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Living Today In Alateen is a daily meditation book for teens whose lives are affected by someone else's drinking.
Hope for Today is a collection of daily thoughts and meditations based on the sharings of Al-Anon members who grew up with the family disease of alcoholism. Silvertone narrow stretch bangle with a dangling heart charm and the inspirational text of the popular Serenity Prayer.
These 366 daily meditations were written for those of us who are living with our own or a loved one's HIV or AIDS diagnosis. When you create an account, we can store your payment and shipping information for fast checkout. Each Day a New Beginning sold more than two-and-a-half million copies since its publication.

Living Today In Alateen is a daily meditation book for teens whose lives are affected by someone else’s drinking. Taking life one day at a time has proven essential in the Al-Anon program of recovery for those whose lives have been adversely affected by the problem of alcoholism in a relative or friend.
The readings can enhance the healing process by helping us to accept, understand, and integrate our values with those offered through Twelve Step recovery; and provide positive thoughts to encourage us to focus on our priorities. With her signature wisdom, insight, and humor, Schaef shows us how to stop living at the mercy of frenzy and chaos and start savoring daily moments that center, calm, and nourish us. A Woman's Spirit continues this tradition with a collection of wise, compassionate daily meditations for any woman now living sober and seeking spiritual fulfillment. Contemplation and ultimately practical actions come together to help us tune into ourselves, be still and mindful, lighten up, laugh, and revel in the adventure of every day.

This meditation book serves as a steady spiritual companion for individuals making their way along the often-tumultuous recovery journey.
Written by the authors of Keep It Simple, which has sold more than two million copies, God Grant Me . Readers will draw inspiration and summon strength to handle recovery's daily struggles, learning to live with greater honesty, compassion, humor, gratitude, and awe.

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