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Today is Eartha Kitt's 80th birthday and she's still going strong!  I had the pleasure of interviewing Ms.
Update: If you have trouble hearing the audio in the beginning due to the blow-dryer, here is a mini-transcript. Dickey with Estelle, Erica Reid, business partner Kara Young and Kelis at the grand opening party for the Hair Rules salon during fashion week. In part two, (later this week) I will do a follow-up to the story I did last year with Dickey and my sister Charrell.
Coquette spots the techy side of fashion at Hussein Chalayan's Paris Fall 2008 Fashion Show. Stylehive gets an exclusive interview with Project Runway's fierce designer, Christian Siriano.

Now, how did I miss this?Erykah Badu is set to become the face of Tom Ford's forthcoming fragrance.
Watch Najwa's video below to hear the name of the fragrance - and Erykah's answers about her style choices and fashion icons.
What did your sister use on her hair before the Dickey products, as I like the way her hair looked in that picture also. Sara Herbert-Galloway in her Spa Capsule.  You would smile too if this was in your house! Both have nice figures and were Pretty, but I chose Dorothy she was a more natural beauty, like everyone said.. Kitt uses the following products.  But I am suggesting that they are fabulous enough for her! I just read it in the New York Times profile on Erykah, The Mind of a One-Woman Multitude (very entertaining), but apparently it was reported first at Vogue UK.

I have a claustrophobic friend who refuses to get in a car smaller than limousine - with the windows open - because of the phobia.
Don't get me wrong Marilyn was beautiful too but i think Dorothy was yes naturally beautiful!
She knew that she was not a great singer, (check her out on iTunes to hear for yourself) but she also knew that singing in nightclubs was the only consistent way she could keep a foothold in Hollywood in between acting jobs, which were always years apart. The blow-drying?Dickey: This is elongating her curl pattern so that it stays stretched out over the days.

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