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With Amazon’s dominant position as a bookseller, it could have easily sat on its laurels when it comes to eReaders. Around the front, a single pane covers the display from edge to edge with only the merest lip around the edge.
The screen also a smoother surface, eradicating the rasping sound and sensation on previous Kindles when you swipe the screen. The 6in screen may have a smoother finish, but it’s still as resistant to reflections as its rougher predecessor. With the screen being matched elsewhere, it’s the automatic brightness control that’s the real star here. However, at present the screen is being held back by the software on the device, it simply needs more font size increments to make the most of the higher resolution. Amazon has recently updated the interface on the Voyage, along with all the Kindles dating back to 2013.
The update brings Amazon's new typesetting engine to sit alongside its new Bookerly font, which was specially designed for eReaders and is highly legible at all sizes. However, Amazon still lags behind its main rival, Kobo, in terms of text layout and font selection.
The Voyage, along with most Kindle eReaders, is compatible with Amazon's new Family Sharing system. Speaking of sharing, the new interface also lets you share book excerpts via Facebook and Twitter, and even appends a free sample of the book with the post; which anyone can open and read in a web browser, even without an Amazon account.
At ?169 though it isn’t cheap, being ?80 more than the current Kindle Paperwhite 2015 which has the same display. It won a Best Buy award upon its release, but with other 300PPI devices around for much less, I've demoted the Kindle Voyage to a Recommended award for the time being. I heard about this when Amazon first produced a backlit device and it really worried me as I find I'm very sensitive to uneven lighting on TV's and monitors, but neither of the two Kindles I've owned (Paperwhite and Voyage) have suffered from the problem in the slightest. I was updating the apps on my iPad today - which is a daily occurrence that I wish Apple would streamline or automate somehow - and I noticed that the new Kindle app, released today, removes the Kindle Store button. The Kobo Glo's lighted e-ink display is better quality than the Kindle Paperwhite and the Nook with GlowLight, but the e-reader's other attributes may not be enticing enough to lure e-book lovers away from the big boys. The Kobo Glo is about the same size and weight as the Kobo Touch and has the same basic design as every other Kobo e-reader that’s come to the United States. The only two ports are a microSD reader on the left edge that takes cards up to 32GB and a Micro USB port on the bottom for charging and connectimg to a computer. It isn’t the most attractive or most elegant e-reader in the world, but it’s comfortable to hold in one hand and you can operate it without needing a manual. Turning on the light (Kobo dubs it the ComfortLight), the first thing we noticed is that it washes out text somewhat.
Flipping pages takes a light tap or swipe and the page changes quickly with no flashing (when the screen goes black for a second) except every six pages. The slate of reading extras on offer is pretty basic: dictionary lookup, notes, highlights, bookmarks, search in book, and sharing passages on Facebook. The first time you turn on the Kobo Glo it will do two annoying things: run a software update before you can get to the interface and start downloading all of your Kobo books. We suggest you search for and buy new books via the website since shopping on the Glo can be a trying experience. Kobo boasts that it has one of the largest e-book stores in the world and that over 1 million of its titles are available for free (this usually includes books in the public domain).
The Kobo Glo is compatible with EPUB files (the current e-book standard) plus PDF, RTF, TXT, and HTML files. Kobo promises over 70 hours of continuous usage with the ComfortLight on and the Wi-Fi turned off. At $130, the Kobo Glo costs $10 more than the Nook Simple Touch with GlowLight, $10 more than the Kindle Paperwhite with ads, and $10 less than the Paperwhite without ads. Instead its Kindles have often led the way in terms of new features - slender pocketable designs, touchscreen interfaces and page lighting have all proved popular.
The rear design reinforces this, mimicking that of the Kindle Fire tablets, with angular lines and a power button that falls neatly under your forefinger, if you’re holding the device in your left hand anyway.
It looks great compared to previous devices, with their thick, raised bezels; but more importantly it makes it far easier and more natural to make page turns using left and right swipes, as your finger doesn’t hit the bezel as it moves across.
It’s also incredibly responsive, now an E Ink screen is never going to react like an LCD, but this is the best I’ve seen to date, with the screen starting to refresh instantaneously on your input.
I'm guessing that some Kindle users have bemoaned the removal of physical page turn buttons, last seen on the 2012 Kindle, and this is Amazon’s attempt to placate them.
I simply haven’t realised just how little I adjusted the brightness to suit the lighting on my Kindle Paperwhite until I saw the Voyage in action. Out of the eight font sizes on offer, all our staff used one of the bottom three, and wanted more precise adjustment of text size in this area of the scale.
