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In a world where more than 30 million people work from home at least one day a week, the virtual workforce is rapidly becoming the rule, rather than the exception.
Of course, working with people who may be a city, state, time zone or country away can be tricky, but with a few simple tips, a little patience and a steaming mug of caffeinated goodness, you can probably get more done at home than at the office. Identify roles and responsibilitiesa€”Whether youa€™re working virtually or in the same office, if your team doesna€™t know whoa€™s responsible for whata€”and whena€”chaos ensues. Instant messaginga€”Find an instant messaging service that works across devices, including laptops, desktops, tablets and mobiles. Collaborative softwarea€”This may be an obvious suggestion, but ita€™s surprising how many organizations lack software that makes real-time collaboration on documents possible.
Virtual meetingsa€”When you need to get the team together and bring everyone up to speed on a project, idea or development, use a meeting service that allows for screen sharing. Be accountablea€”Whether you are running the project or just have a role in completing it, when youa€™re collaborating online ita€™s important for your team to know what youa€™re working on and that youa€™re on track for an on-time delivery.
Be yourself, but reconsider sarcasma€”Behaving like a task master or corporate drone will only get you so far before your colleagues start avoiding your emails and IMs. The right online collaboration tools, the right attitude and a killer collection of comfy clothes make working remotely a dream. Our training courses are designed to help early childhood professionals complete annual training requirements and acquire required training hours for those seeking a Child Development Associate (CDA) credential, CDA credential renewal or in-service training.
There are juice cleanses, liver cleanses, elimination cleanses…or maybe you just want to follow the best cleanse for after binging. No matter what cleanse you are attempting, it’s difficult to complete a cleanse without some discomfort. Tart cherry juice was first brought to my attention by a friend who was using it to help her eight-year-old daughter get to sleep and stay asleep. The second problem is if you mix it with a quantity of water or juice, drinking it right before bedtime may mean a middle of the night trip to the restroom. Turning the tart cherry juice into a tasty gummy treat helps makes for a sweet treat that eliminates extra liquids at bedtime! You can slowly build up to a larger portion if you are finding the one tablespoon isn’t sufficient. If you find the gummies are still too tart for your taste, try drizzling it with a bit of honey. I’ve found the tart cherry juice sleep gummies are the perfect before bedtime treat that actually help me sleep.
Before you resort to separate rooms, I’ve got some suggestions that are working in our home. Skip the Nightcap – If you enjoy an alcoholic beverage before bedtime, the alcohol may be the source of your snoring. If you suspect alcohol may be the culprit, it is easy to eliminate it for several nights to see if the snoring improves. By shedding a few pounds, you could eliminate the source of your snoring and you’ll improve your overall health as well. Sleep with a Humidifier – Your snoring may be caused by allergies and nasal congestion.
Sleeping with a humidifier can help alleviate the dry air that is contributing to your snoring.
Eucalyptus Essential Oil – Eucalyptus essential oil is known to help open up airways. Use several drops and set your diffuser to run all night, or to it’s longest setting.
Natural Throat Spray – This highly rated spray may be exactly what you need to eliminate snoring.
Sew a Tennis Ball into a T-Shirt – Snoring tends to occur when people sleep on their back.
If you find yourself waking up to roll over the snorer, you could try taking an old t-shirt and sewing a tennis ball into the back. Every time the snorer rolls onto their back, the discomfort of the tennis ball forces them to roll over. The only way to truly test the benefits of drinking lemon water is to actually try it and see the results for yourself. This drink is meant to flush the kidneys and stimulate your digestive system so it is ready to metabolize breakfast. Whatever your morning habit is, our goal is to make a glass of warm lemon water our new normal. Then grab your bag of lemons (preferably organic since the lemon will be dropped into the water) and get started!
On the last day of the month, I will randomly pick someone who has used the hashtag to win a bottle of lemon essential oil. It might seem trendy, but the practice of drinking lemon water has been around a long, long time.
Because adding a glass of lemon water to your morning routine has some amazing health benefits. I didn’t discover that I had excess lipase activity until my daughter was 5 months old.
An explanation of excess lipase activity that you don’t need a medical degree to understand. Every breastfeeding mother who choses to pump should test their milk for excess lipase activity. Rebekah Hoffer blogs at Simply Rebekah where she shares parenting advice from the perspective of a mom who knows she isn’t perfect. Many people like to breathe the steam as the pot simmers but be careful not to burn yourself.
Try diluting 4 to 5 drops of peppermint essential oil in a carrier base such as avocado oil. While not overly strong, chewing on almonds is said to relieve a headache naturally and without risk.
Ironically, almonds are also thought to be a trigger for some folks that suffer from migraines so keep that in mind if you are considering it as an option. Yoga is a wonderful way to relieve a headache and is often the quickest working natural cure.
