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Whenever something bothers me, I keep reminding myself that we cannot control people’s actions, attitudes and even events. P2P Un­Workshops are conducted by two golden women in their prime, Noemi and Jane, who have a century’s worth of experience between them. They tackle different aspects and issues of parenting ­­ from managing pregnancies, prepping for the school years of children, dealing with househelp, managing the household budget, to maximizing one’s prime life and staying healthy through the senior years. I just remind myself that I’ve done some good in my life, and that I continue to have the capacity to contribute to the well being of others. I’ve been reading your post about your son, and I remember the deaths who my younger brother died in 1996 an incoming 5th grade and another brother died in 2004 a fresh college grad. Need resource speakers for pro-active parenting, digital parenting, digital citizenship, social networking 101, wellness and cyber-bullying prevention ?
About me This is about me ( a Filipina mom) and my journey to a "new normal" after the death of Luijoe , my beautiful 6 year old son. At the end of the day, being able to tell yourself and your Angels "I did it!" will give youa sense of achievement, which, in turn, will help you gain peace of mind and self-love.
The Daily Angel Affirmations are © Mary Jac and were created exclusively for this website August 2nd 2009.
Affirmations are a great place to start when you want to start forgiving and letting go of the past. Let me be honest with you, this article is not intended to be a miracle worker for you to lose weight. What I do want to offer you here is a chance for you to use affirmations (and subliminal affirmations) in your personal program to help you get the weight off – and keep it off for good. Here is an example (written) on YouTube  of weight loss affirmations where you must read them out loud to yourself. People use affirmations not only for weight loss but for things such as quitting smoking, success, a new job, better relationships and so much more. The only difference with a subliminal affirmation and a normal affirmation is that subliminal affirmations are usually played under music or a masking sound – so you cannot hear the affirmations directly (or in some cases, see them) but they are entering into your subconscious mind without judgment from you. With this program, you can add your own music (best to use music without words) and you can either use the affirmations they suggest, or make up your own.
Another wonderful feature of this program is that you can have this program running whilst you're working at your computer. Please listen to this video on YouTube to help you with making your own subliminal positive affirmations. If you have any questions on subliminal affirmations for weight loss or any questions on affirmations, please feel free to chat with me. 7 Responses to Subliminal Weight Loss Affirmations; Does Positive Thinking Help With Weight Loss? I cannot get rid of this weight, my headaches are horrible, and hot flashes and night sweats awful. Hi Sharon, it seems all I can offer you is some encouragement to keep doing all that you are doing.
There's been a lot said about positive thinking, that it can not only reduce stress but can also bring miracles and help people overcome cancer and other medical and non-medical setbacks. I'm not just saying this, science is now proving that positive thinking, your overall attitude and how you see the world has a direct impact on your life.
The kind of positive thinking that results from being optimistic helps you manage stress better, improves your health and allows you to overcome many setbacks quickly and easily.
The negative thinking that comes from being pessimistic doesn't help you cope with stress and will likely create more of that stress. Positive thinking means that you focus on finding solutions, approach those negative events a little differently and focus on having the best work out for you instead of always looking at the worst. So when you encounter unpleasant situations, you approach them differently and deal with them in a more productive and positive way. When you have more negative thoughts than positive thoughts then your outlook on life is likely to be pessimistic and you'll end up in more negative situations.
If your thoughts are positive, then you're most likely an optimist and you probably practice positive thinking daily. Over the past 20 years scientists, researches and Doctors have been citing the benefits of positive thinking. There's no clear explanation for why people who practice positive thinking enjoy the above benefits but researchers feel that having a positive outlook just helps you better cope with things and focus on solutions instead of magnifying problems. These kinds of negative self-talk and negative thinking don't allow you to enjoy life, and they create more stress which has a negative impact on your health. The sooner you turn negative thinking into positive thinking, the better and it's a lot easier to do than you think, it just takes some time, and practice. Using a recent article critical of positive thinking this short and ranty response looks at a general trends in left discourse to make this critique while concealing its own operation as a form of positive thinking. What's missing in the critiques of self-help and the presence of gurus is the *need* that is being expressed by people who reproduce the self-help industry and the gurus.

