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A female election agent and a gun-toting soldier try to collect votes among the local islanders with mixed success. Access a trail leaflet featuring the Birmingham sites our groups discovered had links with the history of the right to vote.
District Court Judge Frederick Martone today granted Summary Judgment in favor of the State’s position that the law is constitutional, Attorney General Tom Horne announced. The NLRB threatened all four states, that if they did not voluntarily negate their amendments, the NLRB would sue. It was at that congress in Gweru, then Gwelo, where Ndabaningi Sithole emerged as its president. Sithole was later deposed and his position was filled by Robert Mugabe, in 1977.An incredible 37 years on, ZANU-PF has not held internal elections by the way of secret ballot, largely viewed as the most democratic process in deciding an opinion. Mnangagwa was quoted in October as saying the party constitution provided for one-man-one–vote system and would be amended by his legal committee to create room for a secret vote for members of the presidium.

That the two cadres are reported to be deeply rooted in rival factions battling to control the party is itself telling.Mnangagwa is reported to be leading one faction which is opposed to that which Gumbo is believed to belong to, allegedly fronted by Vice President, Joice Mujuru. The candidate, who through this process attains the nomination by at least six (6) provincial coordinating committees, shall stand nominated for election directly by congress.”This clause pre-supposes that by the time of congress, the candidates would already have been identified with only the formality of endorsing them remaining.
The drama that charaterised its elections and the vote buying scandal that rocked it, these things are also possible at congress and this is the main reason why the party has always chosen the nomination way,” said the official who declined to be named.It was for the first time in ZANU-PF’s history that youths were forced take to the ballot after they failed to reach a consensus in filling up the two most senior positions of deputy secretary for youth affairs and the secretary for administration.
The tradition had always been reaching a consensus and avoiding the ballot — at all costs.President Mugabe, in his speech after the elections, lashed out at the youths for resorting to the ballot and later encouraged members of the women’s league to shun the ballot.
With the nomination process expected this weekend, some ZANU-PF heavyweights were now reportedly calling on the President to appoint his two deputies and the national chairman as a way to stem factionalism associated with campaigning for key positions.There is also one point of divergence for the two factions — the logistical question. This suggestion was immediately shot down by the Mujuru camp which suspects that the Mnangagwa faction has control over ZEC given that Mnangagwa himself is Justice Minister under whose portfolio it falls. The previous justice minister, Patrick Chinamasa, is also aligned to Mnangagwa.According to party insiders, the Mujuru camp would favour a situation whereby the party’s elections directorate runs the polls in the event that the proposal is accepted.

The problem with that is that chairperson of the directorate, Simon Khaya Moyo, is reported to be in the Mujuru camp, which naturally means that the other faction would vehemently oppose it.
It is not possible to see how such an impasse could be broken.Yet, for a party so widely accused by its rivals of rigging national elections, having a secret ballot during the internal process surely needs not be a point of quarrel or disagreement. What really is wrong with having a secret ballot that people should be at each other’s throats on the simple question of whether or not the best possible practice should be adopted?Political analyst, Alexander Rusero, ZANU-PF was being consistent with the former Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR)’s communist party structure which it adopted. They believe and thrive in what they call guided democracy whereby voting is not necessarily about choosing.

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