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With its nonlinear storytelling and gifted cast, Claude Miller's Holocaust film distinguishes itself from the other, more standard offerings in its genre.
The best Holocaust movies of all time offer a sobering look at one of the worst times in human history. With these individuals added in, the number of people killed during the Holocaust is estimated to be anywhere from 11 to 17 million people.
While it’s hard to imagine living through such a nightmare, the best Holocaust movies of all time offer about as close a glimpse as the average citizen will ever get. The Diary of Anne Frank (1959) – Millie Perkins stars as Anne Frank, a young Jewish girl forced to hide from the Germans in the secret rooms of her father’s office building.
Schindler’s List (1993) – Steven Spielberg directed this tale of Oskar Schindler (Liam Neeson), a war profiteer who finds his humanity and begins a dangerous scheme to save the life of local Jews. The Pianist (2002) – Adrien Brody stars as Jewish-Polish pianist Wladyslaw Szpilman, a talented musician caught up in the horrors of World War II, especially those centered around the Warsaw Ghetto.
Night and Fog (1955) – Made a decade after the liberation of the European concentration camps, this 32-minute documentary was filmed on the grounds of Majdanek and Auschwitz.
Life Is Beautiful (1997) – Winner of four Academy Awards, Life Is Beautiful plays out like two films rolled into one. Distant Journey (1949) – Released just after the events of World War II, this Czech masterpiece sat on the shelf for over 40 years thanks to communist censorship. Sophie’s Choice (1982) – Peter MacNicol plays a young writer who moves to Brooklyn to finish his novel, and he soon befriends a Polish immigrant named Sophie Zawistowski (Meryl Streep) and her lover (Kevin Kline).
Triumph of the Spirit (1989) – Willem Dafoe stars as real-life boxer Salamo Arouch, a boxer interned in Auschwitz and forced to fight other prisoners. Au Revoir, les Enfants (1987) – Based on childhood events from the life of director Louis Malle, the film tells of a Catholic boarding school whose students aren’t spared the cruelty of the Nazis. The Pawnbroker (1965) – Rod Steiger shot to fame as the star of the first American film to deal with Holocaust through the eyes of a survivor. Faithful Abraham pleased God and for his faithfulness, God said his descendants would be blessed. Romanians have nothing to do with gypsies, they are two different ethnic groups, the gypsie ethnicity is a minority that lives in Romania. Being a WWII history buff, I have came across the stories of hundreds of the brave men and women who resisted Hitler, yet often, most only have a picture and a small biography about them.
STORY: Dutch Christian resistance worker Diet Eman proves that faith, hope, and love really do conquer all.
THE STORY: German officer Hosenfeld is known for helping or hiding numerous Poles and Jews during the war, most notably pianist Wladyslaw Szpilman. STORY: A Polish resistance fighter, Jan Karski actively warned the Polish government in exile and the Allies about the Holocaust, specifically the concentration camps and the Warsaw Ghetto. STORY: Polish Catholic social worker Irena Sendler smuggled 2,500 children out of the Warsaw Ghetto, and brought them safely to orphanages, convents, or Polish families willing to take them in. BOOK: It is thought The Girl in the Green Sweater, the memoir by a young girl hidden (the one on the cover) is the book that inspired the movie, but it is actually In the Sewers of Lvov.
BOOK: Numerous, including Visas for Life, A Special Fate, In Search of Sugihara, and Passage to Freedom. STORY: Japanese diplomat in Lithuania Sugihara rescued 6,000 Jews by handwriting (illegal) visas to Japan. STORY: French pastor Andre Trocme and his wife Magda, along with multiple little villages in France, helped rescue 5,000 Jews by hiding them in their little town of Le Chambon, France.
