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A slice of chocolate cake was served as dessert and we ordered an additional slice of coffee cake as well.
Overall, I would say the food was above average in view of the fact that this is a themed restaurant and hence, the concept is key. Japanese fighter pilot Kaname Harada, who participated in the bombing of Darwin but went on to become a committed pacifist and ran a kindergarten, has died in his homeland aged 99.Believed to be the last pilot of the deadly Japanese Zero fighter planes, Harada was one of 36 Zero pilots who participated in the bombing raid on Darwin on February 19, 1942. Joe Gillingham (left) and Joe Tierney were deported by German forces from the Nazi-controlled Channel Islands for secretly distributing BBC NewsJust a few months after their daughters were born they were snatched away by Hitler's forces in the German-occupied Channel Islands and never returned home. But yet, those same stupid libs want to honor che guevara, by giving a day named after a murdering communist!
The United States government has a habit of abandoning military bases after it’s done with them, but Greenland’s Bluie East Two is arguably one of the craziest camps that’s ever been left behind.
The steak Marcus had was a little too raw for his liking and the service staff offered to send it back to the kitchen to have it better done. Heck, not long ago, that twit who spawned the kartrashians, labeled Al Joleson as a racist just because he did his act with a black face.

The US established “Bluie” (the codename for Greenland) East Two as an airbase in 1941, during World War II, to defend Greenland from a possible German invasion. There’s a glass cabinet at the reception area where some of his awards and trophies are displayed. I’ve always wished that my parents had signed me up for piano lessons when I was young.
Despite not being a fan of onions, I find the soup really nice and subtly sweet, with no hint of pungency. J French-Italian Restaurant are Jay Chou fans like me and of course, the attention would naturally be focused more on the theme and decor (which screams Jay) instead of the food. I offer a glimpse into my simple life, and maybe you can find a different perspective of the things I enjoy.
There were also some of his merchandise on sale but the price was pretty exorbitant so I didn’t get any. Marcus ordered the Grilled Rib Eye Steak with Red Wine Sauce (?????????) and I forgot to take a photo of it.

Thissignificant anniversary is an appropriate occasion for an article onthe Canadian Railway Troops, and other units associated withthem, during the First World War.This article does not seek to glorify or justify war, neitherdoes it discuss the political and moral factors which led to theoutbreak of such a disasterous conflict. It iscertainly not a history of World War I; only enough backgroundinformation has been given to place the work of the CanadianRailway Troops in proper perspective. It is intended to tell of anamazing feat of Canadian railroading, with some quotations frompeople who were actually there. This is the story of the construction,operation and maintenance, carried out under the worst possibleconditions, of thousands of miles of railway line, both narrow andstandard gauge, along the lines of the Western Front in France andBelgium between 1915 and 1918.

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