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Bad For You’s special Christmas countdown of twelve of the weirdest, most outrageous, totally craziest bans, blocks, recalls and protests ever over toys.
WHY THEY WERE FUN: There are now over 718 “revealed” species of the title “pocket monsters” franchise – which can also be divided up into “generations” of games. This entry was posted in Bad for You, Banning, Censorship, Christmas, Game Bans, Play, Toys, Uncategorized.

I agree with you on quite a lot of this, but I do wonder why this is an issue framed only for the ladies.
Do boys and men wear certain things that lead them to objectified by women, and do they have an obligation not to do that?
As a Christian woman, I am certainly for encouraging modesty, but I recognize that when we talk about this like a specifically gendered way, that in itself can be objectifying.

Wiley)I’m looking for 20 students (Theology in the Raw)Tempest surrounding Bathrooms: Gender Controversy du Jour (Roger E.

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