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This practice combines awareness of the breath, psychic passages for the breath and psychic sound (mantra So Hum). When these three components are practiced together, the awareness, breath and mantra become one. The whole body is recharged, psychic toxins are eliminated and blocks in the nadis (energy pathways) are removed.
Check the alignment of the body and make any adjustments to the position to bring a sense of balance and ease. Remain in this state for as long as desired, to end the practice gradually externalise by noticing the subtle sensations and moving to the more gross sensation. IL 99,5% DEI CLIENTI E' PIENAMENTE SODDISFATTO DEGLI ACQUISTI, DELLA TEMPESTIVITA' NELLE CONSEGNE E DELL'ASSISTENZA POST VENDITA!

Il prodotto che stai acquistando e in formato digitale, non si tratta di un prodotto fisico (es.
Iscriviti anche alla newsletter gratuita per conoscere tutte le novita e le nostre offerte speciali (facoltativo). As the breath flows in the energy rises from the navel to the throat, as the breath flows out it moves back down to the navel. She is the director of Satya Live Yoga and specialises in online yoga courses to help people find their own home yoga practice. Ti informiamo che non potrai esercitare il diritto di recesso su contenuti digitali quali eBook, Mp3 e Videocorsi, ai sensi dell'art.
The energy of the IN flows up from the navel to the throat, the energy of the EX down from the throat to the naval.

Continue to feel the breath moving through the frontal psychic passage between navel and throat.
She is a dedicated teacher, authentic and compassionate, who puts her heart and soul into every class.

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