Our gurus, like our Fuhrers, belong to us: we propel them to the positions that they are in. The article also features some worrying super-egoic injunctions that are fairly typical of the contemporary left. A commenter talks about the 'commodification of spirituality' and gets somewhere nearer to the mark, and in doing so leaves the terrain of the article behind.
Of course that's the message of so many cognitive psychological therapies and motivational interviewing and solution focussed therapy and positive psychology and their pop-version "positive thinking" (btw, you'll see "the power of negative thinking" just as much these days). I'm not suggesting that toxic media signals need to be disrupted or interfered with, or that somewhere in our unconscious these things wear away at us and insinuate themselves, but to suppose that people don't already question these messages is to suppose they are utterly passive.
It's not that the snark in this isn't well deserved, and it isn't that I disagree with it, but I feel like those who agree will agree and those who don't won't. In that sense the message that disruption and mutiny can be used to overcome that suicidal depression is a good message. Closer to the mark is a new post-SWP left formation that has declared that today "hope is precious: it must be rationed". The rhetorical strategy of talking about post-scarcity anarchism and fully automated luxury communism has overcome the vapid demands for sacrifice and the crassness of Wester-bourgeois "materialism".
If the left and the anarchists can't offer the core of what Oprah offers- if we can't outdo her and her ilk- what exactly do we have to offer? And the extra-parliamentary left doesn't even seem to have a good idea of how we're supposed to get from here to there other than vague declarations of needing more class consciousness.
Emma Goldman wrote of synchronising the individual and collective instincts through horizontal cooperation.
There are anarchists today who focus on personal problems and overcoming alienation, but sadly they tend to be lifestylists who put social struggle to one side.
Workerist anarchists have the opposite problem of focusing only on social struggle and dismissing out of hand issues of personal psychology as "bourgeois".
I think Institute for a Precarious Consciousness addressed the problem what the author of the above article calls "our generalised depressive, anxious, post-traumatic psychoaffective condition" in their text We Are All Very Anxious.
An article by Matthew Lyons that considers some of the discussion happening on the far right, far left and mainstream media on whether Donald Trump is a fascist. My life is a joy filled with love, fun and friendship all I need do is stop all criticism, forgive, relax and be open. I choose love, joy and freedom, open my heart and allow wonderful things to flow into my life. I’m willing to release, or let go of, negative thought patterns and replace them with positive ones. These companies may use information (not including your name, address, email address, or telephone number) about your visits to this and other websites in order to provide advertisements about goods and services of interest to you.
It's the best program on the web today (by far) for making subliminal affirmations for almost ANYTHING you can think of.
You then can listen to this music, transfer it to your iTunes account or iPod, and enjoy your favorite music whilst knowing that you're changing your old negative thought patterns. I wish you the very best of luck on your weight loss journey and hope you've enjoyed my article on weight loss affirmations. While most of these benefits help with your health, positive thinking can also help improve many areas of your life.
They're just better able to manage stress and setbacks than those who are more pessimistic. For example: you get a project completed at work on time, your boss pats you on the back and your colleagues compliment you. I meant to do it for you to set as desktop background or you can print it and attach it to your fridge. For instance: "No amount of “positive thinking” can fill the bellies of the 280,000 children living in poverty in this country". In our generalised depressive, anxious, post-traumatic psychoaffective condition the idea that things can be reduced to 'adapt or disrupt' is immensely unhelpful. But to assume that people receive the message and absorb it without any critical interaction and without the strategic re-purposings and re-deployments is to rely on a very much outmoded model of how people interact with the media environment. Drink a couple of litres of soda pop, add diamantes to your manicure, wear a fake moustache all day long (as Gala really has suggested as a remedy for the blues), put on a nice pink dress and smile a bit more then BOOM! That is, those people who feel the need to follow the radical self-love are looking for something that may not be readily supplied by the left. If ISIS can say "jihad is the cure for depression" then why aren't leftists and anarchists saying the same thing? Anyone acquainted with me on social media will know that I am close to pessimism, depressive realism, and nihilism. Hope is precious, like some dwindling subterranean resource, imperceptible but certainly down there, compacted, compressed like diamonds in the darkness of the bowels of the Earth. The task is to see the dialectical interplay of misery and hope, to be aware of our own affective desolations and the bipolarity of common garden delusions; to become conscious of our own psychoses, needs and coping mechanisms.

