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Philip Groning’s non-narrative documentary follows the day to day lives of the Carthusian monks of the Grande Chartreuse, an ascetic monastery high up in the French alps.
During the only interview of the film, a monk proclaims that happiness involves being close to God, and that those that do not have faith do not have a reason to live.
A follow up to Godfrey Reggio’s experimental film Koyaanisqatsi, for which he was the cinematographer, Ron Fricke’s non-narrative documentary captures the awe and wonder in life. Baraka honors man’s creative production, exhibiting visionary man-made structures such as the Ryoan Buddhist temple in Kyoto Japan, the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem, and the Terracotta Army in Shaanxi China. The camera captures awe inspiring imagery of natural events, from the raging water falls of Iguazu falls in Argentina, to the billowing and smoldering of an active volcano. Capturing the powerful sense of transcendence that arises from the experience of beauty, Baraka celebrates the flow of divine inspiration from nature, to man, to his creations. Winner of the 2011 Palm d’Or, Tree of Life chronicles the existence of the universe while exploring the meaning of life.
The film opens with the image of the cosmos, empty and totally void, except for a wavering flame. Tree of Life is a meditation on the meaning of life as experienced through the eyes a young boy. An experimental film consisting in real-time, slow motion, and time-lapse footage of natural and industrial landscapes across the United States, Koyaanisqatsi illustrates technologies prevalence across all facets of human existence. Reggio uses striking imagery, coupled with a haunting soundtrack composed by Phillip Glass, to illuminate man’s relationship with technology.
Koyaanisqatsi begins with an image of the Holy Ghost panel in the Great Gallery of Horseshoe Canyon.
After hovering over America’s barren desert landscapes and sparkling oceans, the camera shifts its focus to the areas of land where nature and technology intersect. The film then begins to take a more optimistic tone, focusing on the awe-inspiring ways technology has shaped modern society. This is followed by a more stirring version of the opening score, coupled with footage of people solemnly going about their daily lives in the city. In the Hopi language, Koyaanisqatsi translates to “A life out of balance,” a message that Reggio does not fail to convey in his film. Jodorowsky’s psychedelic cult classic, The Holy Mountain, serves as a guide for attaining enlightenment.
The film then cuts to a man (identified as the thief) covered in flies and lying in urine amongst empty bottles of liquor.
Widely regarded as one of the greatest films of all time, Stanley Kubrick’s sci-fi masterpiece depicts human evolution, from early hominids to modern humans, and beyond. Discovery One is manned by a crew of five (three of which are in cryogenic hibernation) and controlled by an A.I. The hominids then learn that they can use the bones for other purposes, such as weapons, illustrating the dynamic nature of man’s interaction with technology. One of world cinemas most iconic films, The Seventh Seal is a lamentation on the inadequacy of faith to justify tragedy.
A weary knight, Antonius Block (Max Von Sydow), and his squire, Jons (Gunnar Bjornstrand), return from battle in the Crusades only to find their homeland Sweden ravaged by the plague.
An adaptation of the novel by the same name written by Stanislaw Lem, Solaris explores the concept of knowledge, emphasizing humanity’s inability to understand or communicate with other forms of life. Kris Kelvin (Donatas Banionis) is a psychologist tasked with the mission to travel to the Solaris Station (a research station hovering over the ocean planet named Solaris) in order to determine whether research on the ocean planet should be abandoned. Due to disturbing phenomenon experienced by those on board the research station, and the unintelligible data obtained during the planet’s surveillance, only three researchers remain at the station: Snaut (Juri Jarvet), Sartoirious (Anatoly Solonitsyn), and Dr. Solaris challenges the concept of man as a being with limitless potential, thus calling man’s purpose into question. Great list but I feel I should mention that Oscar’s soul is not actually leaving his body in Enter The Void.
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The Transcendental Meditation technique is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical diagnosis or treatment.
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Transcendental films are those which go beyond traditional films by altering the viewer’s state of mind. These films challenge the viewer’s perceptions of reality, death, morality, and a host of other ideas that humanity takes for granted. Written by Manuela Gretkowska, scandalous writer, feminist, and founder of the Polish Women’s Party, Szamanka investigates the connection between sex, the divine, and the subjugation of women in modern society. The film takes place in Warsaw, where a student (Iwona Petry) whom we come to know only as the “Italian,” is searching for an apartment. The next day, during an excavation, Michal and his students discover the well preserved remains of a shaman that is more than 2,000 years old. Meanwhile, the Italian and Michal continue to engage in frenzied acts of sex which produce a transcendent experience for the two. A highly provocative film, Szamanka presents sex as a powerful practice which can be used as a means to attain spiritual fulfilment. Winner of the 2010 Cannes Palm d’Or, Uncle Boonmee (written, directed, and produced by Apitchatpong Weerasethakul) is a lyrical meditation on karma, transformation, reincarnation, and death. Loosely based on the Tibetan Book of the Dead, Enter the Void depicts the intermediary stage between life and rebirth.
