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The D-type, introduced in 1954, was essentially an up-rated C-type with a more powerful engine plus an improved chassis and more aerodynamic body. Although it had no official name but names like C-Type Mk II and D-Type were rumoured, the latter stuck. Jaguar E-Type certainly did justice to the Jaguar name – its streamlined, sleek body, both feline and predatory truly resembled the big cat the company was named after.
One of the many legends the creation of Jaguar E-Type has gathered over the years concerns Sayer himself. Jaguar E-Type was lightweight, fast sports car with the legendary XK engine, 256 horsepower with a top speed of 150 mph and 60 mph acceleration in less than seven seconds. 1940 1942 1943 1944 1945 airshows aviation art history miscellaneous people Reference Spitfire Mk.

Supermarine Type 224 The sole prototype K2890 Eastleigh, 1934 On February 19, 1934 at Eastleigh the Supermarine Type 224 flew.
Lessons gained through the development of Type 224 lead to Mitchell’s conviction that a much more advanced design would be required for future fighters. Jaguar E-Type looked as it came from the future or, at least, some exotic place where industrial design was indistinguishable from pure art. Much of this, however, goes to the credit of aircraft industry, as Malcolm Sayer, the chief designer of the E-Type originally came from Bristol Aeroplane Company and applied his experience and knowledge of aeronautics to the Jaguar cars he designed. Allegedly, he kept his work secret, never discussed his attitude towards work or art, or, in fact, anything else. Powered by 600 hp Rolls-Royce Goshawk II engine with an innovative evaporative cooling system.
Looking more beautiful than any car ever produced up to that point, significantly cheaper than a Ferrari or an Aston Martin of the same class, boastings specifications at least equal to, if nor better, than other sports cars at the time, the Jaguar E-Type became an icon of the 1960s and set the standard for the sports car to come in the following decades.

According to the story, Sayer’s working process was close to alchemy, as he would always work alone, usually crunching complex equations and mathematical problems before coming with the strange, curved car body designs. Reportedly, he learned the principles of aerodynamics from a German teacher he met in Baghdad after the WWII. While the story is most probably an urban legend, it also illustrates the impact of Jaguar E-Type.
The Air Ministry contract went to the Gladiator from the Gloster Aircraft Company, which was to become the RAF’s last biplane fighter.

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