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Haylie Duff stars as Claudia in My Nanny’s Secret, a thriller about a home invasion robbery that ends in tragedy when a member of the wealthy Tyrell family is murdered. Claudia may have a difficult past, being left after the death of her father to raise her younger brother Carter (Dillon Casey), but much is ahead of her.
The older sister of actress and teen pop sensation Hilary Duff, Haylie Duff kicked off her career by focusing more on her skills in front of the camera than her talents behind a microphone. She works as a nanny for the Tyrrell family, taking care of 7-year-old son Aiden (Alex Cardillo); she also has a great boyfriend, Drew (Eric Johnson).
Though she would pen the occasional tune for her younger sibling, it was screen roles in such television hits as Chicago Hope, Boston Public, and, alongside her sister in Lizzie McGuire, that first opened the eyes of the public to the talents of the ambitious rising starlet.Born just two years prior to her sister, Haylie made her screen debut alongside Hilary in the female Western True Women before branching out into features with supporting performances in Dreams in the Attic and I Love Your Work.

Unsure of the real truth, she tries to uncover the identity of the killer, which takes her down a dark and unexpected road. It was during this period of her career that Haylie would contribute to the soundtracks of such films as A Cinderella Story, Stuck in the Suburbs, and Raising Helen, with a memorable performance in the cult hit Napoleon Dynamite serving well to offer her some indie exposure in addition to her mainstream success. The more Claudia finds out, the closer she comes to their secrets, the more her life is put into danger. A subsequent return to the small screen found Haylie making a notable impression in That's So Raven, Joan of Arcadia, and 7th Heaven, and in 2006 the it was finally time to join Hilary in the big screen (as sisters no less) for the riches to rags comedy Material Girls. Duff appeared in films such as Love Finds a Home (2009), Love Takes Wing (2009), and A Holiday Engagement (2011).

She reprised her role from Napoleon Dynamite in the short-lived cartoon series, and continued to appear in made-for-TV movies like All About Christmas Eve and Christmas Belle.

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