STORY: Inspired by the Kindertransport, an operation that helped 10,000 Jewish children go to Britain before WWII broke out, British stockbroker Winton rescued 669 Jewish children through his own personal version of the Kindertransport. I look forward to viewing these films since I am interested in this topic and am very much a Streisand fan. Jerry Lewis has released his never before seen 1972 Holocaust film, The Day The Clown Cried, to The Library of Congress under the stipulation that they will not screen it for another decade. Our Commenting PolicyWe love when you leave comments and we encourage active discussion and debate throughout the site. Of course, defamatory, libelous, threatening, or otherwise illegal posts will be removed as well as any posts that are deemed abusive, or intentionally inflammatory. Beginning with the German occupation of the 1940s, A SECRET bounces between decades in the 20th century, ending with its protagonist, FranA§ois (Mathieu Amalric), as a grown man in the 1980s. As World War II raged, the Nazis systematically rounded up European Jews and shipped them to death camps such as Sobibor, Auschwitz, and Treblinka.
Based on real-life events taken from Anne’s diary, the film was adapted from the Pulitzer Prize-winning play.

Directed by Roman Polanski, the film earned Brody an Oscar for Best Actor (the youngest actor to win the award).
Taking a look at both life in the camps and the horrific rise of Nazi ideology, director Alain Resnais created what legendary French filmmaker and critic Francois Truffaut referred to as the greatest film ever made. The first half is a charming romantic comedy that follows Italian Jew Guido Orefice (Roberto Benigni, who wrote, directed, and starred) as he sets out to win the affections of a school teacher from the upper class.
Telling the story of a Jewish eye doctor who falls in love with a gentile, director Alfred Radok combines his own footage with that of newsreel footage and scenes from Triumph of the Will to create a deeply personal look at the Holocaust. As events progress, we slowly come to learn about Sophie’s past, especially that which takes place in the death camp at Auschwitz. Nominated for two Academy Awards, it paints a haunting portrait of how innocence is the first casualty of war. After losing his family in a concentration camp, Sol Nazerman (Steiger) now operates a pawn shop in Harlem.
I agree that no movie or novel can truly capture the horror that went on during those times.
The only movie scenes I could remember is 1)family seperated at camp (men on one side and women and children on one side), son ran to father, father tell soldiers that son can help him in his trade (carpenter? Enabling JavaScript in your browser will allow you to experience all the features of our site. Providing shelter to Jews in Nazi-occupied Poland is a death sentence, but Franciszka and Helena do exactly that. Based upon the true story of Franciszka Halamajowa, Witterick's novel is told by four narrators, beginning with Franciszka's daughter, Helena. You have no way of knowing any differently.And so, I think that everyone is afraid of their father. From helping a few Jewish friends to being arrested for a false visa, Diet Eman has an amazing story of courage and faith. Although she did not survive the Holocaust (she died in Bergen-Belsen), Frank’s father survived and he published her diary. As Oskar Schindler, he hated the way Poles and Jews were being treated and decided to do something about it, often befriending those he was supposed to hate.
What started as issuing 8,000 visas to Jewish families turned into the largest single rescue of Jews during the Holocaust. She notes things started at small, as she first began smuggling food into the local ghetto. Even later as he was forced to flee, he was known for still writing and throwing out visas of his train to desperate Jews. Being Protestant in a Catholic nation, the Trocme’s believed that they had a connection with the Jewish people, understanding their persecution. I’m almost positive this movie was made in Europe, because I also have this strong recollection of watching this movie with English subtitles.
The film tells the story of a clown who is taken by the Gestapo after mocking Hitler, sent to a Nazi camp, and is forced to lure the Jewish children to their deaths in the gas chamber. Young FranA§ois came of age in the '50s and '60s, a scrawny only child who reflects nothing of his athletic parentage. There, they were stripped naked and herded into showers with the promise of hot coffee waiting for them on the other side.
I’d say that more than qualifies it for this list of the best Holocaust movies of all time.
When the “choice” of the title is finally revealed, you’ll most likely be shedding tears of anguish. But a conflict with a pimp and racketeer known as Rodriguez (Brock Peters) brings all his painful memories rushing back.
