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In the late 70s I haunted the bookstores and all but memorized the titles in the self-help section. I was in a marriage that wasn’t working and I was pretty positive that it was all my fault. With hind-site I realize that the constant criticism and put downs were like dripping water that never stopped and wore down the receptacle that received it.
After the divorce I sought counseling.  My boys were grown, my marriage was over and I felt like I had lost my identity.
A few years ago I was rather surprised when I realized I no longer shopped in the self-help shelves of the bookstore or library. Now my question is, “What can I learn from this?” My spiritual path incorporates love, gratitude, acceptance, empowerment and a knowing who I am and accepting me warts and all.
Red reduces the thorny issue of unpaid emotional labor down to its purest core, then kicks its ass. This was more of a work requirement than a resolution, as Donna had been given her own show on local radio. Fez’s resolution was sincere, joyous, 100% heartfelt and 100% all-the-rest-of-the-body-felt as well.
Spend Mother's Day with a 24-hour Mommie Dearest marathon Sunday, May 8th starting at 6AM on IFC. De’Londa Brice was used to living a certain type of lifestyle, thanks to her baby daddy, Wee-Bey, and his hustler life. While most parents try to give their children a better life, Marc Maron‘s mom (played by TV legend Sally Kellerman) seems more than happy to just give him a hard time. There have been some cold-hearted moms in the history of pop culture, but few can top this Communist ice queen, determined to turn her son into a presidential assassin. Angela Lansbury, most famous for playing a loveable sleuth and a teapot, would earn an Oscar nomination for her turn in this classic thriller.
At first blush, Cartman’s mom seems like a dream compared to most of the malicious mothers on this list. Fellowship X is a social and spiritual fellowship serving Generation X (those born in the '60s and '70s).
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Created by Dream Guider, Syreeta Lockett, Mosamuse's theme change weekly and fresh content is uploaded daily! I didn’t realize at the time that everything about me and everything I did was subtly but consistently critiqued by my husband and I never quite measured up.

When I filed for divorce in the 90s I was worn down, defeated and seriously wondered who I was.
I moved from reading a plethora of self help books to reading more spiritually oriented books.  I began to meet new people and make new friends and very gently changes began to take place, changes I was not aware of at the time.
I began to affirm that I am a valuable human being who is loved, loving and lovable and I slowly moved my thinking from my old “poor me” thoughts to positive thoughts about myself, others and circumstances. Her parenting strategy was to pit the kids against each other and hope one turned out needy enough to keep her martini topped off. At least she loved them all equally. But when her fella got sent to the clinker, she needed to find a new man to take care of her.
We’re guessing little Christina, who faced a lifetime of torment after being adopted by fading movie queen Joan Crawford. I thought that if I showed him God and the greatness of God, we would live in some amazing world together. Instead of the vast projects we’re told we should hope for, but never achieve, Hyde advises doing the little things that make you happy every day. Maybe they were a bit overbearing, or needed that cocktail a bit too much at the end the day. A personification of Marc’s anxiety, guilt, and body issues, whenever Toni Maron rolls into town, chaos is sure to follow. Whether it was making Christina give away her birthday gifts to charity after opening them, or beating her with a wire hanger after she made the unforgivable mistake of hanging her dress on it, Crawford approached mothering as an out of control publicity stunt. But beneath the rosy surface, there are a few secrets that may help explain her foul mouthed boy. We hold spiritual services each Friday night that are run by our members, followed by food and conversation at a local restaurant of the group's choosing. She helped me began to see my own worth and she guided me to get my feet more firmly on a spiritual path.
But his goal made him happy, sounded awesome, and was enough to get him through another day.
Thankfully, pop culture is rife with some seriously messed up moms who make our own mother’s foibles look like a cake walk. She basically forced him to start slinging drugs, all but assuring he would never escape the street game.
Desperate for love, he showers her with affection, only to receive the occasional gruff grunt in response.

Livia was miserable, and made it her life’s mission to make sure everyone else in her family was too.
This woman had issues, not the least of which was her insistence that her teenage daughter was a witch, and needed to die. Our Friday Night Services provide a safe, contemplative environment for focusing on our spiritual centers, in all their various manifestations. Sometimes I would cry as I read them because I felt like finally someone (even someone I didn’t know) understood how I felt. Check out a few of the worst moms from pop culture below, and then spend Mother’s Day watching an all-day Mommie Dearest marathon on IFC.
And yet, somehow he did, leaving behind a mother who put her mink coat collection ahead of her parental duties.
But let’s also admit that forgetting one of your kids at home, as you flit off on a family vacation, is more likely a case file from Child Services than a lighthearted family comedy. She even drove her son, an emotionally removed mobster, to give therapy a try, which we have a hard time picturing Al Capone subjecting himself too. The fact that Kevin proves particularly adept at warding off vicious criminals doesn’t excuse the fact that nine times out of ten, that kid is going to end up dead as a doornail. The fact that Piper Laurie, who memorably played Margaret, thought she was making a comedy for much of the shoot, only makes this messed up performance all the more terrifying. We also have social events ranging from our semi-annual retreats to activities such as Halloween and Winter Holiday parties; bowling, billiards, and just plain fun parties.
Oh, she also may be a hermaphrodite who might have impregnated herself to bring Cartman into the world.
We welcome the diversity of those from any number of spiritual backgrounds, beliefs or non-beliefs. All in all, outside of her insane commitment to baking cookies, there’s a lot going on behind closed doors here that may have turned young Cartman into the raging mini monster he is. UUCA is a diverse community united by its commitment to justice, compassion, and spiritual and ethical growth.

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