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Recent research quoted at The Mayo Clinic, WebMD, and Harvard strongly suggests that mindfulness meditation techniques are highly effective in reducing stress and treating anxiety.
Certain breathing exercises and Pranayam techniques work wonders in relieving anxiety and calming all anxiety symptoms.
Although it is an oft-repeated word, sadly, it happens to be one of the least understood of concepts.
There is a broad medical consensus that meditation techniques to treat anxiety are one of the best long term ways for anyone to overcome most forms of anxiety. And most importantly, please click the LIKE button below to help us spread the word that meditation is good for your health and happiness. March 24, 2014 By Elizabeth 1 Comment My daughter has always struggled with anxiety to some degree. Mindfulness Meditation helps to improve self-confidence, reduce stress, sleep better, manage anger, deal with peer pressure and bullying, improve overall attitude, focus and concentrate better at school and help ADHD Kids feel in control. If you’re interested in using this yourself, I am using Headspace and love, love, love it!
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Harlan Kilstein has been using a variety of methods to help his patients treat their anxiety, including meditation, guided visualization, and counseling.  In recent years, Dr. When told to practice deep breathing, what most people do, is try and puff up their chests with as much oxygen as they can.
The best thing about it is that you can practice this exercise anywhere and at any time of the day.
It wasn’t until she entered her school age years that I realized how severe they really were. It is called Shambala Kids and they have many wonderful CD’s and MP3 downloads for guided meditation. I’ve been meditating for around 6 weeks now and have noticed an enormous difference in my mindset. Kilstein has focused more of his attention to meditation because of the fast and reliable treatments for stress related problems, including anxiety.
Anxiety is something that must be dealt with at an early stage or else, it can manifest into something really serious and potentially dangerous such as panic attacks, generalized anxiety disorder, etc. Just close your eyes, block your mind from all outer distractions and concentrate on your breathing.

We also send regular updates, inspiring quotes, and new guided meditations to you regularly. After starting counseling for her and undergoing psychological testing, we found that she had a generalized anxiety disorder. I introduced my children to some meditation sessions last week and have been on the look-out for some guided meditations. Feel the purity of oxygen entering your body as you inhale, and all the anxiousness and negativity leaving your body in the form of carbon dioxide as you exhale. When you breathe in deeply, you should literally feel your abdomen swelling up with air, and then going back to its original position upon exhaling. This is because it is not only extremely easy to implement, but also very effective in terms of producing desired results. My hope is that this blog provides you with activity ideas that you can use with your own children.

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