In their tiny home in Sokal, they hide a Jewish family in a loft above their pigsty, a Jewish doctor with his wife and son in a makeshift cellar under the kitchen, and a defecting German soldier in the attic—each party completely unknown to the others. Raised in Germany with her older brother, Damian, Helena recalls her mother's hard work and generosity.
It’s important to remember these brave men and women, and not just as another person in a history book.
Her fiance also played an amazing part in this, paying with his life and regretting nothing. She later began smuggling Jews into the woods, and finally found a job in a Nazi officer’s house and began hiding Jews there.
They would never come out alive, as pellets of Zyklon-B were dropped into the room, releasing lethal levels of hydrogen cyanide.

But I do think films about the Holocaust are important, as each generation becomes further removed from the events and needs to be reminded of what happened.
3) naked,sad,thin jews in long line (to their death) into a large building with stinky smokes come out of chimneys on the roof. I would highly recommend reading her memoir and listening to her tell her story on Focus on the Family.
When not blogging, Samantha spends her time reading, trying to speak Hebrew, and wasting time on Pinterest. It mostly involved an older gentleman, who was either an artist, or musician or playwright. Without any siblings, young FranA§ois invents an imaginary brother who joins him at the dinner table, much to his parents' dismay. Afterwards, their mouths were searched for gold fillings, the hair of women was shaved, and then the lifeless shells were disposed of in a crematoria. In contrast, Franciszka judges people by their behavior, and her return to Poland effectively ends their marriage. The best way to do that is read their memoirs and, for the more modern crowd, watch their movies. She kept Anne’s diary, although she never read it until she turned them over to Otto Frank.
Years later, a teenaged FranA§ois gets into a fight during a school showing of NIGHT AND FOG, and family friend Louise (Julie Depardieu) decides that it is time to tell him of his family's hidden history during the war years. Based on the book by Philippe Grimbert, this adaptation retains a literary quality in its transition to film. By the end of the war, six million Jews met their fate in this way, but that’s hardy the end of it. In Sokol, Damian begins working at an oil refinery, enabling him to support the family and to become a skilled machinist. I think at one point he maybe got a few others there to perform in a play, or maybe it was a musical group. A strong emphasis on character, narrative, and memory pervades A SECRET, and the result is a masterfully done film.
Helena lands a secretarial job at a garment factory, where she falls in love with the general manager, Casmir Kowalski, a good man. Even though we would have already eaten the dinner cooked ahead for us in the morning, it’s a special treat that we all look forward to. Director Miller (LA PETITE LILI), who also wrote the script, crafts smooth transitions between the time periods, so that the end result is a cohesive and effective film that never veers into sentimentality. How come that these people had their conscience so debased, For example, my late aunt and uncle long before their deportation were dehunanized with the assent of their neighbors as bystanders .
Like Franciszka--who entertains German commanders while harboring Jews--Casmir understands the importance of appearing to befriend officials on different sides of the conflict.
The fine cast--Amalric, de France, Bruel, Depardieu, and Ludivine Sagnier--turns in nuanced performances that perfectly reflect the humanity of their characters.
Yet Helena is afraid to embroil Casmir in her mother's secrets, so she cannot follow him to Germany when the Nazis invade. In addition to her acting talents, de France could be France's most beautiful blond export since Catherine Deneuve. She rescues Bronek, his wife and child, as well as his brother and sister-in-law, from certain death in a Jewish ghetto, offering them asylum in her pigsty.
Mikolaj Wolenski and his family, providing them safe haven under the floorboards of her kitchen.
Yet, instead of illuminating the transcendence of their work, the simplicity of Witterick's prose dulls the story. Instead of universalizing the tale, the underdeveloped characters and thin descriptions flatten the effect. Leave when you have enough money set aside.Regardless, one uneventful day, she tells my father that she has decided to move back to Poland. This is the same as saying she is leaving him because he has on many occasions said that he would never return to a country he felt was backward compared to Germany.

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