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Moriarty is represented by Jerry Kalajian of Intellectual Property Group and Fiona Inglis of Curtis Brown Australia. Screenwriters Ron Bass, Angela Workman and Michael Ray expand Lisa See’s 2005 novel about two seven-year-old girls who bond in 1829. Snow Flower (Gianna Jun) and Lily (Li Bing Bing) learn nu-shu, a secret language shared by unrelated Chinese women who take lifelong vows of sisterhood.

This custom, called laotong, is especially meaningful for women deformed by foot binding and later distanced by moving away to the villages of their respective husbands.
Their story unfolds in flashbacks from today’s Shanghai as Nina (Li Bing Bing) reads the manuscript of an unpublished period novel written by her own laotong Sophia (Gianna Jun).
This is the second time she sacrifices her career for Sophia, as detailed in another set of flashbacks about their friendship since 1997.

After suppression by the Cultural Revolution, nu-shu is now honored in China as a heritage.

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