The best thing about yoga is that you can do it pretty much anywhere and get immediate results. Although some of the poses are not good for the workplace, you can do some basic things sitting in a chair such as stretching and meditation. Learn some yoga and you will find that it is good for much more than just relieving a headache naturally! This is something that takes a bit of practice, but once you master it you will be able to battle any type of pain you might experience naturally. This is super helpful as I have been trying to potty train my twin nephews and it hasn’t gone over so well! Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
I was pretty chuffed with his comment, I must say.  And I don’t mean to brag, but I really do get a lot done. I have a wholesale and a retail arm to our business, which means twice the amount of planning, social media management, email marketing campaigns, SEO, PPC, copywriting and blogging, etc needs to get done.
Let’s add to that the fact I have 20 staff spread across two offices which are 2,000 miles apart. What’s more, we’ve doubled our business year on year for the last four years running now when most in our industry would be doing joyful backflips if they got even a 20% increase. Here’s my top 7 secrets that will help you achieve mind-blowing results in your personal growth, daily productivity, sales growth, marketing and profits. Fast decisions can work against me sometimes, but in most cases, making swift decisions on the fly works in my favour. I really love the fact that in small business we have the luxury of being able to assess and test new products on emerging markets so quickly; far quicker than larger corporations can. So make decisions swiftly then act: Plan, create, execute, measure and assess then keep moving as fast as you can onto the next thing. In all honesty, the idea of detailed annual planning is quite new to me but in my short time of doing it, I can already see it’s worth its weight in gold. I work out the most important things in our business that are going to generate leads and bring in more revenue. Then I list all the things that we need to do in order to deliver on our promise, they’re the small pebbles.
Lastly, I plan out and book out all my yearly holidays, hair appointments, massages, family time, catching up with friends, yoga, exercise and everything else that I do on a regular basis. Also, as a general rule, if we’re working on a project, I won’t assign a task to more than one person so there can be no passing the buck if the job doesn’t get done.

It’s such a simple practice but it ensures each individual is accountable for his or her own tasks. I used to be a sucker for having 23 tabs open in Chrome and 11 different software programs open on any given day. I don’t just have my email notifications turned off; I shut it down completely and only check it twice a day. I used to structure my To Do List in order of A, B & C priorities which worked well for years but now I just do High Value, Medium Value and Admin. Each block is 50 minutes long with a 10-minute break in between and I get 30 minutes for lunch. If you haven’t read the book ‘Miracle Morning’ by Hal Elrod yet then I suggest you check it out. Hal talks about getting up an hour earlier and having a morning ritual that consists of meditation, affirmations, visualisation, reading, exercise and journaling. I’ve adjusted it to suit my ideal morning but I now wake up feeling like every morning is Christmas. Of course your vision is going to change over time, you can’t plan for everything, especially in our industry, but the big picture stuff always remains the same.
My question to you is that what if that person runs into problems, what is the support system? My staff are all very capable since I hire for the ability to creatively solve problems as much as for their professional skills. That being said though, we use Wrike to project manage tasks and have lots of conversations and version control going on plus regular meetings on Skype and in person so there’s plenty of support for everyone if they need it. Thanks a million for the post – all really practical tips and written in a really concise way.
I guess he kind of makes other people, even family, work around his busy schedule and they respect that his time is limited. School holidays and family time becomes one of the big rocks that you need to plan around; for example attending your child’s graduation would clearly be right up there in importance… so in it goes to your calendar before anything else.
This is another self-assistance copy that will definitely help both young and old individuals aspiring to be great managers. Your article will help a lot our small business as we want to grow and this year is our first big jump – we will launch not 1 but 2 new services (1 B2B and 1 B2C)! And whether you work from your home office, your favorite coffee shop or your kitchen table, chances are good that online collaboration is critical to just about everything you do. In fact, according to a study by the Telework Research Network, more than two-thirds of employers report increased productivity among telecommunters. Before starting any group project, make sure that everyone knows whoa€™s managing the project, whoa€™s doing what and when ita€™s due. This way, you can have quick conversations with your colleaguesa€”no matter where they are or what type of device theya€™re using.
By finding software that allows team members to co-author or work simultaneously on the same document, you can ensure that everyone has access to the latest version, and can knock out deliverables in less time. This way, you can keep people engaged (and away from their mountain of laundry that they need to fold) and share your point precisely. By communicating this type of information and living up to your commitments, you can not only build trust, but help team members prepare for the next phase of the project. So dona€™t let your personality fall by the wayside just because youa€™re communicating in writing. However, with the wrong technology and teams you cana€™t communicate with (or trust), it can be a living nightmare.
Our courses provide a variety of engaging topics designed specifically for the early childhood professional. Enlist a Co-Cleanser – Having an accountability partner can greatly contribute to the success of your cleanse.