The new interface looks a lot better than the old one with refined icons that make the most of today's higher resolutions displays. The new engine does position text more naturally along each line, with words split across lines by hyphens, rather than the fully justified layout with lots of extra spaces that we sufffered before. This lets two adults (along with up to four children) share eBooks freely between them, so you don't have to buy the same book twice.
Most owners of older Kindles without built-in lights would be better off buying that model. Most that I've seen are brighter (more blue) on the bottom of the screen and darker (more yellow) towards the top?

We need styles that are quick and easy to maintain without having to wake up at the break of dawn every morning to get it right. Namely, would a smaller tablet aka iPad interest you at all, if it was priced comparatively to the Kindle? It's the Amazon version of a tablet, dual core processor and proprietary web browser to enhance the experience, since it isn't as powerful as most tablets out there. This change has been brewing for a while now because Apple wants 30% of everything sold via any app. Now, as you read along in some e-books, you'll get to see where you'd be in the printed version, so if you're reading Kindle books along with a class or book club, you can find the same pages you're all reading together."The page number showing correctly is huge in my book, pun intended.
And it took less than a day for Apple to issue a response, and in fact it came out the same day as they tried to do damage control with the "end of the world" story lines that were cropping up.
In a recent poll of holiday gift recipients, iPads accounted for a full 22.7% of all gadget or hardware gifts, making iPads the single largest category in our gift poll, outstripping the nearest runner-up by nearly 14% of votes. I've found that when I turn up the brightness I don't have the glare issue, and so that I don't run down my battery as fast I just put an anti-glare screen protector on it.
The electronic version of a recently-released mystery novel outsold the hardcover version, according to the publisher, HarperCollins.The thriller by Laura Lippman, "I'd Know You Anywhere," which hit bookstands Aug. The iPad beat the Kindle in usability, with more clearly defined fonts, and an easier to understand page marker. Like its Windows cousin, Kindle for Mac will allow users to read Kindle content on their Macs.
What does this mean for Amazon?"Well I think it means they saw the writing on the wall with the iPad looming on the horizon.
This is welcome news, since I was a little disappointed that when they announced the Windows 7 version, a Mac version wasn't mentioned. There are only a few buttons: the power slider up top and a button for turning the light on and off.
Depending on the font, text is bold and dark, and even looks good when the font size is small. It’s less evident on heavier fonts but gets more pronounced the higher the brightness.
If you simply want to browse recommendations or reading lists, the interface won’t hinder you.
The selection may not rival Amazon’s when searching for modern titles that are more than five years old.
We used the Glo for over a week with the Wi-Fi on and near continuous usage of the light and the battery only got down to about half. Its biggest win is that the Glo’s light is evenly distributed across the screen, something neither the Nook nor Kindle can claim. Its current top-end device is the Kindle Voyage, which brings a bezel-less display, a high resolution screen and automatic brightness control. The angular rear panel, low weight of 180g and soft-touch finish combine to make this is the easiest Kindle to keep a hold of. Amazon has launched an updated Kindle Paperwhite 2015 that uses an equally-detailed screen, while Kobo has also launched a 300 PPI eReader in the form of the Kobo Glo HD. Comparing it head-to-head with an older Paperwhite, the Voyage comes out as a clear step up. The brightness shifts smoothly up and down, in a way that didn’t distract my reading, and keeps the page in sharp contrast in any lighting conditions.
The homescreen has been redesigned too, you can now see what you're currently reading, as well as current book samples and wishlist entries in a bar on the right, with the usual recommendations below. It also has text justification options, so you can choose how you like your text to appear.
The display is top-notch, and it could be better still if Amazon gave us yet more text options, in terms of both font size and page layout. The textbook features are fantastic too, including support for notes, highlights and linked content to name but a few of the features. Taking 30% for selling an app itself is a good deal compared to the 50% cut most mobile developers we used to forking over in previous years. I hated it when a page was referenced in the book but the display of course was something entirely different. According to Apple, and also independent developers, the guidelines have not changed but they have changed how they are making developers comply with them. I hardly notice it, but I also am hardly ever poolside so my experience in this environment is limited. 17 sold 4,739 e-books versus 4,000 hardcover versions during the first five days the title was available. In an enjoyability scale, the iPad won, followed by the Kindle, with traditional books last. A standalone Kindle hardware device is not needed, but for those users with a Kindle reader can sync that content with their readers."It is available now at Amazon.
I don't know how much I would use it since I have my Kindle in my laptop bag, but I'm all for having options. For instance, the Kobo Glo costs $130, $10 more than the Nook and Kindle with lighted screens.