Classical and mid twentieth century anarchists tried to integrate social struggle with personal self-fulfilment (as any worthwhile social anarchism today must). Murray Bookchin's 60s and 70s writings spoke all the time of developing a new kind of selfhood, rejecting the productivist work ethic, and how the highest form of class consciousness was self-consciousness.
They say "each phase of capitalism has its own dominant reactive affect", and the dominant affect of late capitalism is anxiety.
This 180­degree turn also put them on a different life course which includes blogging, social media engagement and citizen advocacy. Positive thinking is definitely a good attitude, but accepting the fact that things still can go wrong after doing your best is another good one. If you did not find the right forgiveness statement for you, you may use these affirmations as inspiration to create your own affirmation statements.
And the way you do this is to trick your mind into believing that you ALREADY have what it is you want. Diet, emotions, physical, mental, spiritual thinking all comes into play when wanting to lose weight.
Use it for more confidence (confidence plays a huge part in weight loss), to lose weight, exercise, changing your ways as you do. It is that fast, that you wont see them consciously, however, they are entering directly into your subconscious mind. And possibly it’s good to take time to reflect and be grateful how far you have come.
It's not about thinking that everything is going to be wonderful and no harm will ever come to you. Also, people who are optimistic are usually more active physically and as a result, will tend to be healthier and live longer. Oh right, thanks for that reminder of all that suffering and my impotence to actually fill those bellies and for putting the responsibility of filling those bellies squarely on my shoulders- now I feel so much better about things I don't need to reach for the self-help book at all. I don't mean the people writing or acting are idiots, far from it, but that there is some kind of idiocy going on when you miss the point of the need for self-help and for gurus. In fact the problem is that too much of the time leftists and anarchists reproduce the self-help and positivity mantras with the reality of struggle and the promise of revolution and postcapitalism standing in for self-actualisation or happiness.
A wartime resource, something essential, as if we had ration books for affects and temporal orientations like the 1940s rationed food; for the leftist hope *is* food, and she devours the future greedily, like an anorexic who devours the idea of food without ever taking a bite, throwing reality up in favour of some hallucinatory vision of a full meal. All personal problems must be pushed to one side until the class struggle has achieved full communism. Paul Goodman even co-developed gestalt therapy (which more anarchists should really look into) and practiced as a psychotherapist for ten years.
Their proposed solution is forming affinity groups with the goal of "precarity-focused consciousness raising", kinda similar to the feminist consciousness raising of the 70s. They call their un­workshops Prep to Prime or P2P, for short, to emphasize the breadth of their parenting experience. Some come from applying logic and reason, while others come from your perceptions, judgements, and interpretations based on a lack of information.
They also tend to eat better, avoid alcohol, sugars and are non-smokers, all of which helps them enjoy better health. When I am in good health, I am full of energy and I will attract positive thoughts.I read positive words daily (it can be books or quotes). That said though, the idea that one can simply take up an oppositional stance and think that resistance itself is somehow going to make your shit life less shit (sorry, it'll probably make it worse a lot of the time) is also vapid and terrible advice. In other places these are the kind of people who are snapped up by groups like ISIS or neo-nazi cults or other religious reactionaries. In the end there is a million light years from disruption and mutiny to jihad (spiritual warfare).
So, basically they say folks should form groups and share their feelings and stories and relate to them in a way your social worker or psychiatrist doesn't want you to.
One of the choices in recovery is choosing what we want to think and using our mental energy in a positive way.
Let go of the outcome, keep doing what you’re doing and watch the results when they appear! It's this kind of self talk that is often negative and creates some serious damage and lead to more stress. I saturate my thoughts with positive thinking, positive words and ideas, and ultimately I will have a storehouse of positive-producing thoughts to which I can turn for refreshment and renewal of my thoughts.I am happy with what I have.

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