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To take a deeper dive into Conscious 2's membership platform and let technology revolutionise your inner life, click here. Asked to teach in 1996 by his Zen teacher of 14 years, Adyashanti offers teachings that are free of any tradition or ideology. Based in California, Adyashanti lives with his wife, Mukti, Associate Teacher of Open Gate Sangha.
True sacred relationship with this moment flowers when we are not asking it to be other than it is. A spiritual person can become addicted to spiritual highs and miss the experience of Truth. One of the valuable lessons I learned from many years sitting in Zen meditation was that in order to be with myself that much, I would have to find myself. The evocative images and the inspirational words of 12 of our authors help us turn the mind toward the fullness of our experience. Add this FREE gift to your cart along with your other items and use coupon code NOVSALE at checkout. The author of When Things Fall Apart shares a three-step method for finding courage and trust in any life situation. A step-by-step guide—more than 50 exercises—for using the energy of Distant Healing to help people, places, and animals in need. Put Ken Wilber's philosophies into action to enhance the quality of any facet of your life. A 6-hour course of practices based on quantum physics to enhance your health and intuition. A revolutionary futurist offers five easy-to-practice meditations to help you stay grounded. A collection of Thich Nhat Hanh's most popular teachings on traditional Buddhist practices. US $13.95 75% Off Where can we find beauty, peace, and the ultimate riches that life has to offer?
US $48.97 64% Off For those seeking advanced Buddhist teachings, Joseph Goldstein has created an unprecedented three-volume curriculum on the Four Foundations of Mindfulness.
US $16.98 75% Off Ambient duo Vargo share a story in music that begins in the infinite vastness of space and resolves into the discovery and comprehension of beauty in the smallest of things.
US $48.97 64% Off We often marvel at the wonders of art, architecture, and mythology created by the great ancient civilizations. US $13.97 64% Off As anyone who has tried it knows, meditation looks simple but at times it can be difficult. US $48.97 64% Off In the face of a cancer diagnosis, how do we create joy, health, and hope? US $48.97 64% Off Eleven inspiring speakers share powerful wisdom for anyone whose life has been touched by cancer or another life-threatening illness. US $69.97 64% Off From infancy, teaches Father Keating, we accumulate emotional layers, or programs, as a result of our life experiences. Meditating with the BodySix Tibetan Buddhist Meditations for Touching Enlightenment with the BodyReginald A.
US $24.47 64% Off The practice of body-based meditation has been revered for centuries as a tool for cultivating spiritual awareness and physical well-being.
US $48.97 64% Off Have you ever prayed for someone facing a health challenge—only to wonder if it actually helped? US $17.95 75% Off What if there were skills you could use to increase your ability to aid in the healing process? US $17.47 64% Off One of the great pleasures of yoga is the relaxation session or shavasana traditionally offered at the end of a class.
US $20.97 64% Off If you are a healer, or know someone who is, then you are well aware of the enormous challenges of this life path. US $99.00 75% Off In the authentic qigong tradition, students commit to a 100-day training retreat to deeply learn this healing practice. I’ve noticed sometimes that the beginning of a relationship is the start of time between lovers. In my own experience, even planning together to end a relationship, but not ending it just yet, puts time back on hold again. I was told this in soft exasperation, earlier this week, by one of the most loving souls I’ve ever met, Sara Ness.
Today it makes me think of my stern, repressed stepfather and how hard I tried, as a boy, not to be wrong to him.
It makes me think of cliquish classmates in junior high school, and how hard I tried to anticipate what they would dislike.
It makes me think of how much love I have inside, of the challenge of getting that out fully, into the world.
Until then, I must stand on guard against my own tendency to use my child to satisfy my own ego needs. You give the child a sense of living in a knowable world where their relationships to others, especially, are knowable, navigable, manageable. When you use a child to meet your emotional needs, suddenly their relationships to others are less knowable, navigable, and manageable. You feel protective of her, of her hurt, and perhaps toward the men she’s had difficulties with. The more I think about this dynamic, the less convinced I am that anyone is truly a victim. The experience seems archetypal enough to have touched all our lives at one time or another.
Often lately I think the most two people have to give one another, in loving connection, is the truth of their feelings in a moment. We can share not just feelings about one another, but feeling as such — how it feels to be fresh home from an errand, to finish a phone call with your mother, to think about life while I peel potatoes, to step out of the shower and onto the cold tile. We take joy in not just listening to the answer, but imagining what we are hearing, as they answer. Instead of just sad, I notice I’m actually grieving in a way that feels young and sweet. And as we see the feeling in greater detail, we watch its very nature changing before our eyes — our eyes, not just my own. Who has loved with the ultimate depth, and actively given the object of your love back to the universe? Over the past fifteen years I have completed perhaps ten fasts, during which I drank only water. I find water fasting to be far superior to modified fasts, such as the so-called “Master Cleanse.” Most of my fasts have been good experiences, with only periodic discomfort.

