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October 3, 2015 by Katie   Guided meditations are a really powerful way to relax and de-stress from your day.
October 2, 2015 by Katie   “The grandest seduction of all is the myth that DOING EVERYTHING BETTER gets us where we want to be.
October 1, 2015 by Katie   Being a calm person can help you navigate the difficult times in your life with ease and grace and handle situations with more patience and forgiveness. Want to Learn How I Overcame My Depression?Sign up for our free email series, and I'll share the tips I used in my own life to go from depressed to happy and in love with my life. I’m saying that as someone who was once highly cynical of meditation, to one who now depends on meditation for health and wellness.
I hope these practices open your mind and heart to the wonderful comfort and healing potential of guided meditation. While I don't publish all comments, I welcome and appreciate your feedback and participation. Share This: This book is a genuine comfort, and it provides proactive information for those trying to heal from the trauma of childhood sexual abuse.
More than ever we are in need of integrating activities into our lives that bring us to a state of balance and peace.
Meditation is a focused mental activity that is proven to bring us to a state of balance where we can deeply relax and lead more joyful and productive lives. These guided meditations are unique because they teach you how to bring yourself into a state of physical, mental-emotional and energetic balance. My background as a physical therapist, healing energy practitioner, yoga therapist and belly dance teacher has inspired me to create a multi-sensory experience through guided meditation.
Try any one or a few of the following tracks daily and notice how they enhance the quality of your life.
If you have a hard time BEing present in the moment and feel distracted by your thoughts throughout your day that take you away from really enjoying what is, this meditation is great for you. Does fear or other negative emotions such as guilt, shame, worry or anxiety hold you back from living your life with ease, joy and happiness?
Do you want to move forward in your life but sometimes feel small and as though certain goals are not achievable?
Soul Connector Michelle Alva, Holistic Physical Therapist and Intuitive Healer, is a woman on a mission to uplift our world and remind us of our essential nature, that we ARE love. Michelle creates a sacred space where clients learn how to easily and effectively release and process old repressed physical and emotional traumas and tensions.
Michelle's passion is expressing her mission through videos, writings, her blog, one-on-one emotional release bodywork session, retreats and professional speaking. I wanted to start this group, to help share with the others the healing, restorative and transformational properties of meditation that I've realized in my own life. This meditation group meets every thursday at 8:30 pm and there is a $10 fee for this class. I'd love the opportunity to meet with you and explore how meditation can help expand your awareness and improve your life.
Meditation is an ancient and powerful tool that helps bring a sense of calm, balance, peace and joy to life. Meditation creates a a€?hypo metabolic statea€? where the body slows its metabolic rate to such an extent that the cells actually need less oxygen because they are not working as hard. Your organizer's refund policy for Meditation and daily life - guided meditations and practical Buddhist teaching. MARC also offers an ongoing free series of drop-in meditations Monday-Thursday at several campus locations, including one at Santa Monica-UCLA Medical Center and a session in Spanish at the Semel Institute. Being a calm person is not necessarily how you’re born but how you train yourself to be. It seems like things are going pretty well in your life (or at least there aren’t any noticeable bumps in the road), but still, you feel a little anxious all the time. They have the immense capacity to transform your mind and body from frazzled and overwhelmed, to calm, stable and serene.

Just consider this a grand act of self-compassion on your part that allows you to calm yourself. All you need do is follow the voice, breathe as comfortably as you can, and allow yourself to fall gently into the rhythm of the process.
Meditation is a subjective experience that depends on subtleties ranging from audio or music quality and the person’s voice, to the length of the video and the message it delivers. Breathing Meditation This one is important and effective, especially during bouts of high anxiety. Progressive Muscle Relaxation (# 2:) Less noisy, more spiritual, featuring calmer music than the one above.
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In his writing and seminars, he conveys a simple yet profound message with the timeless and uncomplicated clarity of the ancient spiritual masters: There is a way out of suffering and into peace. Our modern life has caused us to experience an epidemic of burn out, chronic fatigue and stress related illnesses.
They teach you how to process and release stored emotions, physical an chronic stress and pain, and how to tap into the neurohormone of love, healing and connection. If you feel you have difficulty feeling or sensing what is the right decision for you, this is also a great exercise.
Learn how to clear emotional blockages and feel refreshed and rejuvenated after listening to this guided meditation. This guided meditation empowers you to reach new heights and step out of your comfort zone with a renewed sense of confidence. She does this by integrating her over 20 year background sharing an approach that unites modern science with ancient wisdom and includes yoga therapy, belly dance, massage, emotional release bodywork, PSYCH-K®, Therapeutic Touch® and Sound Therapy.