Oscar (Nathaniel Brown) is living in Tokyo, where he has recently reunited with his younger sister Linda (Paz De La Cruz). Enter the Void tells the story of a man, who after death, refuses to leave his promises unfulfilled.
Written by the acclaimed Paddy Chayefsky, Altered States tells the story of a man obsessed with investigating uncharted regions of the mind and experiencing altered states of consciousness.
Edward Jessup (William Hurt) is a professor of abnormal psychology whose studies focus on schizophrenia. Edward embarks on a journey to visit an isolated tribe in Mexico, whom he is informed, practice a ritualistic consumption of a hallucinogenic drug which induces a common experience amongst participants.
Dodd attempts to learn about Freddie’s past and his reasons for boarding the yacht, but Freddie gives no answers. After celebrating his daughter’s marriage, Dodd subjects Freddie to “Processing,” a bizarre psychological exercise which involves a sequence of disturbing psychological questions aimed at reducing the trauma associated with them. The Master reveals the important roles that people play in each other’s search for meaning. Herzog’s film depicts man’s idealism as volatile and detrimental, as he tells the story of a megalomaniac possessed with the desire to conquer.

Set in 1560, the film follows a Spanish expedition in search of the fabled land of El Dorado. Of the forty men, Pizarro places Pedro De Ursua (Ruy Guerra) first in command and Lope De Aguirre (Klaus Kinski) second in command. Loosely inspired by the written accounts of German Ethnologist Theodor Koch-Grunberg, and American Ethnobotanist Richard Evans Schultes, Embrace of the Serpent tells the story of Karamakate, an Amazonian shaman struggling to come to terms with the extinction of his people. Taking place during the early 1900’s, a young shaman named Karamakate (Nilbio Torres) is approached by two men traveling by boat, a German explorer named Theo (Jan Bijvoet), and his local guide, Manduca (Migual Dionisio Ramos). Although Karamakate is the only one who can find the widely sought after plant, he holds reservations against helping one of the white men responsible for the extinction of his people. In a parallel story, a much older Karamakate is approached by a lone traveler by the name of Evan (Brionne Davis). Karamakate explains that he has lost his connection with nature and cannot remember how to find Yakruna, but that he will accompany Evan on his search. Using lush black and white photography, mythical undertones, and evocative sound design, Embrace of the Serpent hypnotizes and transports its audience to a mysterious world, both beautiful and frightening.
Guerra addresses the horrors committed to the indigenous people of the Amazon at the hands of white invaders, criticizing modern man’s exploitation of nature, and lack of spirituality.
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Having proposed his idea in 1984, Groning was finally given permission to film and live at the monastery 16 years later; it took him another two years to finish editing. Located in the Chartreuse Mountains and closed to visitors, The Grande Chartreuse is secluded from the outside world.
Groening’s documentary illustrates that when people believe in something beyond themselves, they can endure severe hardship.
In Arabic, the word “Baraka” refers to a kind of spiritual force which flows from god and permeates throughout the world. Perhaps most impressive is Baraka’s aptness in examining powerful cultural ceremony’s without being invasive. Malick’s documentary-like style of chronicling the universe suggests that the universe is void of any inherent purpose or meaning.
Reggio acknowledges the prominence man has been able to achieve through technological advancement, yet prophesizes tragic consequences as a result of man’s utter dependence on technology. The primitive art work depicts a group of shapeless, featureless, beings (commonly referred to as the Holy Ghosts) surrounding a figure adorned with a crown. The audience is shown footage of highways, city sky-scrapers, and stunning images of satellite photography which capture the expansive layout of industrialization. The film then revisits the rocket launch, which is shown exploding after take-off, and concludes with another image from the Great Gallery.
Reggio’s choice of footage uniquely displays man’s illustrious, but doomed relationship with technology.
Jodorowsky challenges the audience to shed themselves from all beliefs and perceptions, and to follow him on a journey to acquire the secrets of the immortals. They are stripped of all material things which signify culture, as they are being prepared for rebirth.
