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Enter your mobile number or email address below and we'll send you a link to download the free Kindle App. Take your team to a championship level with the best coaching, team building, and mental toughness ideas used by sport's best coaches.
As a health coach, you are passionate about helping people change their lives for the better.
Take some time to write down your income goals for the next 6-12 months, and what actions you will take to get there.
Let me ask you this – If you had a new client sign up with you today, would you feel ready to coach them, or would you be freaking out a little after you did your happy dance? If you have a fantastic program all laid out and ready to go (that you can also use for online coaching), then fantastic! If the idea of ‘marketing’ makes you want to go hide under a rock somewhere, reframe it to ‘sharing your message with the people you want to help’.
The wellness professionals that have successful businesses are consistently marketing their business to the right people. A free offer on your website to grow your email list and stay in touch with your subscribers. Send high-value content to your email subscribers on a regular basis to build the “know, like, trust” factor. Get in front of the people you want to help – live workshops, networking, webinars, finding referral partners, joint ventures, etc. Start a Youtube channel and create short videos (3-5 minutes) that your audience will find valuable.
When you know what your goals are and you have a good plan in place, you’ll have an easier time putting your blinders on.
If you want to have a successful business (and not lose your mind in the process), you can’t do it all.
When you go from asking the question “Can I build a successful business?” to “What can I do to build a successful business?” your outlook and mindset are likely to change.
Remember, success leaves clues, so commit to learning from the best in the industry, surround yourself with like-minded people, and put your plans in motion. To be a successful health coach (or to succeed in ANY business) you’ll need to get help and support where you need it, learn the right systems to put into place to build your practice, and invest in your business where applicable.
BONUS TIP:  Be sure to connect with other like-minded people that share similar goals so you can get ideas, inspiration and support. Join our awesome private Facebook group here for certified health and fitness professionals.

The content alone is great, but the value triples from the support you provide to us in the private group and the monthly conference calls.
Then you can start reading Kindle books on your smartphone, tablet, or computer - no Kindle device required. The Seven Secrets of Successful Coaches reveals the success secrets of sport's most successful and respected coaches including Mike Krzyzewski, Pat Summitt, Mike Candrea, Mary Wise, and Roy WIlliams.
If your short-term income goal is $2,000 a month from health coaching, your plan may look different than if your income goal is $5,000 or more per month. I did all of my coaching either via phone or online, and this allowed me the most flexibility with my schedule. You will feel more confident and ready when you know your coaching program is exactly what you and your clients need.
If you don’t have a transformative coaching program in place yet, and you’re not sure how to put one together (or you’re wondering how you are ever going to find the time to create one), you can check out this done-for-you health coaching program HERE. People can’t find you if they don’t know about you, which is exactly why you need to market your business. Promote your free offer on a regular basis (several times a week on your different social media platforms, and explore the option of using Facebook ads for promoting your free offer).
Sharing helpful hacks and information that your target audience would love (maybe yummy recipes from time to time too) is perfect.
Post your awesome videos on social media and occasionally share your videos with your email subscribers. Just pick one or two strategies to focus on at a time, and then add more as you have others put into place. It will probably take at least a year to see growth in your business; it doesn’t happen overnight.
This way, when you have programs and promotions to share, you’ll have a warm market that are more likely to invest in what you have to offer. Posting at least twice per day on at least one platform is a great way to maintain consistency. One question to ask yourself is “Will this help me reach my goals right now?” If the answer is “No”, then move along.
What I have found to work best for me is when I have an idea, I write it down, and then ask myself if this idea fits into my plan right now. Free resources are fine to start out with, but decide where you need to invest in your business.
If you are spending most of your time ‘in the trenches’ of your business, you are missing out on the things that can have the biggest impact on your bottom line.

Who can you look to as a role model to get inspiration, and actionable steps to implement in your own practice? This is a no-sales zone, so feel free to join us if you want a great place to connect and build your business.
This book is the ideal professional development resource for young and experienced coaches alike.
I see many health coaches that feel completely overwhelmed about what to do to build their practice. I made it a goal to learn as much as I possibly could so I could implement the strategies that would have the biggest impact on my business. This is one way to add credibility and attract people to your tribe so they can get to know you. It’s a challenge to stay the course when you are being pulled in a million different directions. Many ADs get copies for their coaching staff as a practical tool for discussion and professional development. Be sue to include a call to action (for a free offer you have, or other action you want them to take). I started my first Facebook group back in 2010, and that was how I gained my first few clients (for both 1-on-1 coaching and online coaching). If you want to automate your social media posts, you can schedule them ahead of time (Hootsuite or MeetEdgar are two good choices to consider for this).
Providing valuable information on your blog is a great way to maintain consistency and showcase your expertise. Could you achieve half of that amount with 1-on-1 coaching and half with online coaching perhaps? You can turn one blog post into several social media posts, so you can get a lot of mileage out of one piece of content. You can also use your blog posts as inspiration for your weekly emails to your subscribers.

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