The main benefits I experience from a water fast are that I feel clear headed, I feel more in touch with my body, I have more time, it changes my relationship to food, and I seem to have — and take — more opportunities for spiritual reflection. It is incredible how much energy we normally spend buying, preparing, and eating food, and then cleaning up afterwards.
For those of us with food sensitivities, a water fast provides a strong and unmistakable “reset” for our digestive tract. I begin by choosing a target length for my fast, while acknowledging that I may go shorter or longer, depending on how my body is responding.
When it comes to choosing a length of your fast and sticking to it, don’t try to be “strong.” Listen closely to your body, take good care of yourself, and don’t require it to do things that feel unhealthy.
On the night before you begin your fast, eat a light, healthy supper and get a very good night’s rest.
Plan on a couple enema sessions each day during your fast, especially in response to any headaches or nausea. On the first day, I often feel surprisingly clear headed, with occasional bouts of wooziness. By the third day I’m often beginning to feel better, still weak but more clear headed and feeling like I’m over the hump.
If it’s winter time and you normally keep your temperature relatively low, take extra precautions to keep warm. If you are doing things right and you still feel quite bad, then it’s best to break your fast and try again another time. When it’s time to break your fast, choose soft foods that are easy to digest and unlikely to irritate your digestive tract. Great foods for a first meal include steamed squash or easily-digested raw fruits, like watermelon or avocado. Consider taking a probiotic, to help replenish any intestinal flora that may have receded during your fast.
Reintroduce foods into your diet very consciously, paying close attention to how you feel afterwards. And if you want to adopt a truly healthy diet afterwards, and maintain the many benefits of your fast, consider trying the Whole30. If you find a recorded public appearance by Ed Snowden not listed here, please e-mail the link to me at joshuazader at GMail.
Below is a list of all publicly available appearances by Ed Snowden since the original disclosure of his identity as the whistleblower behind Glenn Greenwald’s reporting, in early July 2013.
The uncivil perspective: Use ostracism when someone is wrong about something important, and we think we can get away with it. It creates an inquisition-like atmosphere of fear and conformity on all sides of all issues, because the stakes are higher, there is less room for independent judgment, and honest thoughtfulness and rationality are less likely to prevail inside each person’s mind.
The civil perspective: Avoid ostracism in all but the most extreme cases, such as when human rights are at stake and (not or) a clear majority has been firmly established.
The steel-man version of Andrew Sullivan’s argument is that, by employing ostracism too early — before a majority opinion has had time to settle — and retroactively, at that, we are making honest rational decision making less likely and ultimately lowering our standards of civility. It really is a question of whether we’re willing to tolerate others, or we just want them to tolerate us.
For my purposes, the best definition (a) is concise, (b) acknowledges the full role of integrity in our lives, and (c) provides a decidedly helpful heuristic for practicing integrity.
Cons: Fails to acknowledge one of the most significant realms of experience, which is what we feel.
If you gave up the need for control, and instead embraced the whole of your experience in each moment that arose? His teachings are an open invitation to stop, inquire, and recognize what is true and liberating at the core of all existence.
He teaches throughout North America and Europe, offering satsangs, weekend intensives, silent retreats, and a live internet radio broadcast.
Spiritual addiction occurs when something great happens and it feels as if you have received a hit of a great drug.
To sit quietly and to know only an image of oneself, or an image of the Divine, is to know only misery and endless chatter. Estés presents volume two of her masterwork on the archetype of the Dangerous Old Woman, with six sessions of original stories, psychological commentary, and blessings. Nine speakers, many of whom are thriving after cancer diagnoses, reframe the healing process in a positive, creative, and spiritual light. Over two decades, Jack Angelo has discovered that certain methods can significantly increase the effects of intention.
Moss brings together the most effective principles and practices from aboriginal and shamanic traditions, the ancient Greeks, Jungian principles, and more. Now with this comprehensive at-home study program, you can do the same to learn how to harness the power of your life-force energy.
The start of the present being anchored in an imagined future, rather than in what is alive and real.
Today I’m mostly very whole, very functional, and surrounded by souls willing to reflect who I am. But I’m an individual in community now, and the feedback I receive from the people I love and respect has taken on an entirely new aspect in life. You provide a container, a firm sense of right and wrong, a kind of unconditional love that also comes with clear limits and expectations.
Their sense of self is not yet formed, and here you are requiring them to navigate boundaries of self-and-other that even grown adults find hard to navigate, many times. And if you are ever tempted to think he or she is, you should probably think hard about the implications. That we could have navigated our own needs, and desires, and our genuine wish to care and be cared for, in a way that would have created a more consistently happy outcome. I’d love to connect with my male friends around this topic, especially in person, if you live in Austin.
Ayurvedic doctors, naturopathic doctors, doctors of oriental medicine, and other alternative health care practitioners commonly have experience in this area.