Select the Best Organic Raw Ingredients – Since the goal is to detox your body, make sure your ingredients are organic.
Inform Your Friends and Family – Make sure the people around you know you are embarking on a cleanse and let them know how they can support you. Support Your Cleanse With Water – Keep your body well hydrated to eliminate cravings and to help flush your system.
Have a Plan for the Hard Days – What are some coping mechanisms you can use when your cleanse gets hard? The result, research found, is consuming tart cherry juice can lengthen the amount of time people sleep by 90 minutes. If you are using a cookie cutter, try using a small one to get a portion equal to a tablespoon. According to this article, common snoring causes are age and weight and snoring occurs most frequently in men. Read the  7 Amazing Health Benefits of Lemon Water for full details, but essentially, it detoxes your digestive tract.
The alarm goes off and my first thought is of dragging my tired booty over to the coffee pot.
Good Source  of Vitamin C Drinking lemon water provides your body with vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant. Aids in Digestion  The acid from lemons helps to break down your food during digestion so you get the maximum nutrients from what you eat.
Flushes out Toxins Some studies suggest the acid from lemons signals your liver into producing more bile. Boosts Energy The acid in lemon water helps your digestive system get more nutrients out of the foods your consume.
She is sharing her story in hopes of helping breastfeeding moms during World Breastfeeding week.
There was nothing wrong with the nutrition of my milk, but an overactive enzyme (lipase) was causing my expressed breast milk to develop a bad taste over time. Now that I have years of experience dealing with excess lipase activity, I have a few things that I want every breastfeeding mother to know. The best and most palatable way is to take about two inches of ginger root (less if you are sensitive to the strength of flavor), peel it, and simmer it in a pot of water.
It feels like an air conditioner on your forehead and can quickly calm the throbbing of a tension headache.
Essentially you begin at your head and slowly work your way down your body, steadily eliminating the tension that is hiding behind the surface. Try any combination of them the next time you develop a headache and you might be surprised at the results. She was potty trained mostly that day, and completely potty trained by the end of the week. Also, check out the new designs featuring Doc McStuffins and Ariel for girls and Jake and the Never Land Pirates and Lightning McQueen for boys!
That’s 11 years of solid practice running a design business and figuring out what works… and what doesn’t. Then there’s the fact that these businesses are aimed at two completely different audiences, which makes it even more interesting as I have to constantly shift my head space on any given day. I don’t like to put anything off til tomorrow or my ‘To Do’ list becomes monstrous and my brain starts to melt. A lot of entrepreneurs possess this trait but luckily it is something you can master if you’re not comfortable with doing it yet. Imagine what happens if you put the sand in first, then the rocks, then the pebbles on top; you’d struggle to fit it in all, right? My mentor is a pretty smart guy and he credits his explosive growth to his detailed annual planning, and now, I can see why. Sure, that’s part of letting go, but it’s how we grow at the rate we do so I’m willing to go with the flow. I’d constantly distract myself by checking email, Facebook, Twitter, whatever really just because. Hal’s got tons of great tips in his book to help you through that shift so I highly recommend grabbing a copy for yourself if you want to see big changes in your overall performance. They know exactly where we’re headed and what our goals are for each year of the next five; this brings them a sense of greater understanding to why they do what they do. I’ve bared my all, flaws and all, now it’s your turn. What great habits do you have that you can attribute your success to? I’m always available to my staff, they can ask me questions whenever they need; they know I have an open door policy (or open phone policy since I’m often in a different office). Honestly my Web123 retail business pretty much runs like clockwork (years of practice and years of creating simple processes that work) so rarely do I need to step in.
My name and face is all over it, and the whole program is basically everything I’ve learnt in the last 10 years, so if I delegate a task to one of my team then I take extra care to review everything to make sure it’s accurate and in line with what I want to present. I appreciate that you take the time to share the practices that have gotten you where you are.

I love being able to share what works for me… after all it isn’t rocket science and I don’t hold a patent on web business success… unfortunately, lol!
I will be definitely focussing more on planning, vision and using the morning time for meditation and visualisation. I’m not sure I’d call myself ‘incredibly successful’ yet (thanks to Preston who added the super-successful part in my blog title, lol), but clearly with 20 staff I’m getting somewhere.
If you’re not a morning person (I never used to be!) you might struggle initially… so I’d recommend you try it for a month. Most energy is available then, and getting those top priorities out of the way is energizing and motivating … feels good. I’ve been freelance for past 7 years (only had 3 clients but they kept me very busy). Love the see more about how exactly you do the decisions on the fly – what do you combine (female intuition, facts, money, priority, needs) to endorse the right decision. I know a designer who works in the same field in Penrose Creative projects and think that you secrets will help them also. I love the idea of planning your year in advance, beginning with the most profitable, client generating activities. Allow your team members the same courtesy youa€™d expect and give everyone the chance to shine. After all, when your coworkers like you (and realize that they can count on you to get the job done on time), theya€™ll actually WANT to work with you.
