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Haagen-Dazs™ extravagant caramel ice cream in a wrapping with smooth caramel chocolate and sandwiched between crispy wafers. TVB’s Angel Chiang stars in her first leading role and passes the grade with flying colours.
I don't really have any inside poop on Hong Kong Ghost Stories, but who are we to ignore the mighty Wong Jing?
Kong seems to be repeating himself and becoming more and more self indulgence in his numerous interchangeable films. It is surprising how much more less self indulgence Kong goes about delivering his usual message of doomed modern relationships, with Wong Jing looking across his shoulders.

Therefore, it is almost surprising to say that his latest corroboration with Wong Jing is a successful one, both in terms of better film-making, sharper editing, less reliant on wanna be smart gimmicks and idiotic focus on obvious cheating and lying.
Although she flashes plenty of skin and showed off her assets, it is by no means crude and indeed fittingly part of the story line.
Kong have always been an adequate scriptwriter, and therefore it is refreshing to see him finally come of age in delivering a romantic drama worthy of our attention. Her naive-ness works to her advantage and the manner she goes about playing a young girl having to become a sex worker in order to pay for her mother hospital bills is by no means original, but Chiang manages to pull it off without being corny. Her chemistry with newcomer Edward Ma is always there which certainly adds to the success of the film.

In a way, it is stoic performance, that could have been improved, but as a first timer, it is better than most.

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