Remove the need for those activities, and suddenly you have a lot of extra time on your hands.
Then I block out my schedule, so I don’t have deadlines or significant work commitments, allowing me to work only as I feel ready. You may not sleep as well on the first night of the fast, and your body hasn’t yet switched fully to ketone metabolism. Ketosis usually has kicked in by the third day, and any physical craving for hunger subsides. Long after the hunger passes, you’ll see you still think of food, as a habit, often as a way to self-stimulate, when you are bored.

You should do a couple enemas, once or twice a day, especially during the first several days of your fast. Drinking water is crucial, not only to stay hydrated, but to flush out the toxins released as your body burns fat at an accelerated pace.
I sometimes have a bad reaction to probiotics, however, and have skipped them without noticing problems. For additional information about Snowden, his motivations, and the story behind his decision to become a whistleblower, I highly recommend Greenwald’s new book No Place to Hide. The interview was conducted in Hong Kong by Glenn Greenwald and filmed & edited by documentary filmmaker Laura Poitras. The reporting is in Portugese, but the interview itself was conducted and aired in English. I ultimately believe the differences of opinion on this topic come down to the question of civility. What we may disagree about is whether ostracism should be employed in our present situation, where public opinion has been fairly evenly divided, we are already beginning to win the public debate, it is only a matter of time before we prevail, and the debate has been largely civil and productive so far. How does it ultimately help us for the CEO of Mozilla to take a job with, for example, a Christian organization?
By this definition, a committed member of the Third Reich would have integrity if only he followed orders well enough.
Captures something vital about the essence of integrity — namely, consonance with what is real, what is true. Offers little insight about the elements of integrity or where to focus one’s efforts. Our inner experience provides critically important hints about right and wrong, what we should prioritize in life, and even who or what we are. With The Present Moment 2013 Sounds True calendar, evocative images and the inspirational words of 12 of our authors help us turn the mind toward the fullness of our experience.
Is it possible that the energy in our bodies is connected to the unlimited energy of the universe itself? And when a woman accuses us of behaving like a wolf, or even just being insufficiently caring, it raises feelings. What if that witnessing became more like shared ritual, especially during those moments when we want to relax and connect?
It takes the grace to find the words in a given moment to describe those private and fleeting brush-strokes of spirit. Conventional health care providers are, as far as I can tell, almost universally ignorant on the topic. When I tried a juice fast, my blood sugar levels were all over the place, I got headaches, and I had to abandon the fast by the second day. But if I’ve been eating unhealthily and do gain weight, this often feels like a natural time to fast.
During the final week of that fast, I was often surprised by how clear headed I felt and how much energy I had. As they’re being metabolized, you have a larger quantity of toxins getting released into the bloodstream. This can be particularly nice if you begin to feel chilled, from the lack of usual calories in your diet. Start by laying on your back, then turn to your left side, to allow the water to rise up your colon. Wear warmer clothes, drink warm water, and take plenty of breaks to lay in bed under the covers.
It can be a good time to take up a writing project, read a few books, or catch up on family phone calls.
If aren’t getting enough rest, your body will become stressed, and the fast will become agonizingly difficult in your weakened state. Civility requires leaving the discussion open, allowing rational opinions to change due to persuasion rather than ostracism.
They want Christians to tolerate gays, but they don’t want gay rights advocates to tolerate Christians.
I’ll publish new essays periodically, eventually folding those essays into books on key topics — such as integrity, emotions, love, and meditation.
When we look closely at how to cultivate integrity on a day-to-day basis, what we feel — the entire realm of inner, felt experience — plays a truly pivotal role. But perhaps it would be better to just acknowledge where I was coming from, when I wrote it.
With a child, it’s uni-directional, at least until the child is largely an adult inside.
That you can fly without wings, fall without landing, hurt without closing, love without losing? Their reasoning is that, by drinking easily-digestible sources of calories, you still get sustenance. It feels natural to be selective about what you put in your body, favoring high-quality foods. Once you break the fast, several pounds come back quickly simply because you once again have food in your digestive tract.
On other fasts, I’ve abandoned on the third or fourth day because I felt unusually achy or disoriented.
The taste of inferior water will get old fast, and most tap water has industrial chemicals in it. Add just enough salt to make it taste a little salty, almost like tears, perhaps around a half-teaspoon per liter, assuming you’re using a medium-sized rock salt. Your intestines are porous, which means your bloodstream is absorbing these byproducts from your intestines. Avoid putting your enema reservoir (bucket or bag) too high, or the water will enter with too much force. With frequent cat naps, however, you may be surprised how much (non-physically intensive) work you can do. Generally suggests integrity is an active process, rather than a binary state you either have or don’t have. Answering such questions is easier when your parents didn’t create conflicts of interest while you were growing up, by asking you to meet their emotional needs. Joel Fuhrman’s writings, that fasting can be particularly good for the treatment of arthritis and inflammation.

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