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The Error is seen when your android device tries to scan and connect to the network and obtains IP address which is not able to be accessed by the device and the procedure is repeated once again trying to obtain the IP address and you then get the Error Obtaining IP Address. These steps can be used without the use of any Apps but by just altering the settings on your device. Now in the IP address option you have to enter the IP address of your choice but leave other options unchanged and save the settings.
These steps have proved helpful for many users and i my self could solve the Obtaining IP address error.
I am a gadget savvy Dentist by profession, but my passion is more towards gadgets, gizmos and photography. When you surf internet on your Android phone, you can’t find IP address of your network on which you are running your internet connection. But if you are running the internet connection on a GPRS or 3G network, then finding the IP address of that network is not that easy. Step 6: Now you can see the IP address of the internet or Wi-Fi connection on which your Android phone is running.
Wi-Fi Analyzer is an extremely useful app that allows you to check settings and properties of all wireless networks around you, choose the best channel, check signal quality and more.
Each connected device has a unique MAC address and an IP address, and once in a while you might need that information.

You don’t have the option to copy the MAC address in Android, but you can grab a screenshot and save it, instead of writing down the sequence manually. According to a Forum this can be caused due to the Wi-Fi router that is not able to assign IP address to your Android Device. Do not download and Install any application which promises to solve this error all of which were found useless. IP address is mandatory when you want to find your internet connection across other devices and networks. If you are running internet on a Wi-Fi network, then finding IP address of your Android phone is very easy from within the phone. So below are the steps to find IP address on your Android phone including both of GPRS and Wi-Fi network.
For example, to see who is using your home WiFi using Fing app, as described in our article How to See Who Is Using Your WiFi.
Here is where you find the IP address of your device as well as other network related information. It is a series of colon-separated letters and numbers, and it’s displayed alongside a whole wealth of other information about your device, such as a serial number, model number, and capacity. Don’t forget to follow PocketMeta on social networks to get our hand-picked guides, reviews and roundups on iOS, Android and Windows Phone apps, games and operating system tweaks.

There are many solutions on the internet which are suggesting downloading apps to solve the problem but most of these apps are not providing any solution.
So the first thing I need to do is find the IP address of my router to be able to log in to the web interface. In this case, you will see a list of MAC addresses alongside the names of the devices, but what if you can not tell right away which device belongs to your household, and which is alien. In most cases, the Wi-Fi network is the one in question, so this is what this guide shows you. Troubleshooting, connecting to office and school networks, or simply submitting your device info to your network administrator, the scenarios vary. There can be an entire multitude of other reasons why you would need to know your device’s IP and MAC address (media access control). Hacking with Android - Apps that you can use to "Hack" or do some cool tricks on a network.

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