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Newly released, Phil Culshaw reviews the new Secret Affair album, which goes by the name of Soho Dreams. Soho Dreams the new studio album from Secret Affair, successfully capturing the ambiance, attitude, style and quality the band established with their debut album Glory Boys. The title track establishes familiar themes; the allure of the city, loss of innocence, the suss of cynicism.
The pace of the album is given an amphetamine rush with Turn Me On which has Ian Page matching the rhyming cuplets with the best poetic lyricists like Ian Dury and John Cooper Clarke in a song that could easily fit onto Plan B’s Ill Manners. Eerie notes reminiscent of the Get Carter film score introduce what is a live stage favourite I Don’t Need No Doctor. Secret Affair have never been afraid to embrace a variety of musical styles but this album has a cohesiveness that realises their ambitions, every track brings something new to the melting pot and adds another layer of depth.
Soho Dreams will not only satisfy Secret Affair’s die hard fans, it surpasses past glories and will win a new audience the band so rightly deserve.
From mod-related fashion and style to the pick of the blogs, check out our selection of recommended links. If you want to contribute to the site in any way or want to suggest something we should feature, please get in touch. Op 31 december 2012 zal The Sand plaatsdelict zijn voor de ultieme rendez-vous…tijdens de jaarwisseling strijkt daar namelijk het evenement Secret Affair neer. Secret Affair staat voor de lekkerste house & glamorous entertainment gemixt met een oogstrelend decor en onnavolgbare special effects! But hey, some of my friends are big fans of Anne Curtis (who plays Rafi), and when they asked me to watch A Secret Affair with them, I decided to give it a shot.
That’s about it for the main storyline, and it will revolve around people getting hurt, people fighting, oh, and people having sex! Okay, so I understand that Rafi got cold feet before their wedding day because it was too fast and because she didn’t want to end up like her parents. Anne after sloshing anti-allergy lotion all over Andi’s face: “Ayan Caladryl lotion para sa kati mo. A Secret Affair is very artista-centric, excelling in how they showcase the beauty of their actors and actresses.

About Latest Posts Ariane AstorgaAriane Astorga is an events host, voiceover talent, singer, and freelance writer from Metro Manila. That album won critical acclaim and set an extremely high benchmark for their peers in the 1979 mod revival. Love’s Unkind then cools the pace in a soul searching song which could have been written for Amy Winehouse. All The Rage is one for the dancers and has a cracking swing beat reminiscent of Let Your Heart Dance. But wait, that would be a big lie, because this plotline is the furthest thing from being original. Anne Curtis is actually very good in her role, Derek did okay (Dude, shirtless Derek Ramsay?
I really appreciate how they tried to incorporate the online activities and digital conversations of the characters.
Okay, I understand that majority of the characters are from a specific socio-economic status, but it’s just so weird.
However I can say that I prefer John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo’s The Mistress over this movie. The few creative inputs in the story presentation are not enough to make up for the poor scriptwriting and character development. Soho Dreams not only hits that mark, it also delivers an album the band have long promised. Walk Away is what the band do best integrating a great hook line and guitar riff with a Motown beat, punchy brass, soaring saxophone, and Ian Page’s philosophical pathos. Lotus Dream is perhaps the pleasant surprise of the album with Dave Cairns guitar capturing the country delta blues of the Mississippi, you can feel the sultry heat and beads of sweat trickle down your forehead. In fact, most fans of Philippine Cinema (and mass media for that matter) today are clamoring for new themes because honestly, illicit affairs and infidelity are being overly used by movies (and TV series too). So much so that it made me wonder if these types of films are a way of coping for the now defunct S.T.

And I find it weird that we only got to know more about her during the latter portion of the story. She’s a fashion stylist pala?
I know they only had few lines (that all had to be delivered in the conyo-est sort of way possible), but wow.
She basically finished the entire song (Don’t Say Goodbye) on stage with all cameras zooming in and out on her. At one point she was belting while standing up, then after a quick cut, she was back sitting on a chair. Text messages were hovering in the shot instead of the usual, close-up to the phone’s screen. Oh, and did you notice that they somehow managed to insert The Amazing Race in one conversation? The fact that it’s another movie about infidelity and dishonesty is just the cherry on top of this messy cake.
Guaranteed to get an audience grooving and even the most un-rhythmic feet tapping to the beat. Don’t get me wrong, I love Nina, and she sings like an angel, but I just found it weird that they wasted precious minutes on that song.
Because of the steamy scenes which are of course a basic ingredient when it comes to affairs? One minute Sam was face to face with Rafi, and in the blink of an eye, she was suddenly lounging comfortably on the nearby motorbike. But no, the point of the very loooong sequence was just to show  how Anton proposes to a shocked Rafi.

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