The film uses surreal imagery, a powerful soundtrack, and evocative themes to create a transcendent experience.
2001 recognizes that humans, like all known life-forms, represent a point in the evolutionary process, not an end. A group of hominids are shown drinking from a water hole, before they are driven away by a rival tribe. Inspired by the monolith, the hominids discover the use of large bones as tools for acquiring food.
In the film, man encounters the mysterious monolith again, in space, accelerating man’s potential. While resting at a beach, Antonius is confronted by Death, which has taken the form of a pale monk dressed in black.
As a crusader, Antonius fought and killed in the name of God, only to return home to a plague stricken land .He has seen and experienced a great deal of suffering, and has failed to see any sign of Gods intervention.
By confronting mankind’s existential limitations, the film calls into question man’s place in the cosmos.
Thus far, research on Solaris has suggested the fantastic hypothesis that the planet has a distinctive brain and may be capable of thought.
Kris struggles desperately to understand what (if anything) Solaris is trying to communicate.
The crew cannot communicate with Solaris because Solaris is a distinctive being, fundamentally different from humans. Gaspar Noe has said that the out of body experience that takes place after Oscar is shot is in fact happening within his mind as he slowly dies.
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We got talking about world peace — how everyone wants it but no one believes we’ll ever get it (see video clip below). We realized that most people don’t know how deeply their own consciousness is connected to the collective fate of the planet—or how they can use a powerful, scientifically tested technology of consciousness to help create world peace on earth virtually overnight.
The approach has been tested on the local, state, national, and international levels, and it has worked every time, resulting in highly significant drops in negative social trends and improvements in positive trends.
From that level of life they create a tidal wave of harmony and coherence that can permanently alter society for the better, as the research confirms. A critical experimental test of the peace-creating effect of large meditating groups was conducted during the peak of the Lebanon war.
Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider regarding any medical condition.
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Edward is convinced that other states of consciousness, such as those experienced by his patients, are as real as normal waking states. Russell uses powerful, vivid imagery to convey the intrigue and terror of uncharted exploration, but his question is clear: is the intrigue worth the danger?
Ron Hubbard and the practice of Scientology, The Master depicts two men and their struggle to find meaning, and exposes the role that human connection can play in finding it. Freddie finds hope in his friendship with Dodd, believing that Dodd may hold the cure to his ailments and the secret to a better life.

Lacking in both supplies and knowledge of the surrounding area, the expedition in unable to continue until further information can be obtained. If the group does not return in one week’s time, the rest of the party will head back whence they came. Through Aguirre and his treacherous self-aggrandizement, Herzog depicts man’s futile quest for power.
Gravely ill, Theo is in search of a sacred and rare plant called Yakruna, which he is told can cure him of his sickness.
After revealing that he can help find other survivors of his tribe, Karamakate agrees to assist Theo. Evan claims that he has never been able to dream, neither awake nor asleep, not even by ingesting powerful herbs given to him by shamans.
While looking through Evan’s luggage, he finds a book written by Theo, and begins to recover his link with nature.
Yet amid all the darkness, Guerra expresses hope in the transmission of the Amazonian legacy. The Carthusian’s believe that by giving up everything and embracing their faith, they become closer to God, who acknowledges their sacrifice. Despite the fact that many of the monks are elderly, they perform labor intensive work in harsh conditions.
The viewer is given the opportunity to candidly observe cultural expression that he may not otherwise have access to. O’Brien (Jessica Chastain) suggests that there are two ways through life: the way of nature, and the way of grace. The creation of the cosmos and the destruction of a planet are just a course of events that cannot be assigned any moral value.
Set to a haunting score named after the title of the film, the audience is then shown spectacular slow motion footage of a rocket launch. The alchemist and the thief, along with a team of nine powerful men and women, embark on a journey to climb the holy mountain of Lotus Island, in order to conquer the secrets of the immortals. Jodorowsky alters his audience’s state of mind, and guides them through a spiritual exploration, culminating with a plea for his viewers to continue the journey in reality. Acknowledging the crucial role technology has played in man’s evolution, 2001 suggests that man, with the aid of technology, will transcend himself. 2001 acknowledges that technology has played a crucial role in shaping early hominids into modern man, and that technology will continue shape man into something far beyond himself. At a church, the knight enters the confessional, where he admits that he has lost his faith. Bergman provokes the audience to confront a question: if there is a God, why does he not reveal himself? Confronted with the futility of trying to establish communication with Solaris, the crew struggles to hold onto their notions regarding the purpose of man’s existence.