So before you start working remotely or managing remote teams, make sure that you have the tools you need to work together and run projects as you would if you were in the office. Key nutrients from the lemon juice also help skin look younger while boosting your immunity. Since your body can’t store vitamin C, you need to provide your body with a healthy source of vitamin C every day.
In addition, lemon juice actually prevents tiny particles of undigested food from entering your bloodstream. If you are having the breastfeeding problem where your baby refuses to take a bottle, this may be the answer you’ve needed.
There hasn’t been any formal research to determine the cause of excess lipase activity. I felt extremely isolated when I was searching for answers after I discovered my breast milk tasted bad. Salicin is an agent that is found in over the counter pain meds but without the dangers associated. Because I am a completely normal human being, I told him I wanted to spend my birthday potty training my daughter.
You don’t want your little one running around with a nudey booty in the middle of winter.
If you are potty training today, and tomorrow you need to go run errands with your little one, that is going to mess the whole thing up. I know you are ready for them to be DONE, but as people say, You little one won’t be wearing diapers to college.
Wrike also sends the owner of the task an alert when the due date is coming up to ensure it’s not been missed. I’m already feeling mentally de-cluttered, more focused and my team are excited to know exactly what’s going on, waaaaaay ahead of schedule.
Organization and keeping a consistent schedule is what I’m focusing on improving right now and this post was yet another inspiration to get consistent. I don’t have to juggle conflicting priorities with kids yet (I have two ragdoll cats which are pretty easy to take care of), but my mentor does and this system totally works for him. You’ve been incredibly successful and grown a large business, but there are great takeaways here even for the little guy. Then I made my first hire about 8 years ago and discovered the joys of awesomely profitable staff who followed my dummy-proof business processes…. There’s a real sense of peace in the wee hours of the morning, and it sets your mind up for great things in the day. Now I want to develop my business and bring in more clients ( and hopefully in the future start employing people). I am a very spiritual person : ) and so I am doing something similar maybe not everyday but most of the times. I noticed how often this was how my emails started which was a red flag that I needed to work on my commitment to my clients and to act faster. Ita€™s amazing how a few minutes of banter from time to time can help you build a personal relationship with a colleague who is hundreds of miles away. But most importantly, muster the discipline necessary to do the work properly and on timea€”no matter where you are.
By drinking lemon water daily, you give your body a consistent source of immunity boosting vitamin C. If these particles were to get into the bloodstream, your liver would have to work overtime to remove them. If you are looking for a natural way to fight monthly bloat, look no further than a glass of lemon water. If you are a breastfeeding mother who pumps (even if it is just for the occasional babysitter), you could experience excess lipase activity. When you are ready to start your pumping routine, put a quarter ounce of breast milk in your refrigerator and taste it every couple of hours to see if the taste changes. It is possible to build a supply of frozen breast milk even if you have excess lipase activity. Even if you don’t have this problem, someone in your social circle might benefit from this information. After my dance was completed, I saw the look on my daughter’s face and realized that I might have gone a little overboard.
Let them master the skill of learning to use the potty before you take them to a place where the potty is not readily available. Now, instead, imagine placing the big rocks into the jar first, then sprinkle in the pebbles, and then trickle in the sand so it fills in all the gaps; that jar would be pretty full.
He told me that he felt guilty that his parents didn’t get to see his kids enough so he scheduled every second Friday to be the day that his parents could come to his house and hang out with the kids.
There are several things which come suddenly and most importantly they have to be done immediately then what will you do?? Just a little effort like this can go a long way when ita€™s time to ask someone for help, information or advice. You will become quite good at finding the tight areas and releasing them through calm meditation.
We went outside for the first (and toughest) day, it was warm enough that she could just wear a little dress. Using this planning method you can fit so much more into your year; seriously, the results will blow your mind. I have lost 28 pounds, feel better about myself when I read my affirmations, say a morning prayer, read a little and get in some exercise.
When you are dehydrated, your body often signals you to eat, which can result in unnecessary calories. I don’t want another mother to feel as desperate for answers and support as I did, which is why I wrote an eBook dedicated to excess lipase activity. Not only am I an organic coupons expert, but I find the best green deals, helping hundreds of families save on the frugal, green lifestyle.
The next time she went pee, she was a little apprehensive of the scary mommy dance…so I made sure to tone it down. I know that my daughter went through a phase where she was dry everytime I would get her up. I also noticed doing a little house work when I wake ( dishes, laundry, etc ) seems to get me into work mode and tackle the day.
Nothing makes me happier than to help people realize being organic doesn't have to cost more. They are great, because they catch the mess that might happen, but they feel like underwear. After a while, I stopped rewarding that…now she is back to going in her diaper at night.

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