had an average of 124,000 views and used an average of 272 hand gestures during the 18 minute talk. I hope this research has shed some light on what makes someone charismatic and how you can improve your own stage presence. Participants were asked to rate TED talks on a scale of 1 to 5 (1 being low, 5 being high). Previous research by Nalini Ambady suggested that we decide if we like someone in less than 7 seconds.
Once we saw these surprising results’ role in (see #1 above) we wondered if the verbal content or nonverbal presentation of the content had anything to do with the success of the TED talk.
Our research suggests that we decide if we like the TED talk in the first 7 seconds–and it has very little, if nothing to do with the words. Finally, we started to look for nonverbal patterns between the videos that ranked high in charisma, credibility and intelligence. Credibility: Speakers who rated high in credibility had higher vocal variety and longer smiling. Intelligence: Smiling was the most important factor for intelligence ratings (More than 14 seconds of smiling seemed to be the tipping point for higher ratings in intelligence).
People in casual clothing typically rated lower than people in business or business casual.
Women who wore business clothing got higher ratings compared to men in business clothing (not casual or business casual). Thank you to all of the amazing Science of People friends who voted, watched and rated these videos. Thank you to TED for bringing together the best speakers in the world and sharing the knowledge with all of us. Thank you to all of the TED speakers for speaking out, sharing your voice and letting us learn from you.
Before I start test prep, I select the strategies I want to teach and the order in which to teach them.  Since my second grade students are new test takers, I start with Bubbling Basics and have them practice making neat, bubbled answers on a bubble sheet. Students will teach Tina new strategies and record them on her scales; by the time Tina takes the test, her scales will be covered with strategies.

In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. This spring, thousands of bikini, figure, fitness, physique, and bodybuilding competitors will have finished their prep. Maybe you've been hitting the gym every day and surfing the web for fitness inspiration and news.
Before you make the decision to compete, I want to share five truths that you absolutely must know. Whether you hire a coach, join a team, or ask an experienced friend, get feedback from someone who has been in the trenches.
Yes, there will be birthday parties at which you won't be able to have a piece of chocolate cake.
I had always spent the time in the gym, but I never took the time to do much practice in those clear heels in front of my mirror. Don't sign up just because someone says, "Oh my gosh, you should totally do a show!" Your decision and your motivation must come from within.
We are your personal trainer, your nutritionist,your supplement expert, your lifting partner, your support group. Why do some TED talks rack up millions of views, change lives and are talked about everywhere?
Over the last year, we had 760 volunteers rate hundreds of hours of TED talks looking for patterns. Instead of one researcher coding and looking for patterns, we had hundreds of participants rating and analyzing the talks. And we quickly found out that the nonverbal is even more important than the verbal (see #1 below).
In this way, we know our results have a solid foundation in respected scientific trials (see citation list below).
We also worked with the amazing Data Scientist, Brandon Vaughn, to make sure our results were solid (see his bio below).
We are talking about how to increase your charisma, presence and the personal power from a stage, in board rooms and when interacting with people. This is surprising–we want people to focus on our words, but this experiment is no different from previous research. There was a direct correlation between the number of views on a TED talk and the number of hand gestures.
The top TED talks had an average of 7,360,000 views and used an average of 465 hand gestures—that’s almost double! Also, when someone uses their hands to explain a concept, we have an easier time understanding them. We had our evaluators rate the TED speakers on vocal variety, or the amount of fluctuation in their voice tone, volume and pitch. When you are practicing giving your elevator pitch or your next presentation, try saying your words at least 5 different ways. According to our ratings, people had already made their first impression and decision about the entire talk in the first 7 seconds of the video.
Whether you are going to deliver the next top TED Talk or you just want to make an impact in your daily life, take these 5 easy cues and make them your own. We wanted to know if there was a difference for people who watched an entire 18 minute talk versus people who watched just the first 7 seconds. This time we had one group watch and rate the first 7 seconds of a TED talk and a second group watch and rate the first 7 seconds of a TED talk on MUTE! We felt since the results of Part I and II pointed us in the direction of nonverbal, that’s where we would focus. The most popular TED Talks rated 43% higher in charisma compared to less popular TED Talks. She figures out the science of what makes people tick at her human behavior research lab, the Science of People. While moonlighting with us, he spends his days working with data at Apple and running his podcast, First Things.
She is a Huffington Post columnist and her courses and research has been featured on CNN, Forbes, Business Week and the Wall Street Journal.
I decorate the classroom with camouflage flair including a special sign on door and camouflage test prep bulletin board that displays learned test taking strategies. Their moment in the stage lights will have arrived, and they'll be ready to showcase months of hard work, planning, and dedication.

The same goes for your hair, makeup, and tan: You can always do these things yourself, but having some help can take a load of stress off your shoulders. Before you yak on social media about how much you hate tilapia and spinach, remind yourself that anything worth achieving won't be easy. And there will be some mornings where everyone else will be sleeping while you're grinding it out in the gym. Sometimes the girl that takes first place may not have the best absa€”she just paid more attention to detail. Make the decision to train consistently, eat like a competitor, and then follow it through! We provide the technology, tools, andproducts you need to burn fat, build muscle, and become your best self.
We found that there was no difference in ratings between people who watched talks on mute and people who watched talks with sound. By the way, Temple Grandin, Simon Sinek and Jane McGonigal topped the hand gesture charts with over 600 hand gestures in just 18 minutes. Speakers who use hand gestures are speaking to their audience on 2 levels–verbally and nonverbally. Practice putting emphasis on different words, slowing and speeding up your pace and varying your volume on important points.
Additionally, most of the previous research has been done on the verbal side of TED talks, but very little on the nonverbal side.
It would be wonderful to compare these results to different years and see if that changes results.
As a geeky, modern-day Dale Carnegie, her innovative work has been featured on NPR, Business Week and CNN.
The impact of teacher immediacy, teacher affinity-seeking, and teacher misbehaviors on student-perceived teacher credibility. As a published Penguin author, Vanessa regularly speaks and appears in the media to talk about her research. We play Simon Says and other games that focus on following directions to practice this skill. The quality of your hair, makeup, and tan also make a big difference in how you place, so don't leave them up to chance! This will ensure that the judges are focused on your presentation, not on how uncomfortable you look!
Your goals for competition day should be to meet new people, have a blast, eat a killer cheat meal after the show, and just be proud of what you've accomplished.
However, in our research we found that the longer a TED speaker smiled, the higher their perceived intelligence ratings were. The effect of teacher nonverbal immediacy and credibility on student motivation and affective learning. Specifically, vocal variety increased the speakers’ charisma and credibility ratings. Those who smiled at least 14 seconds were rated as higher in intelligence than those who smiled for less. So yes, think about your opening line, but also think about how you take the stage, how you acknowledge the audience and how you deliver your first line.
What we perceive to be important about public speaking, charisma and presence and what is actually important might differ more than we think.
The interrelationship of student ratings of instructors’ immediacy, verbal aggressiveness, homophily, and interpersonal attraction. Be a Determined Detective and The Key is in the Question are perfect strategies to teach during reading comprehension practice passages.
In other words, speakers who told stories, ad libbed and even yelled at the audience like Jamie Oliver in his TED talk, captivated the audience’s imagination and attention. I post the strategies in a prominent place in the classroom and refer to them during test prep time. But even when TED Talkers were speaking about a serious topic, like Sheryl Sandberg’s talk on women leaders, smiling still helped her intelligence ratings.

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