She intuitively guides us through a process that leaves us feeling lighter, connected, fully alive and aligned to your true, authentic essence! She is a catalyst for individuals to heal, de-stress, energize and align with their authentic self.
These meditations are intuitively inspired and are always uniquely different and fulfilling. Meditation consists of sitting in stillness and, among other things, quieting the mind or focusing on a visualization to bring positive results. It is the most direct of all stress management training exercises, since stress begins in the mind. Accept this as a reality, and just return to the guide’s voice and instructions as often during the recording as you can.
Spoken word guidance with relaxing nature sounds and music brings us to a state of calm alertness so we may lead a healthier life.
This meditation brings you clarity of mind and a heightened self-awareness that makes decision-making much easier with practice. Wipe out what’s holding you back from listening to this guided meditation at least once per day. This is a great meditation for those who are going through a major life transition such as a separation, divorce, heart ache, move or seeking a major life change in the direction of success! Explore your inner state and assess how much your inner self-relationship is affecting your outer world and relationships.
Michelle has created a “life fulfillment enhancement program” for women to embrace and embody their wholeness called Sexy, Sacred Sensual You. Some of the benefits derived from its practice, especially a consistent practice, include a decrease in blood pressure and heart rate as the heart works more efficiently. The benefits and influence on the stream of thoughts become apparent in as little as five minutes of commencing meditation and a consistent program often consists of 20 minutes or more daily bringing even more benefits. Includes guided and silent meditations, teachings, and discussion, with Resident Teacher Carol Lutker. A body scan reminds the listener that most of us are ruled by outer obsessions and ruminations.

Following 6 Guided Meditations by ECKHART TOLLE will uplift every spiritual seekers consciousness. Feel how special you are in every cell of your being and celebrate the authentic you with this beautiful self-nurturing meditation.
The respiratory rate decreases and lactic acid, a waste product of muscle contraction is decreased as well as the accumulation of carbon dioxide.
In actuality, the purpose of practicing physical (Hatha) Yoga (asanas or postures) is to prepare the physical body to maintain stillness and to handle the energy that comes in and through the body during meditation.
If you’re feeling dark, afraid, and need some gentle spiritual guidance and lovely calming sounds (trickling water, crackling fire) this one fits the bill. The body scan is an act of meaningful self-compassion (listening to the body) that can trickle over productively into your everyday life.
If you feel stuck or off balance, this guided meditation teaches you how to release and let go so you can live the life you truly desire. This is a great meditation for mothers, teachers, caregivers and people who tend to over-extend themselves and have a difficult time receiving.  Strengthen your ability to give more to yourself so you can give more to others with this guided meditation. Cholesterol levels fall and biochemical production changes as natural pain-killers, endorphins and enkephalins, increase along with the neurotransmitter serotonin.
Meditation is a part of Yoga and is included during some of the Yoga classes at our Center.
This is an excellent meditation if you crave some physicality and movement to calm yourself down.
Fill yourself up with the power of love while also experiencing the healing benefits of gratitude and appreciation for who you are. Feel connected to your flow and learn how to enhance your flow so that you can accomplish your tasks today with more ease! Guided Meditations To BE The Love We Wish To See In The World" to create a new mindset for each one of us to BE an embodiment of uplifting change on our planet. Psychological testing shows improved performance with decreased anxiety, depression and hostility, along with an increased sense of wellbeing.
Meditation brings an increase in mental and emotional health and an improvement in concentration and focus. Communication improves between the right and left hemispheres of the brain and this integrated thinking enhances creativity. Additionally, there are other health benefits from meditation such as improved immune system function, a more relaxed approach to life situations and improved relationships. It is practiced by CEOs of companies, professional sports players, Olympic competitors, retreat facilitators, many celebrities including actors and actresses and is used by those recovering from addiction and quitting smoking, migraine sufferers, cancer patients, women with menopausal symptoms and those wanting balance in their lives. This shows the correct method of diaphragmatic breathing, which increases the amount of oxygen that goes into your lungs.Beyond that, this meditation does a nice job of guiding you through imagery to stillness. You are then given about 10 minutes without a guiding voice to allow you to float in silence.
This has the effect of shifting your mindset to be more positive.The progressive scanning up the body after feeling a connection with the Earth is pretty sweet. It also can be considered the space between sleep and being awake.This video combines the binaural tones with contemplative questions (written on the screen).
Big questions are asked, some without an answer: “Who are you?”The binaural tones combined with the contemplation can lead to profound insights.
Especially if you’re at a crossroads with a job, relationships, or direction at work.I recommend this for those who tend to be contemplative or just want to experiment with binaural meditation.
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