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The Throat Chakra color is turquoise or aqua, with the secondary color as shades of light blue. Chakra Gemstones such as turquoise, fluorite, blue opal, blue topaz, or blue lace agate aid in Throat chakra balance. The essential oils and flower essences used to balance the Throat Chakra are sage, lemongrass, cosmos, larch, blue chamomile, trumpet vine, geranium and hyssop. Foods to fuel the Vishuddha are liquids; water, fruit juice, and herb teas, plus tart fruit such as lemon, lime, grapefruit, or kiwi, and tree grown fruits such as apples, pears, peaches, apricots, and plums.
The 5th Chakra balancing program includes a 9 page eBook with complete information all about the Chakras.
The fifth chakra is the center of communication, so there’s a powerful desire to talk about what you are experiencing. Included in this developmental area is the urge to make significant contributions, and the need to develop independent and original expressions of value beyond the range of personal recognition, and gratifications. This chakra, which is associated with the vijnanamaya kosha, initiates mental development, and is the center responsible for our capacity to receive thought vibrations from other people.
It can act like a transistor radio, allowing one to tell into the thoughts of those who are both close by, and far away.
The challenge of the throat center is to redirect the energies of the sacral center onto the higher vibratory level; personal work, and expression becomes transpersonal building and creatorship. In the yogic texts it is stated that with the awakening of this center, all diseased states can be reversed, and even an old man can become young. We created this community so that teachers, healers and other holistic therapists could promote their knowledge and services to those seeking healthier and more effective ways of living.

Also known as the Vishuddha, this Chakra rules self expression and speaking one’s truth, the written word, poetry, faith, and will power.
A pretty turquoise necklace might be just the thing to open up your channels of communication! Take 27 minutes with a pair of headphones and our Alpha Level Binaural Beats to freely speak your Truth. Our automatic download system will redirect you immediately to a download page, and also send you an e-mail with download instructions. You can download it for just $2.95, includes a 9 page eBook with complete information all about the Chakras. With more than eighteen years of success in the helping professions, I can express this lifelong conviction with confidence. The throat chakra is the organic, and esoteric center corresponding with the thyroid gland. The resonant throat chakra begins to form a resilient bond between the physical vehicle, and the body of the conscious mind. The challenge of the throat center is to master the relationship between thought, and form, between mind, and matter, and assume responsibility for both content, and manifestation of the mind.
This is because the nectar from bindu is such a powerful, and concentrated form of prana, it is actually the source of life. On the flip side, the need to criticize, a lack of authority, and indecisiveness reflect an imbalance of the Throat Chakra. This Chakra balancing program features Tibetan Singing Bowls attuned to the frequencies of the throat Chakra, and the Binaural Beats use a Solfeggio frequency of 741 Hz.

I studied for my Bachelor of Arts degree at Arizona State University, and went on to recieve an honorary doctorate for lifetime achievements and contributions in the fields of metaphysics and spiritual counseling from Universal Life. It is the psychological center for the evolution of creative focus, self discipline, initiative, and responsibility.
The ability to neutralize poison, both internally or externally, is one of the powers associated with vishuddhi. When vishuddhi is purified the sense of hearing becomes very sharp, not only through the ears, but through the mind. Information stored in the Vishuddha includes truth and self knowledge, your attitudes, and the physical senses of taste, smell and hearing. At this level all the poisonous and negative experiences of life can be absorbed and transformed into a state of bliss.
Throat Chakra imbalance may be experienced as poor self expression, habitual lying, learning disabilities, doubt, fear, and uncertainty.
This deeply relaxing sound healing meditation will not only help balance your Fifth Chakra, it will also balance your mind and spirit to the frequencies of the planet Earth.

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