It is possible that he is doing this due to the chance that DMT is produced when we die, however considering Gaspar has taken DMT he’d be quite familiar with the nature of one of those trips, which is far different to an out of body experience. And this consciousness-based approach is holistic, easy to implement, non-invasive, and cost effective.
A day-by-day study of a two-month TM meditation assembly in Israel in 1983 showed that, on days when the number of participants (“TM Group Size,” right) was high, war deaths in neighboring Lebanon dropped by 76% (p < 10-7). International peace project in the Middle East: The effect of the Maharishi Technology of the Unified Field. Ready to wear saree can be worn just like skirt without the bother of tucking, pleating, and adjusting the pallu length as they are already set in the center to make you feel more comfortable and easy in wearing. After Michal agrees to rent the Italian his brother’s old apartment, the two immediately engage in a violent act of sex. Michal speculates that the shaman’s skull was crushed so to release his spirit after his death. Michal’s life begins to fall apart as he becomes obsessed with discovering the cause of the shaman’s death, and possessed by the idea that the Italian has shamanic powers.
But, as fulfilling as it may be, the powerful interaction between sex and spirituality could be destructive. He is visited by supernatural beings, including his deceased wife, and his lost son who has transformed into an ape-like creature. Oscar sells drugs in order to support himself, against the advice of his friend Alex (Cyril Roy), who has lent Oscar a copy of the Tibetan Book of the Dead.
Gaspar Noe brilliantly utilizes the first person perspective, stunning visuals, and exceptionally effective editing to bring the audience along Oscar’s spiritual journey through the afterlife.
Using a floatation tank, Edward begins to experiment with sensory deprivation as a means to self-induce altered states of mind. During experimental sessions, Edward begins to experience disturbing psychological and physiological devolution. After being accused of poisoning a migrant worker with moonshine at a cabbage farm where he works, Freddie drunkenly flees and sneaks on board a yacht. Freddie is intrigued by Dodd’s flamboyant demeanor and outlandish philosophy, while Dodd is fascinated with Freddie’s unique personality.
Dodd sees his friendship with Freddie as an opportunity to prove the validity of his work, thus reaffirming his grandiose perception of himself. Pizarro, the leader of the expedition, orders a group of forty men on a mission to travel down the river by raft in search of food and information.
Unwilling to allow Ursua’s decision to jeopardize the expedition, Aguirre signals one of the men to fire the cannon and destroy the raft.
Aguirre reveals that he has plans of his own as he sets his scheme in motion to become Ruler of a new empire. The film offers a critique on the destruction of indigenous peoples and the exploitation of natural resources at the hands of white invaders. Karamakate insists that Evan is not one, but two souls, and that he must find his own way to the Yakruna. As long as there are those willing to learn, a connection between man and nature can be re-established.
The monks adopt a strict vow of silence as they go about their rigid routine of prayer, work, and study. Reggio’s alluring cinematic work of art, depicts man as having become dangerously dependent on the volatile forces of technology. After employing various money making schemes, the thief observes a crowd of people gathered around a tower, where gold is being lowered by a hook in exchange for food. It is possible that his soul is leaving his body, so to speak, but this is not because he has died. In addition, crime, traffic accidents, fires, and other indicators of social stress in Israel (combined into a Composite Index) all correlated strongly with changes in the size of the peace-creating group.
Boonmee contemplates the karmic cause of his illness and acknowledges the bad deeds that he has committed in his current life.
Oscar remembers a promise that he made to Linda, prompting him find a way to make things right.
Unable to perceive the limits of his own power, Aguirre is unprepared for dangers that lie in the Amazon jungle. On their voyage, Karamakate struggles to enlighten Theo, criticizing white man’s reliance on material possessions, his exploitation of nature, and his lack of spirituality. She explains that grace does not try to please itself, but accepts things as they are, whereas nature seeks to please itself, and to have things its own way.
Shortly thereafter, one of the hominids is inspired to use a large bone as a club to kill and eat meat.
It is soon revealed that unbeknownst to the crew, the primary mission of Discovery One is to investigate the finding of another black monolith orbiting Jupiter. O’Brien’s eldest son Jack (Sean Penn), as he recalls his childhood a, torn between following the path of nature (personified by his authoritarian father) and the path of grace (personified by his tolerant mother).
Antonius then proclaims that his life has been nothing, and that before he dies he wishes to perform one meaningful deed. Unable to reconcile the opposing perspectives on life that have been passed onto him, Jack struggles to cope with his younger brother’s death.

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