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App Icons (Free) — Use templates to create cool icons, or make your own designs from scratch; either way, you can customize your homepage look based on several themes (like nature and cartoons).
CocoPPa (free) — Easy to use, CocoPPa lets you choose your favorite images from a pool of designs that are searchable by tag, color, and category. App Icons+ (free) — The same name as the other app, this one lets you select from a number of backgrounds and borders or import your own photos to create icon designs. For more-advanced iOS users — You can create your app icon designs in a different, more involved way.
Is there a way to customize the icons that came with the iPhone, such as Phone, Mail, Safari, Music, Calendar and so on? Apple's Clock application icon in iOS 7 and iOS 8 displays the time with an animated analog clock. A new free jailbreak tweak called Digital Clock Icon by iOS developer liuyuning is now available in Cydia that lets you replace the analog animated clock icon for the Clock application on the Home Screen with a digital clock application icon, as shown above. If you prefer the digital clock interface, then Digital Clock Icon is a great upgrade for you. If you're unable to read an analog clock because you couldn't grasp the concept in school or anywhere else, you should not be alive. Through live 3D face tracking the app gives users the ability to apply customisable facial, skin and anti-aging effects to every angle of their face instantly as they look into the camera. A number of settings (left) to retouch your face are included on the phone including cheek lift, face lift and slimming. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.
With SwitcherTweak, you can have app cards scrolling in all four directions as options include up, down, flipped, and naturally the default scroll direction.
The tweak also offers an option to disable the blur effects found on the app switcher by default. Since SwitcherTweak is still in beta, you can download it from developer’s own repo for free. That’s the premise of Cocoppa, a service that lets you tweak the icons, look and feel of an Android or iOS device to your heart’s desire.
Beyond wallpapers and screen savers, Android users have more options on Cocoppa because the Google-owned platform is open to a greater level of customization and tweaking. That’s because Cocoppa found a method that overcomes Apple’s rigidity by allowing devices to house shortcuts to apps.
The new icon is basically just a link to the app, so while you can pretty it up as you like, it will take a second or two longer to load, which is frustrating. Thanks to user-generated content, Cocoppa offers a staggering collection of more than six million icon designs and over one million wallpapers. To get customizing, open the app and search based on either the name of the app you want to redesign, or specific colors, tags or categories.

Many icons come in packs, which is an easy to way to get a color-coordinated look for your phone. That’s something that strikes you the moment you open the app and see the suggested themes, content and layout. Imuta said that the US accounts for 33 percent of all downloads, which actually makes it the largest market globally. Most tend to change their themes once or twice a month, Imuta said, although “heavy users” will tweak their customizations daily. Cocoppa got some big-name competition earlier this year when Line, the Japanese messaging app with nearly 500 million registered users, introduced its own Deco service aimed at replacing boring app icons.
Contrary to being concerned, Imuta said that Line’s move into the space validates Cocoppa’s efforts. Imuta didn’t provide any financial details — beyond calling the company’s revenues “hefty” — but I find the business fascinating. Mix and match icons for apps and contacts, and even modify them down to the font, color, and size of the text. Look for versions of well-known icons (for example, an "F" with a leopard-print background for Facebook), or choose a completely random picture (like a panda) to represent one of your existing apps. Choose from endless combinations of built-in backgrounds and borders to snag a style for a shortcut icon that's all your own. You'll first need to download iPhone Explorer and then follow a few steps in the Apps folder to get the look you want. I really like having all these cute icons, but then it kind of ruins it when I can't change the other ones! Affectionately coined MMi, we're a community over 900,000 strong who love modifying our iPhones. It's a very beautiful way to represent the time on the iOS Home Screen, unfortunately not everyone can read an analog clock or they prefer the style and representation of a digital clock.
Starting with the perks, you have a much easier-to-read time from the Home Screen, but it also shows the date at the top, as well as your altitude at the bottom.
It's available free of cost in Cydia's BigBoss repository and doesn't come with any options to configure ? just install it and you're ready to go.
It seems I meet a few every so often that just never paid attention in school or couldn't grasp the concept. If one prefers a digital clock maybe it's because they can read it faster, as opposed to counting tick marks or remembering the tick values. Surely if you have the intelligence to use a smart phone then I cannot believe you have not the intelligence to read an analog clock! The company claims its transformations are a€?seamlessa€™ and designed to produce an improved image only noticeably edited to the user.
However just like before, iOS does not allow users to change any aspect of the stock multitasking screen, this of course becomes untrue if you are jailbroken.

When you are using up or down layouts for the app switcher, you have to swipe right or left respectively to quit apps.
My 6S+ has been very choppy in its multitaskingview but this tweak fixes that it’s now perfectly smooth. It includes content licensed from movies, cartoons and more (most of which is not free), as well as content created by Cocoppa users themselves.
Essentially you download a tweaked Instagram icon, for example, and then hide the original away in a folder or elsewhere — because deleting the original would remove the app from the device. Teens don’t spend as much money as older users, he explained, but young users are more likely to buy premium and licensed content than older users. He believes that the service’s real strength is its community, which continues to create new designs daily, which Line doesn’t offer.
It is always interesting to explore trend and services which are popular among young people and exist almost totally outside the radar of the rest of us. Some apps let you switch up the background, color, and design of the graphics and even customize the text.
Keep in mind that what you download is just an extra shortcut, not a replacement icon — so you'll end up with two icons on your home screen for the same app. The main shortcoming is that the digital clock doesn't show the current time in seconds, so you only get to see the hour and minute, while Apple's stock analog clock icon on the other hand, keeps you updated on the seconds as well. The new SwitcherTweak, which is still in beta allows users to change the scrolling direction of iOS 9 app switcher, significantly changing its overall look and feel. After changing the direction make sure to hit the respring button to make the changes take affect. You can disable page blurring, background blurring, springboard page blurring and hide page labels. That interest has largely stemmed from its native Japan, but it is increasingly finding popularity in the US, where it intends to increase its focus. Imuta also believes that the premium content makes Cocoppa the premier option for handset customization — even against Line, which has almost single-handedly pioneered the concept of stickers and linking with entertainment companies.
All you have to do is download one of the following options — or check out the more advanced option below— to get a new feel for your homepage.
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