And it does still have a soft-touch coating that makes it comfortable to hold and harder to let slip.
Unlike the Kindle Paperwhite or the Nook with GlowLight, there’s no on-screen way to turn on the light.

After the initial setup, adding a book you’ve bought online, on another Kobo device, or via the app is simple.
However, searching for books is less than ideal, especially if there’s more than one edition of the book in question. Text washes out somewhat with the light on, though not so much that it completely ruins the reading experience. There's a tiny amount of physical give in them, and you can set the sensitivity of the buttons, and the amount of haptic feedback you get when they’re pressed.
Both of these devices are available for around ?60 less than the Voyage, which puts it under considerable pressure. You can turn it off of course, plus there’s an additional mode which slowly dims the light when you’re reading at night, as your eyes adjust to the dark. I understand that a small minority needs very large font sizes, but why not provide more choice across the whole range? Settings has been streamlined with easy access to the ones we all use most, such as airplane mode and sync.
I still get round this by simply adding multiple Kindles to a single Amazon account, rather than having them attached to seperate accounts, but I can see that some will see this as a huge boon. I find the current iPad just about right so I'm not that interested in something like this, but what are your thoughts? But when it comes to content where there are multiple parties involved and everyone wants a piece, 30% is untenable.You have companies like Rhapsody and Amazon who are resellers of the content someone else creates - so they're the middle men - and Apple put a gun to their head and said "Give us 30% or get out". Apple wants apps to allow users to purchase in-app obviously since they get a 30% cut, so if they can purchase outside the app Apple wants the option for the same purchase to be available in-app. I will say this however, at $139.00 USD, that thing is cheap enough that you can own your iPad AND a Kindle.
However, there's no mystery why e-book sales are edging out physical book purchases."No surprise that eBook sales are in ascent, despite the somewhat misleading title of the referenced article.
Interesting but odd mixture of quantitative and qualitative statistics, with no indication of sample size or how the study was conducted.
I know, I know, Sony has had one for awhile, but the Kindle has been dominating so if this shakes up the status quo I'm all for it!
With it users can translate words to and from English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese. They work fine, though I find the new touchscreen so good that I quickly disabled them altogether, letting me rest my thumb beside the screen without accidentally activating them. Auto Brightness pulls up the brightness to the max, sucking your battery dry in an extremely short time, a few hours. You can then transfer books from your computer to the kindle using the included USB cable.
Amazon did the only thing that makes sense: they made the Kindle app a read-only tool, not a purchasing tool. Seems reasonable since Apple is bringing the infrastructure for sales to the table, all they ask is the "option" for a piece of the pie. I prefer reading on the iPad over the Kindle, but still find that I'm still reading a lot of paper books. They are also planning on having a version for the iPad so it looks like I will be selling my Kindle 2 after all. The key, in my opinion, is the infrastructure surrounding it and if they make it as easy as Amazon has done with the Kindle.
If you want to just use your left hand, for instance, you can expand the area where it registers a tap or swipe for paging forward.
Very useful if you come across a word or phrase in a book that the author declines to translate for you. Text and Rich Text Files work like e-books, allowing users to change the font, text size, margins, etc., and flip pages normally.
The Kobo library contains free or low-cost versions of classic books, but good luck finding them via the Glo.
Plus, owners aren’t limited to one major bookstore (plus a handful of smaller ones) like they are on the Kindle.
Anyone using an iPad, myself included, will now have a degraded experience because I'll have to grab my Kindle 3 or Android phone in order to quickly purchase a book.
That being said, I do see why developers would be upset about it because, if the price were the same either way, why wouldn't I take the easy route and go in-app, thus cutting into the developers payment.
That is the way a free market economy, or as close to a free market economy we can get with all the government intervention, should work.
The alternative is to buy the book via Safari on the iPad, and while it's not exactly difficult, it's certainly a lot less slower than buying from an app that allows for one-tap purchase of books.What's your take on Apple's demand to have a 30% cut on every piece of content sold via an iOS app?
While some would pay attention to this and make sure developers got their share by going outside the app, most people would go in-app due to convenience. Ultimately the consumer will dictate what prices the books will be sold at, which is the way it should be.
A single charge can last up to eight weeks (based on a half hour of reading per day with wireless off and the light setting at ten), unlike tablets that need to be charged each night. The high-resolution display allows for elegant typeface options including Baskerville and Palatino, and all fonts on Kindle Paperwhite have been hand-tuned at the pixel level for maximum readability and comfort.

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